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Instacart vs amazon fresh

instacart vs amazon fresh

With Amazon Fresh, many times, you won't have to experience unavailable items. While Instacart asks that you substitute items in order to make. Who will win the delivery wars? It could be Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, other delivery services, the consumer or all of the above. Instacart provides AmazonFresh with real competition by sourcing foods from your local supermarket and delivering everything to you with same-.
instacart vs amazon fresh

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My instacart vs Amazon Fresh Experience after 3 months (Used both a decent amount)
instacart vs amazon fresh

Pros and Cons of the Amazon Fresh Grocery Delivery Service

It seems like you can buy almost anything on Amazon—and that includes groceries. Fresh is one of three grocery delivery options available from the eCommerce giant along with Pantry and Whole Foods Market. They are all similar in that you can shop for grocery items in much chase business account minimum balance same way you wyoming com for books or electronic items. It's the same process and checkout, except instead of shipping you choose a delivery window and your purchases are dropped off at your front door. However, the descriptions are a little different.

  • Fresh: Grocery delivery and pickup service in select cities. Available exclusively to Prime members by invitation only.
  • Pantry: Online store where customers can shop for groceries and household products in everyday package sizes (for example, a single box of cereal). Orders have a flat shipping fee of $5.99 and Prime members can get free delivery by placing orders of $35 and above.
  • Whole Foods Market: A Prime membership is required.


If you're too busy usps office open today run out and pick up groceries, Fresh is a fantastic option. All you have to do is add the items you want to your cart, check out, choose a same-day delivery window or choose another day, and your order will be dropped off. It's a great option for busy families, the elderly, those at high risk from the coronavirus, or parents of young children.

I've been very impressed with the quality of the fruits and vegetables I've received. I've never received fruits that are beginning to go bad or overly ripe bananas.

The milk I've purchased usually has an expiration date nine to ten days from when I received my order, enough time to use it up.

The "Past Purchases" section makes it easy to shop for things you regularly buy.

The prices are comparable or sometimes even less than my local grocery store.

Many items sold through Fresh are "Eligible for AmazonSmile donation." If you shop using, a portion of each grocery order goes to the charity of your choice.

An environmental benefit is that one driver can drop off orders to multiple households which means less polluting vehicles on the road.

While the checkout process is the same as for other items on Amazon, groceries go into a separate section of the cart. I add things I need to the cart throughout the week and because they are instacart vs amazon fresh their own Fresh area of the cart, if I need to order an item from regular Amazon, I don't have to move my groceries to the "Save justice credit card login capital one Later" section.


The first obvious con is that Fresh is only available to Prime members. And it isn't something most people would use for small orders. To qualify for free delivery, the order must be at least $35.

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It isn't available everywhere. You have to check availability in your area.

Because groceries will be dropped at your door, you have to remember to watch out for them. This is especially important if the weather is warm and you've ordered meat and frozen foods. You will get an email letting you know your order is out for delivery and when it's been dropped off.

Fresh has more limited options than my grocery store and some items like milk are more expensive, so using this service may reduce but not eliminate trips to the store for many households. Amazon has its own milk brand that's much cheaper than my local grocery, but it sells out quickly.

Items go out of stock more often than they do in my local grocery store, and they take time to restock. I sometimes have to put off shopping for a day or two until the things I need are available again.

An environmental downside is that lot of packaging is used. My most recent order came in five paper bags. I also regularly order groceries from Target for pickup. At Target, three bags would have been used for all the items that came in five bags from Fresh. Two of those bags had insulated bag liners inside to protect perishable items. That's seven bags for about 20 items. All the bags are recyclable, but it's still a lot of waste.

Tipping, Substitutions, and Delivery Windows

Should you tip the person dropping off the order? In a February 2019 Los Angeles Times article called "Where does a tip to an Amazon service credit union branches near me go? In some cases, toward the driver’s base pay," Amazon was accused of dipping "into the tips earned by contracted delivery drivers to cover their promised pay."

"Amazon guarantees third-party drivers for its Flex program a minimum of $18 to $25 per hour, but the entirety of that payment doesn’t always come from the company. If Amazon’s contribution doesn’t reach the guaranteed wage, the e-commerce giant makes up the difference with tips from customers, according to documentation shared by five drivers.Only drivers who deliver for Amazon’s grocery service or its Prime Now offering—which brings household goods instacart vs amazon fresh customers in two hours or less—can receive tips through the company’s app."

When you check out, a tip of $5 is automatically added. You can change this, and even leave it at zero if you want. I always tip a couple of dollars and hope the driver gets it in addition to their base pay.

When you check out, you'll see an "Est. item adjustments" for your order. This is an extra amount you authorize in the event that an out-of-stock item has to be substituted with a more expensive item. You can avoid these charges and unwanted substitutions by checking "Don't Substitute" for each item during the checkout process.

The delivery window is two hours. You can pay $4.99 to get a one-hour delivery window.

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AmazonFresh, Instacart and More: The Best Grocery Delivery Service for Your Budget

Grocery and meal delivery services are a convenient way to reduce trips to the supermarket — and spending on those unnecessary items that sneak their way into your cart as you shop. What’s more, these services make it possible to shop when it’s most convenient for you, whether it’s in the few minutes before you scramble off to work or while you’re binge-watching TV in your pajamas late at night.

Avoid These: Costly Mistakes People Make While Grocery Shopping

The landscape of grocery delivery companies has changed quite a bit over the last few years, with once-popular services such as Chef’d and Terra’s Kitchen shutting their doors and traditional retailers such as Walmart entering the space.

But some of these services come at a premium, which can potentially put a strain on your budget. Keep reading to see what the current batch of online grocery delivery companies offer in terms of products, prices and convenience, so you can avoid making a costly mistake.

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1. Instacart

For people who need their groceries immediately, Instacart is an excellent option. Serving all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Instacart can deliver items in as little as one hour.

Unlike other online grocery delivery services, Instacart doesn’t ship your food from giant warehouses. Instacart vs amazon fresh, it connects you with freelance personal shoppers who bring you groceries from your favorite supermarkets — including Whole Foods, Costco and Petco.

You can sign up for Instacart Express to save even more money if you use the service regularly. An Instacart Express subscription-based membership costs $99 per year, which breaks down to $8.25 per month, or it’s $9.99 per month if you pay monthly. The membership entitles you to free delivery on orders of $35 or more, even if you order from more than one store. You also get a discount on the 5% services fee, and there’s no extra charge for deliveries made during peak service hours.

  • How much does Instacart cost? The delivery fee ranges from $3.99 to $7.99, depending ally credit card activation the size of your order and how quickly you want your delivery. The minimum order is $10.

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Is Instacart Worth It?

Instacart is an excellent value considering you can get groceries from multiple stores delivered the same day you order them.

  • Who is Instacart best for? Here’s who should consider Instacart and who should take a pass:
    • Instacart is best for customers who shop at multiple stores to find their favorite products.
    • Customers who don’t need same-day service can save money on groceries by shopping elsewhere.

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2. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh offers free delivery on all eligible orders over $35, and while Amazon Fresh used to be an instacart vs amazon fresh $14.99 fee on top of the Prime annual fee, as of October 2019, that benefit is now free with Amazon Prime.

Amazon offers Fresh in select markets. Though membership for this service is pricey, the items themselves tend to be priced competitively, with great supermarket deals.

  • How much does Amazon Fresh cost? Amazon Prime members pay an annual $119 Prime membership fee. Eligible two-hour deliveries of $35 ($50 in some areas) or more are free with a membership, but orders under $35 are charged a delivery fee.

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Is Amazon Fresh Worth It?

Some people might be deterred by the extra charge, but this price is actually not bad, considering the selection and convenience.

  • Who is Amazon Fresh best for? Amazon Fresh isn’t the right choice for everyone.
    • Amazon Prime subscribers not satisfied with Pantry product selection might find Amazon Fresh more to their liking.
    • Limited delivery area means you’ll need to live in a participating market to take advantage of this service.

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3. Peapod

Peapod is an online supermarket that offers thousands of different products, including prime meats and seafood, natural and organic groceries, fresh produce, locally sourced specialty items and alcoholic beverages, plus meal kits with measured and chopped ingredients. Enter your ZIP code on the Peapod homepage to find out if it delivers in your area.

  • How much does Peapod cost? For orders greater than $100, the delivery fee is $6.95. Orders under $100 have a fee of $7.95 to $9.95. The minimum order allowed is $30. You might also have to pay sales tax, and some deliveries incur a separate fuel surcharge.

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Is Peapod Worth It?

The fee is minimal if you use the service only when you’re spending more than $100.

  • Who is Peapod best for? Peapod is a good fit for some, but not all, shoppers.
    • Peapod is best for shoppers who want to purchase individual grocery items and meal kits all at the same time.
    • Shoppers who live in outlying areas should avoid Peapod to avoid paying a fuel surcharge.

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4. Vons

The early bird really does get the worm with Vons’ grocery delivery service. Vons, which operates under the Albertsons company banner, offers same-day grocery delivery, based on availability. You’ll see your delivery time options when reserving a time or checking out, according to Vons’ website.

Two-hour delivery is available in select areas between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. This service is provided by Instacart, and additional fees apply.

One of the biggest benefits of the Vons service is its “just for U” feature. This loyalty program provides digital coupons, personalized special deals and points rewards you can redeem for gas and grocery discounts and freebies.

Vons doesn’t restrict customers to having their orders delivered. The grocer’s “Drive Up & Go!” service lets you order your groceries online and pick them up at your local participating Vons store, where they’ll be loaded into your car for you.

  • How much does Vons delivery cost?  For purchases of $150, Vons charges a $9.95 delivery fee in most areas, but you might pay less for orders over $150. The minimum order amount is $30, and new customers get free delivery on their first online order of at least $30.

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Is Vons Delivery Worth It?

Vons delivery is worth it for people who are extremely busy. It isn’t among the cheapest grocery delivery services, but because users can earn points for gas and grocery discounts and freebies, the cost how to activate walmart prepaid debit card be worth it for customers who place frequent large orders.

  • Who is Vons best for? Consider this before signing up:
    • Vons instacart vs amazon fresh best for Albertsons customers who instacart vs amazon fresh traditional supermarket perks like loyalty rewards and curbside pickup.
    • Vons is a less-than-stellar choice for budget-conscious shoppers who don’t typically place huge orders.

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5. FreshDirect

FreshDirect customers can find high-quality fresh foods and prepared meals along with their favorite brand-name items and alcohol and purchase them with the click of a button. New users of FreshDirect’s convenient online grocery delivery service receive two months of deliveries for just one penny with the DeliveryPass.

FreshDirect currently offers its services in Washington, D.C., and parts of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware, with delivery on the Jersey Shore and in the Hamptons available in the summer only.

  • How much does FreshDirect cost? After your 60-day trial ends, you’ll be charged $79 for six months of free delivery service or $129 for a year if you keep DeliveryPass.

Is FreshDirect Worth It?

It’s worth it if you use this service regularly. The longer you keep your subscription, the more savings you mbna bank of america customer service enjoy.

  • Who is FreshDirect best for? Certain individuals are likely to be thrilled with FreshDirect. But it’s not for everyone.
    • FreshDirect is best for those who live in the New York City and Washington, D.C., metropolitan areas — you also won’t have to miss out on your deliveries while summer vacationing in the Hamptons or Jersey Shore.
    • FreshDirect is best avoided by shoppers who don’t want to overspend on grocery delivery but also don’t want to restrict their orders to three days per week.

6. Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the current iteration of the search giant’s discontinued Google Express grocery delivery service. The service differs from other shopping sites in that it essentially aggregates product listings from merchants that market their products on the site. You search for products by selecting the Grocery category from the navigation links on the Google Shopping homepage and applying filters to narrow your search results. The site offers three options for purchasing the items you select:

  1. Order directly from the merchant’s website for home delivery.
  2. Order directly from the merchant, via Google Shopping’s checkout, for home delivery.
  3. Visit a local brick-and-mortar retailer to purchase in person.

Customers who checkout via Google Shopping will see their options for delivery time frames. Delivery times vary by merchant and the customer’s location.

  • How much does Google Shopping cost? Delivery is free as long as you meet the store’s minimum order amount — generally $25 to $35 before taxes and fees. A shipping stores that sell baseball cards or a flat $4.99 small-order delivery fee is applied to orders that don’t meet the merchant’s minimum.

Is Google Shopping Worth It?

One of the perks of Google Shopping is that you can compare prices from both online and brick-and-mortar retailers and choose how you want to purchase. With no subscription fees and free or low-cost delivery, Google Shopping’s value is hard to beat.

  • Who is Google Shopping best for? Ubiquitous as Google might be, the company’s shopping service won’t meet everyone’s needs.
    • Google Shopping is best for bargain hunters who place a higher priority on savings than convenience.
    • Google Shopping might not be the best choice for anyone who wants to make quick work of selecting and ordering their groceries.

7. Costco

Costco’s membership warehouse club offers two-day delivery on nonperishable products in over a dozen grocery categories, including health and personal care, household and pet supplies. Same-day delivery is available in select areas via Instacart. Although Costco’s website doesn’t list which areas qualify, you can enter your ZIP code to find out if you’re eligible.

  • How much does Costco delivery cost? A basic Costco membership costs $60 per year plus tax, if applicable. A Gold Start Executive membership, which pay amazon store card online login 2% rewards on eligible purchases and expanded benefits on Costco services, is $120 per year. Members get free shipping on orders over $75 and pay a separate delivery fee of $3 for orders under $75. Prices on items in Instacart same-day delivery orders include service and delivery fees. The minimum order for same-day delivery is $35.

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Is Costco Grocery Delivery Worth It? 

Costco membership benefits like discounted pricing on a huge variety of grocery and nongrocery products and additional services like home and auto insurance, optical, travel and mortgage loans make it a good value for customers who need these services.

  • Who is Costco grocery delivery best for? See which category you fall into:
    • Costco grocery delivery is best for those who will also shop in Costco warehouses.
    • Anyone who prefers not to buy in bulk might want to take a pass — especially if you won’t use the services included with a Costco membership.

8. Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a socially conscious service that delivers over 6,000 organic and non-genetically modified products spanning food, home and beauty categories. Members get members-only pricing as well as perks like freebies and special deals. Shipping is available to street addresses in the contiguous U.S., and your first order over $25 ships free.

Part of your membership fee sponsors memberships and credits for low-income families as well as students, teachers, veterans and first responders, according to the company’s website.

  • How much does Thrive Market cost? Annual memberships cost $59.95. The company guarantees you’ll make that back in savings or it’ll credit the difference when you renew your membership. Shipping is free for orders of $49 or more. The delivery fee for orders that don’t meet the minimum is $5.95.

Is Thrive Market Worth It?

Thrive Market guarantees you’ll save on your grocery purchases, so there’s really nothing to lose as long as you sign up for another year to collect your credit. Plus, you can feel good about your membership helping needy families, students and civil servants.

  • Who is Thrive Market best for? Thrive Market serves a niche segment of grocery shoppers.
    • Thrive Market is best for socially conscious shoppers who don’t want to spend more than they have to for organic and non-GMO groceries.
    • Thrive Market is probably not the right choice for shoppers who prefer to stick with familiar name-brand groceries.

9. Walmart Grocery

Walmart Grocery delivers grocery orders to metropolitan areas throughout most of the contiguous U.S. You can specify delivery windows and have orders delivered to your home or another location. Or, if you prefer to pick up your orders, choose your store and reserve a time slot, and the order will be brought to your car when you arrive.

You’ll find a much wider selection of product categories on Walmart Grocery than on other grocery sites. You can purchase clothing and electronics, for example, in the same order as food.

  • How much does Walmart Grocery cost? There’s no charge for pickup service, and you can get unlimited free deliveries for $98 per year or $12.95 per month. As of this writing, a 15-day free trial is available, but you’ll need to select your preferred payment plan to qualify.

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Is Walmart Grocery Worth It? 

Based just on the convenience of being able to purchase a range of products while you grocery shop and get the whole order delivered free, $98 per year is worth paying.

  • Who is Walmart Grocery best for? Even people who avoid shopping at Walmart might take a second look at Walmart Grocery.
    • Walmart Grocery is best for people who want home delivery and like the idea of combining grocery shopping with shopping for other household items — just like they do in Walmart stores.
    • People who don’t mind picking up groceries as long as they don’t have to shop for them are best off saving the subscription fee and sticking with pickup service.

Are Grocery Delivery Services Worth It?

To determine if a grocery delivery service is worth the cost, examine your life and schedule. Grocery delivery could be a significant first community bank branch locations when you’re constantly running from one task to the next.

New-customer discounts let you try these services at low cost and little or no commitment. Discounts can be especially useful if you’re trying meal-kits for the first time and aren’t sure how they’ll fit into your routine. It’s also a low-risk way to experiment with a variety of services to see which works best for you and your budget.

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This article has been updated with additional reporting since its original publication.

About the Author


By Adele Peters4 minute Read

Orders for groceries are surging at Instacart and Amazon in the age of coronavirus—and delivery workers who spend hours shopping for other people are putting their health at risk. Around the country, these delivery people have engaged in campaigns and work stoppages to protest the lack of protective equipment and sick leave provided by their employers. But many people do need groceries delivered during this time, so what’s the best way to do it?

If you don’t feel safe going to a supermarket to shop and wait in long lines with other shoppers who may be sick, it’s reasonable to question whether it’s ethical to ask a low-wage worker to do the same thing on your behalf. The answer isn’t simple; if a gig worker relies on orders to make a living, not ordering could affect their ability to pay their bills. But the sheer volume of deliveries now makes that unlikely. (Instacart said in March that its sales in California were 20 times larger than usual, and it now plans to bring on 300,000 new workers.)

If you don’t face particular risk from shopping yourself, you may want to rethink using delivery. In many places, delivery services have been so overwhelmed with orders that some of the people who need it most, including disabled people who relied on grocery delivery prior to the coronavirus crisis and those who are most at risk if they get COVID-19, say that they are struggling to find available delivery slots. Going to the store yourself is not a full pass from ethical questions, however, as grocery store workers are starting to get sick and die, as well. Ideally, you can shop at stores that provide their workers with proper protection, and try to shop as little as possible.

In the U.K., major grocery stores have restricted delivery to only those who are in the most vulnerable groups.”There are ways in which it can be abused, but the society as a whole is functioning in a way to try to ensure that deliveries are made only to people who otherwise may not be able to get groceries,” says Jeff McMahon, a moral philosopher at the University of Oxford. The same restrictions haven’t happened in the U.S., but McMahon suggests that young, healthy people should voluntarily avoid delivery. “I think if you’re 28 years old or 30 years old and you can put on a mask and gloves and go to the supermarket yourself, you ought to do so out of fairness to disabled people, elderly people, and others who can’t. Leave the delivery services for the use of those who really need them.”

If you do need to choose delivery, try to find an option that gives the most compensation and health protections to the delivery worker. That could mean hiring a college student in your neighborhood directly, or using Dumpling, a platform created as an alternative for Instacart workers to start their own delivery companies, to see if someone is available locally. “[Workers are] absolutely the backbone of the grocery delivery market, and at the same time, they’re receiving very little of the value that’s being created and the money that’s going into the system,” says Dumpling founder and co-CEO Joel Shapiro.

In March, he says that business owners using his platform had an average take-home pay for each job of $33, “an order of magnitude higher than the average that you see on other online delivery apps.” The platform has around 1,000 shoppers now, and Shapiro says that the number is quickly growing, but it’s not available everywhere yet.

When you place an order, be patient if items are out of stock, says Manal Kahi, who runs Eat Offbeat, a catering service in New York City with refugee cooks, which recently pivoted to delivering “stay at home” meal kits. “The best thing our customers can do to help and be ethical right now is to be flexible and understand that production and distribution are incredibly challenging, as we implement increasingly tough precautionary measures to protect our team and customers,” she says. “They can’t expect Amazon-level speed of service (although we do our best to compete).”

Smaller mission-driven companies, such as Imperfect Foods, which uses employees rather than contractors to deliver boxes of misshapen produce to help fight food waste (Update: Imperfect is now using some temp workers to help fulfill its massive upswing in orders), are generally also better choices for ensuring worker safety. For those who can’t safely leave home right now, finding neighbors providing mutual aid is another good option.

If you do end up turning to a service like Instacart or Amazon, tip generously, as if the person is risking their health to bring you food. On Instacart, workers say that the average pay per order is just $7.

“We shouldn’t be risking our lives for $7,” Sarah Clarke, an Instacart worker and an organizer for the Gig Workers Collective, told Jacobin. Some Instacart workers went on strike last week to ask for personal protective equipment, an extra $5 per order of hazard pay, 14 days of sick time for anyone impacted by COVID-19 with a doctor’s note or preexisting conditions that place them at risk, and a default 10% tip in the app.

The company is now offering sick leave, but only if someone tests positive, at a time when few people are being tested, and will offer some bonuses and personal protective equipment. It’s not clear how quickly workers will be able to get the masks and other supplies that they need. And in the last week, at least four groups of Instacart workers were instacart vs amazon fresh that they might have been exposed to the new coronavirus on the job.


InfoScience Today

Instacart Express vs Amazon Fresh Grocery vs Google Express

Grocery shopping has turned really easy with the many online grocery stores that have cropped up in the last few years. Along with ease, sometimes, these stores may also end up offering savings that could be more than the usual savings that you notice when you shop from the physical stores. With the trend of online shopping for groceries picking up momentum, it is important that you know the major players and what makes them stand out. We have picked the three most popular online grocery stores – Instacart, Google Express and Amazon Fresh.

Instacart Express

The idea: Order groceries online on the Instacart store and a personal shopper will deliver it to you.

Cost: You will be paying $5.99 for a two-hour delivery service. If you would like to become a member and spend a flat fee per year to enjoy free two-hour deliveries on order over $35, then you will need to pay $149 to become a member of Instacart Express.

States and Cities: California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington.

Pros: Instacart has partnered with a lot of grocery stores to provide the best. In many instances you end up paying the same amount for the groceries you order on Instacart that you would have paid in the store. Instacart also has the reputation of being quick. While you can schedule deliveries a day in advance or even more, Instacart can also deliver groceries within an hour.

The company relies on personal shoppers and you will notice that they show utmost care in picking the groceries for you. One of the best features of Instacart is the ability to choose a substitution for the items you want to buy. So if your shopper is buying a substitution, you can check the box so that they inform you about it through a call or a message.

Cons: At times, Instacart prices do not match the in-store prices the way Google Express prices do.

Amazon Fresh

The idea: Buy groceries and other every day goods from the online Amazon store and get it delivered the same day or as scheduled.

Cost: After a 30 day trial, users have to pay $299 to become a member of Amazon Fresh. It also includes Amazon’s regular Prime membership.

Availability: It operates in most of the U.S states.

Pros: Amazon offers a wide variety of products and the prices are usually at parity with the local stores. It is great for amazon chase credit card login who are looking for a quick and easy way to shop for their groceries without having to step into one of the brick and mortar stores.

Cons: The fact that you cannot pick the stuff yourself and you have to rely on robots or employees means that the quality of the products may not always be satisfactory. The $300 membership seems to a considerable amount of money for grocery shopping as well. The fact that you cannot track the delivery to the minute, you may end up waiting for quite some time while your delivery arrives.

Google Express

The idea: Buy items from physical stores like Costco, Target and Toy ‘R’ Us online and get them delivered the same day. Google Express has widened its horizons and offers more than bank of america investment banking salary groceries.

Cost: Google Express’ membership will set you back by $95 a year which seems to be a reasonable discover online banking bonus of money especially when compared to the exorbitant fee of Instacart vs amazon fresh Fresh.

Areas: San Francisco, Manhattan, Los Angeles, San Jose, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, California, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Kentucky.

Pros: The prices on Google Express usually match the in-store sales. The packaging is good without too much of wrapping. Groceries are always delivered in plain paper bags. It allows you to add points to your loyalty cards by adding them on Google Express.

Cons: One downside of Google Express is that it does not deliver fresh or cold food. This means that your grocery shopping cannot completely rely on Google Express. The delivery times are not very clear so sometimes, you may have to wait for your grocery for a longer time than usps office open today may have expected.


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The Major Differences Between Amazon Fresh, Peapod, FreshDirect and Instacart

The benefit of ordering your groceries: no lines, no heavy bags and no danger of bumping into someone you know without your mascara on. But do these services, well, deliver? We took them for a test drive to find out!

For our sample cart, we comparison-priced this list hotels near university at buffalo four popular services: gallon of milk, dozen eggs, pound of chicken breasts, container of Greek yogurt, head of romaine, pint of bank of eastman magnolia state bank, box of Kashi cereal, two rolls of paper towels, pound of sirloin steaks, block of cheddar, loaf of sandwich bread, jar of peanut butter, bag of coffee beans, carton of orange juice, pound of spaghetti and a pint of ice cream.

Amazon Fresh: Available in many cities nationwide and parts of California

How does it work? Amazon fans will recognize the site's familiar interface and annual subscription model ($299 a year gets you unlimited grocery deliveries over $40 and Prime membership). It also allows you to order artisanal products from nearby shops.

What's the ETA? Same day if you order by 10 A.M.

Our bill: $70.02

Is it for me? You can buy your groceries, local chocolates, and, heck, a new TV from the same site ( a great night, huh?). The food arrived in good shape, but $300 is steep unless you use it a lot.

FreshDirect: Available in the NYC metropolitan area, plus parts of the mid-Atlantic

How does it work? Surfing FreshDirect's site feels a little like strolling through a high-end market—you'll find most of the basics, plus some things you didn't know you needed. Depending on your location, the minimum order is $30 to $99, plus a $5.99 to $15.99 fee.

What's the ETA? Next day

Our bill:


Is it for me? Green market fans will feel at home here. FreshDirect has an in with local farms, so you can score top-quality specialty produce, like heirloom apples and foraged mushrooms.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 11.58.28 AM

Instacart: Available in 26 states and cities like Atlanta, Boulder and Washington, D.C.

How does it work? Think of Instacart as a personal grocery- shopping service: Choose one of a handful of local stores, place your order (of at least $10) and let someone else cruise the aisles for you. The convenience will run you between $5.99 and $8.99 per order.

What's the ETA? One to two hours

Our bill: $73.04

Is it for me? If you need it now, or want specific stuff from a certain store, Instacart is all over it. That said, the extras— surge pricing when the service is busy, and a suggested 10 percent tip—can add up.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 12.01.09 PM

Peapod: Available in New England, mid-Atlantic, south Atlantic and the Midwest

How does it work? Peapod offers all the mass-market, conventional brands you'll find in a regular supermarket, while other services skew more high-end. The delivery fee is $9.95 for orders between $60 and $100, and $6.95 for orders above that.

What's the ETA? Next day

Our bill: $61.33

Is it for me? Bargain shoppers, take note: Peapod doubles manufacturers' coupons up to 99¢. The selection of specialty items is thin (mozzarella: yes; burrata: no), but it's great for necessities.

-- By Beth Janes and Julia Mullaney

instacart vs amazon fresh


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