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Where to find routing number navy federal app

where to find routing number navy federal app

Navy Federal, founded in 1933, has never had a layoff, choosing instead to move employees to other departments to avoid layoffs. It was ranked number 78 on the. Short Answers: The Navy Federal Credit Union routing number is 256074974. While larger banks like Wells Fargo use multiple routing numbers in different states. Download the App · Sign In (Input Your Account Information) · Click “Show More Details” Under Your Current Available Balance · Now Click “Show”.

Where to find routing number navy federal app -

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How to Find Your Navy Federal Routing Number (Quick & Easy)

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Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, Navy Federal Credit Union serves more than 8.5 million active-duty military members, reservists, veterans, and their families. Touted as the worlds largest credit union, you better believe their customers send and receive money daily.

If you are currently a customer, then it is important you know the Navy Federal Credit Union routing number. Fortunately, it is incredibly easy to find NFCU’s routing number. Here is how.

What is My Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number?

Navy Federal Credit Union only uses one routing number for all U.S. States, Territories, and Washington D.C. Here it is:

  • Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number: 256074974

That 9-digit number is used and accepted at all NFCU locations. Like we said, this is the only routing number Navy Federal utilizes.

Bonus Insight:The first four digits of any routing number represent the Federal Reserve Processing Symbol. And the next four digits represent the Federal Reserve District and processing center. Finally, the last digit is known as the “check digit.” This digit is produced from a complex algorithm and validates the entire number. The “check digit” helps protect the banking industry from financial and credit fraud.

Navy Federal Routing Number By State

Find Your Navy Federal Routing Number on A Check

Do you have a check nearby? Yes – people still use checks, even though PayPal and Venmo are closing the gap. On the lower left-hand corner, your NFCU routing number is listed.

How to Find Your Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number

Use the Navy Federal Mobile App

If you don’t believe me, then you can also use the NFCU Mobile app to locate your routing number. Here are the steps.

  1. Download the App
  2. Sign In (Input Your Account Information)
  3. Click “Show More Details” Under Your Current Available Balance
  4. Now Click “Show”
  5. The 9-Digit Number is Your NFCU Routing Number

Not hard, right?

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Why Do I Need to Know My NFCU Routing Number?

Believe it or not, your routing number is wildly important and used more often than you think. Think of this 9-digit number as the North Star.

It allows other financial institutions to identify yours, so you can send and receive outside money. But that’s not all. Here are a few other reasons why your Navy Federal Credit Union routing number is important:

  • Setting Up Direct Deposit
  • ACH Payments
  • Transferring Money
  • Wire Transfers
  • Tax Refunds
  • Setting Up Automatic Bill Payments

More reasons than you thought, right? So, to tie it all together, your NFCU routing number is important!

Navy Federal Wire Transfers

Most financial institutions use different numbers for both domestic and international wire transfers; however, Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) does not. The wire transfer number is the same as their routing number. In case you forget, here is the 9-digit number one more time.

  • NFCU Wire Transfer & Routing Number: 256074974

If you bank with another financial institution, then double-check you are using the right number. Other banks will use a specific SWIFT Code for international wire transfers.

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Navy Federal Credit Union Wire Transfer Fees

Unfortunately, wiring money through NFCU is not free. They charge their customers just like every other bank. Here are the NFCU wire transfer fees:

  • International Wire Transfer: $25 (Anticipated Receipt: 5 – 7 Business Days)
  • Domestic Wire Transfer: $15 (Anticipated Receipt: 1 – 2 Business Days)

If you are transferring money internationally, then check out Transferwise. They make it easy for you to transfer money overseas, guarantee the exchange rate, and offer the lowest fees in the industry. This service can save you hundreds of dollars depending on often you transfer money.

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Bottom Line: Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number

Like all routing numbers, your Navy Fed routing number is a 9-digit number (256074974). Use this number if you are sending an ACH Payment or sending a wire transfer. It is the same for both!

More Routing Numbers:

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Navy Federal is one of the behemoths in the U.S. credit union landscape and is known for its commitment to “serving those who serve” and giving back to the military community. This article will help you to learn more about Navy Federal’s core offerings and differentiating features and help you understand if you’re eligible for Navy Federal membership.

What Is Navy Federal?

Navy Federal Credit Union is the largest retail credit union in the world, with close to $127 billion in assets and membership reaching an impressive 9.2 million members in 2020. Founded in 1933 for Navy employees and headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, Navy Federal is a member-owned, not-for-profit credit union, meaning that it is effectively owned and operated by its participants. Income generated by Navy Federal is therefore re-invested into the enterprise to fund projects or services that can benefit its members.

In addition to its size, Navy Federal differentiates itself from other military-oriented banks and credit unions by placing a special emphasis on financial literacy through its MakingCents web portal and associated videos. Navy Federal also offers personal financial counseling, which is free and available to all members.

Overview of Navy Federal Member Benefits

In addition to standard financial services such as checking and savings accounts (which are free for active-duty personnel), credit cards (including their no-fee More Rewards card), certificates of deposit, retirement vehicles (IRAs), and loans, members of Navy Federal can take advantage of dedicated VA mortgage loans, home equity lines of credit, and early release of direct deposit funds for active-duty personnel.

The investment management side of the credit union, Navy Federal Financial Group, has a broader menu of financial services as well as a trading platform and life insurance offerings.

Members also have access to the highly-rated Navy Federal mobile app, which — like most mobile banking apps — allows for digital deposits, fund transfers, bill pay, and balance inquiries. One of the specific financial offerings that Navy Federal members rave about is their certificates of deposit (CD) rates, which tend to be industry-leading.

In terms of accessibility, Navy Federal has 342 branches worldwide, including at 26 international locations, and has a network of more than 30,000 no-fee ATMs (many of which can be found at participating 7-Elevens).

Who Is Eligible to Join Navy Federal?

Navy Federal is committed to “serving those who serve”, which means that current and former members of the military are immediately eligible.

However, membership eligibility criteria have expanded significantly in the past two decades to include the following four groups:

  • Active-Duty, Retired, & Veterans: This includes all Department of Defense (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Space Force) and Coast Guard active-duty personnel, veterans and retirees, reservists, and those in officer candidate programs (e.g. ROTC, service academies) and Delayed Entry Programs.
  • Immediate Family Members: This category includes parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings, children (adopted, biological, and stepchildren), grandchildren, and household members (including roommates).
  • Department of Defense Civilians: DoD civilian employees and retirees as well as U.S. government employees assigned to DoD installations and DoD contractors assigned to U.S. government installations are all eligible for membership. This includes employees of Select Employee Groups — NAASCO and BAE (both in San Diego, California).
  • Minors: Existing members can ‘pass on’ the gift of membership to children and grandchildren.

The key differentiator in Navy Federal’s membership program is that all prospective members must have some tie to the U.S. armed forces, either directly, through family, or through employment.

Can You Join Navy Federal If You Are Not in the Military?

Given Navy Federal’s 2008 expansion of membership eligibility criteria, it is certainly possible for civilians to become Navy Federal members. This is mainly achieved through relation to an existing member, or through employment as a U.S. government employee or a DoD contractor. Keep in mind that when applying, you’ll need to input certain information about your sponsor — the existing member that you’re using to gain membership — on your application.

If you are an immediate family member of a current or former servicemember who is not a Navy Federal member, it is still possible to become a member; however, you’ll need to furnish some documentation about your family member’s military service.

Nevertheless, all members can rest assured knowing that Navy Federal abides by a “once a member, always a member” principle, meaning that members of the credit union are never at risk of losing eligibility.

What Information or Documentation Is Needed to Join?

If using the online application, it takes about 10 minutes to become a member of Navy Federal. You will need to enter some personal data such as your name, address, Social Security number, a driver’s license or government identification number as well as a credit card number or bank account and routing numbers in order to fund your account. These are the standard requirements for virtually all banks and credit unions.

If you’re a family member whose sponsor is an existing Navy Federal member, you will need to provide the sponsor’s last name, access number (or the last four digits of their Social Security number), and relation to you (e.g. spouse, father, grandmother).

Finally, if you’re an immediate family member of a current or former servicemember who is not a Navy Federal member, you may need to furnish official documentation (e.g. military orders, a Leave & Earnings Statement, a driver’s license with veteran’s designation, a state-issued veteran ID card, etc.) in addition to submitting your own application materials.

Accounts can also be established over the phone by calling 1-888-842-6328 or in person at a branch location. Additionally, Navy Federal allows members to sign their children up for membership by completing the minor membership application.


Navy Federal routing numbers

Routing numbers are codes of between 8 and 11 digits used by Navy Federal and other banks to help financial institutions identify the location of your account. Called ACH, wire transfer and SWIFT numbers, they're used to process checks, set up autopay, make online payments and transfer money in the US and around the world. Learn how to find the exact routing number you need for your Navy Federal account.

Which Navy Federal routing number do I need?

The routing number you need to send or receive money through Navy Federal depends on whether your payment or transfer is domestic or international.
Payments and debits between US accountsACH routing number256074974
Wire payments between US accountsDomestic wire transfer number256074974
Wire payments to an international accountSWIFT codeProvided by sender's bank

Navy Federal ACH transfer routing number

The ACH routing number for Navy Federal is 256074974. Short for Automatic Clearing House, ACH numbers are unique to each bank in the US. The ACH number and your bank account number are used by banks and transfer apps like Zelle or Cash App to identify the exact account payments should be taken from and sent to.

Navy Federal wire transfer routing number

The routing number for US wire transfers through Navy Federal is 256074974. You can use this same number to receive international wire transfers to your Navy Federal account.

Navy Federal SWIFT code

The SWIFT code for international wire transfers through Navy Federal is Provided by sender's bank. SWIFT codes are a unique combination of letters and numbers that identify specific banks and financial institutions around the globe. Codes indicate four pieces of information used to exchange money internationally between accounts:
  • The bank's name
  • Its country code
  • Its main headquarters
  • A particular branch

How to confirm the routing number for Navy Federal on your own

Look at a paper check associated with your Navy Federal account to find the routing and account numbers for your account.

Other ways to confirm the correct Navy Federal routing number include:
  • Call your bank. Your local Navy Federal branch or toll-free support line can provide you with routing numbers.
  • Sign in to your online account. Many online bank systems allow you to view the routing and account numbers from your customer dashboard.
  • Search Fedwire. Use your name, city or state to look up routing numbers for Navy Federal or double-check the one you have is correct.

Can routing numbers for Navy Federal change?

Yes. A bank may be assigned more than one routing number depending on its size and the number of states it services. While Navy Federal is headquartered in Vienna, services or branches in states outside of Virginia may require a different routing number. Confirm routing numbers with a Navy Federal agent if you're not sure.

Bottom line

Routing numbers help banks identify your exact account to make digital payments, transfer money and even process paper checks between branches, states and countries. Learn more about how Navy Federal and other financial institutions use these codes to manage your money in our guide to routing numbers.

Navy Federal Credit Union Promotions: $50. $100 Referral & IRA Bonuses (Nationwide)

Navy Federal Credit Union Overdraft Fees Class Action Lawsuit Find an updated list of Navy Federal Credit Union promotions, bonuses, and offers here.

Currently, they have a $100 bonus offer when you refer friends to the credit union.

*Compare Navy Federal Credit Union Promotions with other bank bonuses from banks like Huntington, HSBC, Chase, TD, Bank of America, Citibank, and more!*

Table of Contents

About Navy Federal Credit Union Promotions

Navy Federal Credit Union has a long standing history catered to active/retired military service members. Today, Navy Federal Credit Union is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, and serves more than 8 million members. Additionally, the credit union serves its members through numerous locations in states all across the country. If you don’t meet the membership requirements below, check out more bank bonuses here to find the offer for you.

Eligibility: Membership is open to members of active duty Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Army and Air National Guard. Department officers, retirees, civilian employees and contractors also qualify. Please read more on eligibility here. See current membership details

Additionally, Navy Federal Credit Union offers pretty decent CD and Savings account rates. However, check out our full list of some of the best Bank Rates and CD Rates nationwide.

I’ll review the current Navy Federal Credit Union Promotions below.

Navy Federal Credit Union $50 IRA Bonus

Earn a $50 IRA Bonus

Navy Federal Credit Union is offering a $50 bonus when you open your first IRA plan.

  • Account Type: Retirement Savings Account (IRA)
  • Credit Inquiry:Hard Pull
  • ChexSystems: Unknown
  • Opening Deposit: Unknown
  • Credit Card Funding: Up to $250
  • Direct Deposit Requirement: Unknown
  • Monthly Fee: N/A
  • Additional Requirements: See below
  • Household Limit: None
  • Closing Account Fee: Unknown

(Offer has no expiration date)

  • Members must open their first IRA plan and deposit a minimum of $50 in the new IRA account no later than 45 days after account opening.
  • Once the $50 required minimum balance has been deposited to the IRA, Navy Federal will credit the bonus directly into the new IRA account within 45 days.

Retirement Savings Accounts

  • Long-term savings
  • Flexible contribution amounts
  • Early savers

Retirement Money Market and Jumbo Money Market Savings Accounts

  • Long-term savings
  • Flexible contribution amounts
  • Early savers

Retirement Certificates

  • Flexible contribution amounts
  • Planning ahead
  • High dividend earnings
  • Offer is effective 1/5/2021 and can end or be modified at any time.
  • Limit one $50 bonus per member. Primary account holders only.
  • The bonus will be credited to the IRA in the form of a dividend and will not be reportable as a contribution.
  • Account must be in good standing for credit to be processed. Penalties apply for early withdrawals from the certificate, including any earned dividends.
  • Members should consult a tax consultant or obtain legal advice regarding any tax implications related to the dividend.
  • Taxes related to the $50 IRA bonus are the member’s responsibility.
  • Navy Federal does not provide tax advice.

Navy Federal Credit Union $100 Referral Bonus 

Get a $100 bonus for referring friends. Up to $500 in referrals!

Navy Federal Credit Union is offering a $100 bonus when you refer new Senior NCOs to the credit union. There is no expiration date listed.

  • Account Type: Personal Account
  • Credit Inquiry:Hard Pull
  • ChexSystems: Unknown
  • Opening Deposit: Unknown
  • Credit Card Funding: Up to $250
  • Direct Deposit Requirement: Unknown
  • Monthly Fee: None
  • Additional Requirements: See below
  • Household Limit: None
  • Closing Account Fee: Unknown

(Offer has no expiration date)

If you're looking for more advanced features for a checking account, you may want to compare this offer to the following: HSBC Premier Checking ($450 Bonus), Huntington 25 Checking ($300 Bonus), PNC Bank Virtual Wallet (Up To $400 Bonus), BMO Harris Premier ($500 bonus), as well as the TD Bank Beyond Checking ($300 Bonus).
  • Refer new Senior NCOs to the credit union
  • Senior NCOs are considered Active Duty, National Guard and Reserves E-7 through E-9 and be at least 18 years of age.
  • Once account is open get $100, up to $500 in referral bonus
  • Stateside member reps are here for you 24/7.
  • Access to excellent member benefits, including competitive rates, superior service and free checking options.
  • Low Fees
  • Low Charges
  • Offer can expire anytime without prior notice.
  • Person referred for membership must be Active Duty, National Guard and Reserves E-7 through E-9 and be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age and in good standing.
  • Program must be mentioned at the time of joining
  • Recruiters are not eligible to refer recruits.
  • If the referred person is ineligible for membership, Navy Federal reserves the right to reclaim the referral awards.
  • Accounts must be in good standing
  • Limit 5 referrals per member.
  • Navy Federal employees and their immediate family are not eligible to participate in this program.

Hat Tip to Lindsay

Discover Savings Bonus

Bottom Line

These are all the current Navy Federal Credit Union promotions and offers. Right now there is only one promotion and it is a referral. However, feel free to leave your contact info below to take advantage of it.

Additionally, leave a comment below informing us about your experience with Navy Federal Credit Union. Your feedback is highly appreciated and makes our site even better!

Lastly, check back for updated Navy Federal Credit Union promotions, bonuses and offers.

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where to find routing number navy federal app

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