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Paypal extras mastercard account login

paypal extras mastercard account login

Does PayPal Extras Mastercard report your account activity to credit bureaus? Check the information is accurate and submit your application. Verifying your PayPal account consists of linking a bank account to your PayPal account, being approved for PayPal Smart Connect, or PayPal Plus MasterCard®. Not logged in? Log in to apply. You must have an eBay account in order to apply for an eBay Mastercard account. Current eBay Extras Mastercard cardholders are.

Paypal extras mastercard account login -

PayPal Extras Mastercard®

Our rating

Min. credit level:Fair

Annual Fee:$0

Regular APR:22.24%, 26.24%, or 29.24% Variable

Highlights & Features


  • 3X points per dollar spent at:
  • 2X points per dollar spent with:
  • 1X point per dollar spent on all other purchases

Balance Transfers

A balance transfer is a way to move debt from one card to another with the goal of saving money on interest.

Intro Balance Transfer APR N/A
Regular Balance Transfer APRN/A
Balance Transfer FeeN/A
How to Transfer a Balance on a Credit Card

Cash Advances

Borrowing cash on your card is a cash advance. Cash advances usually come with very high fees. Even worse, cash advances can signal to lenders that you’re being irresponsible with money.

Cash Advance APR29.24% Variable
Cash Advance Fee3%, $5 minimum
How to Get a Cash Advance with a Credit Card
PayPal Extras Mastercard®


  • Earn 3X points per dollar spent at gas stations and restaurants
  • Earn 2X points per dollar spent at PayPal and eBay®
  • Earn 1X point per dollar spent on all other Mastercard® purchases
  • No annual fee

The PayPal Extras Mastercard® is a decent credit card, offering rewards for using the card on PayPal and Ebay purchases, as well as Mastercard benefits.

You’ll get 3X points per dollar spent on all gas and restaurant purchases, and 2X points per dollar spent on all PayPal and eBay purchases.

This card has no annual fee.

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Along with the PayPal Cashback Mastercard, the PayPal Extras Mastercard is one of two rewards credit cards offered by PayPal and issued by Synchrony Bank. But unlike the Cashback Mastercard, which carries a flat 2% cash back rate on all purchases, the PayPal Extras Mastercard earns points in tiered bonus categories, offering an outsized rewards rate on dining and gas, as well as PayPal and eBay purchases.

Both cards are designed to appeal to PayPal loyalists, but the PayPal Extras Mastercard will fall far short for most users, thanks in large part to its overly restrictive rewards redemption scheme and low point-to-dollar rewards value.

Rewards-savvy cardholders with a solid credit score can almost certainly do better with alternatives like the PayPal Cashback Mastercard or other cash back cards.

Solid rewards rate at gas stations and restaurants

The PayPal Extras Mastercard offers a relatively high rewards rate of 3 points per dollar on gas and restaurant purchases, as well as 2 points per dollar on PayPal and eBay purchases and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases.

On a pure points basis, the card’s rewards rate on gas and dining is a pleasant surprise, rivaling the rate offered by higher-end rewards credit cards.

That said, once you get a better sense of its cumbersome redemption scheme and paltry redemption values, the card’s rewards rate starts to look much less impressive. You must reach pre-set redemption tiers before you can redeem your rewards, and when you do, you won’t get much bang for your buck.

Restrictive redemption options

If you’re looking for flexible rewards redemption, the PayPal Extras Mastercard will be an enormous disappointment. Not only does the card only let you redeem your rewards after you’ve reached specific redemption tiers, but it also offers limited payout options. You can choose between cash back, merchandise, gift cards and non-refundable travel vouchers.

For example, the PayPal Extras Mastercard only lets you redeem your Rewards Points as cash back once you’ve accumulated 6,000 points. Assuming an average ongoing rewards rate of 1.58 points per dollar, the average person would have to spend about $3,800 to rack up the 6,000-point minimum required for a cash back redemption.

Tip: You must have a PayPal Cash or PayPal Cash Plus account in order to redeem your cash back to a PayPal balance. Otherwise, you can only transfer cash rewards to a bank account or debit card linked to PayPal.

These pre-set redemption tiers make the PayPal Extras Mastercard much more restrictive than the best cash back credit cards, many of which allow you to redeem cash back in any amount, at any time, usually as a statement credit, check or direct deposit, as well as for merchandise, online shopping, gift cards and travel.

Here are the card’s other redemption options and a selection of redemption caveats:

Redemption methodMinimum points requiredNotes
Gift cards800 pointsOptions include stores like Target and Walmart, as well as sites like eBay
Merchandise3,000 pointsMerchandise options range from housewares to electronics
Cash Back6,000 points for $50 cash backRedeem to a linked bank account or debit card, or, if eligible, to a PayPal balance
Travel vouchers (air travel, hotel awards, car rental and vacation awards)15,000 pointsFlights must be booked at least 21 days in advance and only for coach seats. Air travel may also require a Saturday night stay. Blackout dates apply.

As you can see, you’ll have to jump through a lot of hoops to make use of the points you’ll earn with the PayPal Extras Mastercard. And when you do stockpile enough points to meet the card’s redemption criteria, you’ll likely be disappointed by their redemption value.

For example, 6,000 points gets you just $50 in Cash Back Rewards, giving your points a value of just 0.83 cents each. Compare this to the 1 cent per point redemption value you’ll commonly find with popular cash back and rewards credit cards.

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Point expiration and forfeiture

To make matters worse, the PayPal Extras Mastercard carries a fairly harsh point expiration and forfeiture policy. Rewards points are forfeited if you have two or more consecutive late payments, if you don’t make a purchase for 24 consecutive months or if you have not redeemed points 24 months after they were first accrued. In contrast, many credit card rewards programs offer points or cash back that never expires.

Not the only way to earn rewards on PayPal and eBay purchases

While the PayPal Extras Mastercard may seem like a great fit for loyal eBay shoppers and anyone who frequently uses PayPal for online payments, the card is far from the only way you can earn points or cash back on these purchases. Indeed, the PayPal Cashback Mastercard offers a flat 2% cash back rate on all purchases – not just PayPal and eBay spending.

PayPal also regularly pops up as a bonus category with the Chase Freedom Flex and Discover it® Cash Back cards, both of which offer 5% cash back in rotating bonus categories upon enrollment (on up to $1,500 in spending per quarter, then 1%). PayPal is included as a bonus category on the 2020 Discover Cashback calendar and is eligible for 5% cash back as part of the Q4 2020 Chase Freedom categories.

The Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card goes even further, offering year-round 3% cash back in a category of your choice, with online shopping as one option, along with gas, dining, travel, drug stores and home improvements and furnishings. Plus, you can change your preferred 3% bonus category once each calendar month so that your rewards line up with your spending habits. (There is a cap of $2,500 spent each quarter in the 3% and 2% categories, dropping to 1% thereafter.)

Additionally, a number of flat rate cash back cards can come close to or even beat the PayPal Extras Mastercard’s rewards rate. The Citi® Double Cash Card, for example, offers up to 2% cash back on all purchases (1% when you buy and 1% when you pay off those purchases).

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No sign-up bonus (but no annual fee)

Unlike many rewards cards, the PayPal Extras Mastercard offers no sign-up bonus to new cardholders. (To be fair, neither does the PayPal Cashback Mastercard). Many cash back cards come with sign-up bonuses of $100 or more when you spend a certain amount on your card within the first few months.

Even a few retail and credit-building cards offer some form of welcome bonus. The Discover it® Secured Credit Card, for example, will match all the cash back you earn at the end of your first year, and the Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card offers a $10 cash back bonus after you make your first purchase.

On the plus side, the card charges no annual fee.

High APR even with stellar credit

If you suspect you’ll need to carry a balance, the PayPal Extras Mastercard may not be the best choice. The card comes with no introductory APR and carries a variable ongoing APR as high as 26.99%. That’s massive compared to the average credit card interest rate and is high even compared to the rate offered by many credit cards for bad credit. Even if you have excellent credit, the best interest rate you’ll get is 19.99% variable.

Bare-bones cardholder perks

The PayPal Extras Mastercard also fails to impress with its cardholder benefits, offering next to nothing in the way of retail or travel perks. You’ll enjoy ID theft protection and TransUnion credit monitoring (but not an actual credit score) at no cost, as well as a 15% discount on Airport Meet and Greet services through Mastercard.

How does the PayPal Extras Mastercard compare to other rewards credit cards?

The PayPal Extras Mastercard offers a competitive rewards rate at gas stations and restaurants, as well as on online shopping via eBay and PayPal. However, its inflexible redemption scheme and subpar redemption value severely limit its appeal.

Luckily, a number of other cash back cards offer a comparable rewards rate, more flexibility and better cardholder perks. Here are a few of our top picks.

Citi Double Cash Card

Citi® Double Cash Card

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card

Bank of America Cash Rewards

Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card

Rewards rate
  • Up to 2% cash back on all purchases (1% when you buy and 1% when you pay off those purchases)
Rewards rate
  • 5% back on and Whole Foods purchases
  • 2% back on restaurant, gas station and drug store purchases
  • 1% back on other purchases
Rewards rate
  • 3% cash back on category of your choice (gas, online shopping, dining, travel, drug stores or home improvements and furnishings)
  • 2% cash back on grocery store and wholesale club purchases
  • $2,500 combined limit on 2% and 3% categories each quarter
  • 1% cash back on other purchases
Sign-up bonusSign-up bonus
  • $100 gift card
Sign-up bonus
  • $200 online cash rewards if you spend $1,000 in first 90 days
Annual feeAnnual fee
  • $0 (requires $119 Amazon Prime subscription)
Annual fee
Other things to know
  • $25 minimum cash redemption
  • Awards expire if card is not used for more than 12 months
  • Cash back can be converted to Citi ThankYou points
Other things to know
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Free 2-day delivery on many items bought on
Other things to know
  • No rewards options besides cash back
  • Change your choice category once per calendar month
  • View spending snapshot each month to help choose a bonus category

Citi Double Cash Card

One of the best flat-rate cash back cards on the market, the Citi Double Cash card is a great choice if you want to earn rewards on every purchase without the hassle of tracking spending or enrolling in bonus categories. In addition to its 2% cash back rate on all purchases (1% when you buy and 1% when you pay off those purchases), the card comes with a 0% introductory APR offer for 18 months on balance transfers (13.99%-23.99% variable thereafter), which could help you save on interest and pay off debt.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card doesn’t charge an annual fee, but requires an Amazon Prime membership. Though PayPal is not an accepted payment method on, this card’s 5% rewards rate on Amazon purchases could offer a lot of value if you don’t mind doing most of your shopping through the site. You’ll also enjoy a 5% rewards rate on Whole Foods purchases and a 2% rewards rate on gas, making it a decent option for everyday spending.

Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards credit card

A great choose your bonus category rewards card, the Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards credit card offers 3% cash back in a category of your choice and 2% cash back on grocery store and wholesale club purchases (on up to $2,500 in combined choice category/grocery store/wholesale club quarterly purchases, then 1%). Along with online shopping, 3% bonus category choices include gas, dining, travel, drug stores, furniture stores and home improvements. You can change your bonus category choice once per calendar month, making the card ideal if your spending habits change from month to month.

Why get the PayPal Extras Mastercard?

  • You spend a lot on gas and dining out
  • You want to earn rewards on every PayPal and eBay purchase
  • You can’t qualify for a cash back or rewards card with more flexible redemption terms
  • You want to avoid paying an annual fee or tying up money in a security deposit

How to use the PayPal Extras Mastercard

  • Use the card for all restaurant and gas purchases
  • Use the card anytime you shop on eBay and opt for PayPal checkout whenever possible when shopping online
  • Pay on time: Two consecutive late payments could cost you your hard-earned points
  • Be patient: You’ll have to meet pre-set redemption tiers before you can enjoy your rewards

Is the PayPal Extras Mastercard worth it?

The PayPal Extras Mastercard carries an overly complicated rewards redemption scheme and far too many restrictions for us to recommend it to the average cardholder. While the card may work in a pinch if you’re simply looking to avoid an annual fee, you should be able to find a more rewarding option.

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If you’re a frequent user of PayPal, then the odds are pretty good that you usually have some funds tied up in your PayPal account. Wouldn’t it be convenient to just use PayPal on Amazon directly?

Unfortunately, Amazon has never integrated PayPal into its payment system. This may be because eBay owns PayPal and is a direct competitor. Or it may be because Amazon wants people to use its own payment system called Amazon Pay instead. 

Whatever the reason, you can’t make direct payments to Amazon with PayPal. However, there are some creative ways to workaround that issue.

How To Use PayPal On Amazon

Just because you can’t pay for something directly on Amazon with PayPal, that doesn’t mean you can’t use your PayPal funds to buy things.

By using third-party gift cards, credit cards, or money transfers, you can still use PayPal on Amazon.

Use A PayPal Cash Card

One of the best ways to use PayPal on Amazon is by signing up for a PayPal Cash Card. 

This is essentially a debit Mastercard that works just like any other credit card you might use on Amazon. The upside is that it is no different than a debit card that you might have with your bank to buy things from funds with your checking account.

To Amazon, it just appears like you’re using a regular bank debit card. However, when you make payments for your purchases, the funds come directly out of your PayPal account.

The benefits of using a PayPal debit Mastercard include:

  • No credit check required to obtain the card
  • Money comes directly out of your PayPal account without a bank account required
  • You get a routing and account number so you can have your employer deposit your checks directly into your PayPal account
  • Can be used at any merchant that accepts Mastercard, not just Amazon

You can sign up for a PayPal Cash Card for free and get your debit Mastercard to start making Amazon purchases.

There is a catch. When you sign up for a PayPal cash card, you also need to apply for a PayPal Cash Plus account. There is no extra fee for this, but you will need to verify your identity by providing PayPal with:

  • Name
  • Physical address
  • Birthday
  • Taxpayer identification number

Once you are confirmed for a PayPal Cash Plus account, it will be linked directly to your Paypal personal account and used to fund all card purchases.

Add Your PayPal Cash Card to Amazon

To add the PayPal Cash Card as a payment option in Amazon, sign into Amazon and hover the mouse over Account & Lists in the menu. Select Your Account.

In the Ordering and shopping preferences box, select Payment options.

On the payment options page, scroll down to Add a New Payment Method and select Add a card

Fields will appear where you can enter the card details from your Paypal Cash Card, and then select Add your card

Your Paypal Cash Card will then appear under the Your credit and debit cards section. You’ll be able to select the PayPal Cash Card as a payment option any time you make an Amazon purchase.

Use A PayPal Mastercard

Unlike a PayPal Cash Card, a PayPal Mastercard is nothing less than an actual credit card. The card is actually issued by Synchrony Bank, and will require a credit check to get approved for one.

Like the PayPal Cash Card, the PayPal Mastercard is accepted at any online or offline retailer that accepts either PayPal or Mastercard.

There are two types of PayPal Mastercard:

  • PayPal Cashback Mastercard: Earn 2% cash rewards whenever you make certain purchases that qualify. That earned cash can be transferred to your PayPal account. 
  • PayPal Extras Mastercard: You’ll earn points when you make qualified purchases, and can use those points at select merchants on the PayPal Extras Reward Redemption Servicing website. 

You can sign up for either the PayPal Cashback Mastercard or the Paypal Extras Mastercard. Approval is fairly quick if you have good credit. 

So why get a PayPal Mastercard rather than a PayPal Cash Card? There are a few extra benefits.

  • You can pay your PayPal Mastercard balance with either your PayPal account or any other bank account.
  • You’ll build credit the more you use the card.
  • You aren’t limited to the balance you have in your PayPal Cash Plus account.

The most important benefit is that having a PayPal Mastercard lets you use PayPal on Amazon even though Amazon doesn’t accept PayPal payments directly.

It’s also dangerous – because you could potentially spend more than you have in your PayPal account, so use with caution! Make sure PayPal credit is right for you.

You can add your new PayPal Mastercard as a payment choice to your Amazon account using the same procedure in the last section above.

Purchase Amazon Gift Cards

Another trick many people use to buy things on Amazon with their PayPal account balance is by purchasing Amazon gift cards at online vendors that accept PayPal payments.

This is a useful loophole, but it does require the extra step of buying the gift cards. The benefit is that all of the gift card vendors below offer digital Amazon gift card codes that you can start using immediately for Amazon purchases.

A few digital Amazon gift card vendors that accept PayPal payments include:

You could also buy a Visa or Mastercard gift card at using your PayPal account, and use that to make Amazon purchases. And if you only care to buy Audible audiobooks from Amazon, you can buy an Audible gift card straight from Paypal.

Transfer Money To Your Bank Account

While it may seem obvious, one of the easiest ways to use PayPal on Amazon is to simply move the funds to an account that Amazon accepts.

You may be thinking that it’ll take far too long to transfer money from PayPal to your bank account. When you’re looking to do it for free, this is true. The process can be tedious and includes:

  • Linking your bank account (checking or savings account)
  • Waiting for PayPal to deposit some funds for account verification
  • Waiting up to 10 days for a money transfer out of your PayPal account

Noone wants to wait 10 days to buy something on Amazon. But what if you could do it instantly?

You can, if you’re willing to pay the fee. An instant balance transfer fee is 1% of the transferred amount, up to a maximum of $10. But if you’re only transferring $100, that’s just a $1 fee for an instant transfer. And if you use a debit card, there’s no waiting for account verification.

Here’s how it works. Log into your PayPal account and select Transfer Money.

On the next page, select Transfer to your bank. On this page you have two options. You can select the standard (free) transfer that can take several days, or go with the instant option.

If you haven’t linked a debit card for the free option yet, then select Link an eligible debit card or bank

On the next screen, choose Link an eligible debit card. Don’t choose the bank account, since that will require deposits for verification. On the Link a card page, just fill out your debit card details and select Link Card

Once your debit card is linked, you can go back to the money transfer screen again and perform an instant transfer of the amount you need to make the Amazon purchase. Then go to Amazon, and buy the item you want!

As you can see there are plenty of ways to use PayPal on Amazon. Do you know of any other workarounds? Share your ideas in the comments section below.


paypal extras mastercard

You Will Find The “paypal extras mastercard” Top Links Here. You Have To Click On The Link And Login Into The Account Using The Correct Login Details.

PayPal Extras Mastercard®

The PayPal Extras Mastercard is issued by Synchrony Bank pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. ©2021 PayPal, Inc.

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Paypal Mastercard Account Login

Last Updated: 29-01-2020
paypal extras mastercard account login
paypal extras mastercard account login


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