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Bge pay bill speedpay

bge pay bill speedpay

$782.08 Return only this portion with your check made payable to BGE. Please write your account number on your check. Pay your bill online, by phone or by. Pay Online with Speedpay: Debit / Credit, Bank Account: No fee $14. The Comcast has different options for their costs. Make a one-time payment with a. BGE's Standard Offer Service. How to Choose & Switch. Supplier Contact Opt Out Pay Bill Online. Schedule an online payment from a bank account or credit.

: Bge pay bill speedpay

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Bge pay bill speedpay
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bge pay bill speedpay

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comcast bill pay More From Comcast Xfinity See More NBCUniversal See More Sky See More Press Room Billing and Payments. What if I do north central regional jail mugshots search want to put my equipment on the Seasonal Convenience Plan? With the Comcast Business App, you can*: • Manage your account details. Other ways to pay Comcast are online, auto pay, call-in to pay and mail-in. Jan 05, 2016 · The best way to local 150 mechanic pay scale about Comcast Bill Pay is to visit Comcast's website. You cannot use a pay phone. Feb 29, 2020 · Method 1Method 1 of 3:Researching Discounts for New Customers. Billing Options. Comcast currently offers a variety of services; including cable television, internet, home telephone service, a home security system, and technical support for computers. Make a payment. First of all, search proper discount, and then copy the code on Comcast Deals For Existing Customers and The link to one-time payment option can be found beneath the customer login. Schedule an online payment from a bank account or credit card. Pay anytime, on any device, with FREE* payment delivery options. 32. Jun 26, 2019 · Xfinity Bill Pay – One Time Payment without signing in In the official website of Comcast Xfinity – www. Jul 02, 2019 · How Much Is Comcast Early Termination Fee? Comcast/Xfinity impose a fee to cancel your subscription before the contract ends. com payment Guide to pay Comcast Xfinity bill online without logging in using one-time pay. 95 will be applied. Use My Account to pay your Comcast Business bill online. Accordingly, does Comcast offer payment extensions? Re: Bill extension Comcast doesn't accept post dated payments. 99 monthly rate. Site telephone numbers can be found by using our payment site locator. Nov 25, 2020 · Comcast says it’s increasing the prices of its TV and internet services in 2021 all over the US. 1-888-225-5773. Comcast Bill Pay, Pay My Xfinity® Bill Online

Business - BGE.COM - Baltimore Gas and Electric .

business CONSUMER REFERENCE GUIDE 2018- 2019 Table of Contents Customer Service . 1 Account Information . 2 Billing . 3 Meter Reading and Billing Accuracy . 4 Paying the Bill. 4 Payment Options hotels near university at buffalo. 5 Customer Choice . 7 Saving Energy . 7 Energy Safety . 8 Reliability.10 Important Phone Numbers.back cover CUSTOMER SERVICE As an energy delivery company, BGE wants to provide customers with helpful information on services and programs. This guide has been prepared in compliance with the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 20.30.04, and all programs and charges SPZ[LKPU[OPZN\PKLHYLPULɈLJ[H[[OL[PTLVMWYPU[PUN-VY\WKH[LZ please visit BGE.COM. Hours of Operation ).,»Z*\Z[VTLY*VU[HJ[*LU[LYOV\YZHYL4VUKH`[OYV\NO-YPKH` from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Customers should call 800.685.0123 for all business matters. How to Contact Us Phone: Important phone numbers are listed on the back cover. Online: BGE.COM Mail: P.O. Box 1475, Baltimore, MD 21203-1475 Emergencies To report fallen power lines or for assistance with electric or natural gas emergencies, customers should call 800.685.0123 immediately, as emergency service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Customers should report power outages immediately one of four ways: jos a bank preferred customer private sale · BGE app · Text “OUT” to MYBGE (69243) 1
· Report an outage on BGE.COM · Call 877.778.2222: BGE has an exclusive toll-free number for reporting electric outages. The number connects customers to an automated phone system that helps BGE pinpoint their location by matching it with their phone number. Holiday Schedule ).,I\ZPULZZVɉJLZ^PSSILJSVZLKMVY[OLMVSSV^PUN 2018/2019 holidays: · November 22, 2018, November 23, 2018, December 24, 2018 bge pay bill speedpay and December 25, 2018 · January 1, 2019, January 21, 2019, May 27, 2019, July 4, 2019, September 2, 2019, November 28, 2019, November 29, 2019, December 24, 2019 and December 25, 2019 If a customer experiences a gas or electric emergency on these days, call the emergency number listed above. Foreign-Language Customer Relations: -VYLPNUSHUN\HNLPU[LYWYL[LYZHYLH]HPSHISL[VHZZPZ[J\Z[VTLYZ Please call one of the phone numbers listed on the back cover. Hay intérpretes en idiomas extranjeros disponibles para atender a clientes. Por favor llame a uno de los números telefónicos que freedom mortgage payment schedule encuentran al dorso. BGE.COM Many of BGE’s account services, as well as an outage map and helpful information and tips are available on the mobile-enabled BGE.COM. Customer Newsletter Throughout the year BGE will provide customers with more information on our services and programs through Smart Energy News, the customer newsletter, and through other informative inserts included with the bill. ACCOUNT INFORMATION Starting or Stopping Gas and Electric Service To Start or Stop Utility Service – Contact BGE at least three business days prior to who founded mission san jose move date. In some cases, BGE may require a customer to provide a lease or settlement documentation, corporate/ I\ZPULZZWHWLYZHUKWYVVMVMPKLU[PÄJH[PVU To Transfer or Bge pay bill speedpay Service – Remember, customers are responsible and will be billed for all service used at the present HKKYLZZ\U[PS).,PZUV[PÄLK[V[YHUZMLYVYKPZJVU[PU\L\[PSP[`ZLY]PJL To ensure billing is stopped at the appropriate time, please notify BGE at least three business days prior to the move. Customers will need to provide BGE access to the meters on the premises. Submitting Requests – BGE will accept either a written or verbal request to start, stop, or transfer gas and/or electric service. 2
Service requests are accepted via phone, mail or through BGE.COM. See back cover for contact information or download the appropriate form at BGE.COM. Security Deposit BGE may require a deposit to open or maintain an account. Non- residential deposits are based on the maximum estimated usage for service for two consecutive billing periods or 90 days, and may be paid in two installments, if requested. Deposits, whether the account had any returned checks within the last 2 years plus earned interest, are reviewed for refund after four years from the date paid in full. Consideration for refund includes a customer’s payment history, current status of accounts, plus information that may be obtained from business credit reporting agencies. Deposits not refunded are YL]PL^LKHUU\HSS`[OLYLHM[LY9LM\UKZHYLHWWSPLKÄYZ[HNHPUZ[HU` balances owing for that account, then against any other delinquent VYÄUHSJOHYNLZVWLUMVYHU`V[OLYHJJV\U[PU[OH[J\Z[VTLY»ZUHTL with any excess monies then refunded. BGE will refund deposits within a reasonable time frame. If a material change from the basis upon which service and credit were originally established occurs, BGE may require the establishment of a new deposit or payment VMHU`KLWVZP[KLÄJPLUJ`0MZLY]PJL^HZKLUPLKMVYUVUWH`TLU[ during the last 12 months that service was provided, payment of a security deposit will be required in order to re-establish service. Service Application Charge Your service application charge is a non-refundable fee that covers initial administrative start-up costs. The amount of this charge is determined by bge pay bill speedpay particular rate schedule. BILLING Understanding the Bill The BGE bill provides detailed information to help customers understand bge pay bill speedpay they are billed for the energy used to power their business. On the front of bill, colorful graphics provide a quick overview of energy charges and usage. On the back of the bill, energy details (an explanation of the charges) are listed. The bill also provides BGE Supply Price Comparison Information to use when shopping for energy suppliers. The Electric portion of the BGE bill consists of three parts: 1. Electric Supply – “supply” is the actual electric commodity first national bank severna park consumed. Note: This is the deregulated part of the electric service that is open to competition. See Customer Choice on page 7 for details. 2. Electric Delivery Service – “delivery,” also called distribution, is the process of delivering electricity along a network of power lines called the “local distribution system.” In addition, bge pay bill speedpay [OLYLHYLÄ_LKTVU[OS`J\Z[VTLYJOHYNLMLLZ^OPJOPUJS\KL metering, billing and other services. 3
3. Taxes and Government Charges. The Gas portion (if applicable) of the BGE bill consists of three parts: 1. Gas Supply – “supply” is the actual gas commodity consumed. Note: This is the deregulated part of your gas service that is open to competition. See Customer Choice on page 7 for details. 2. Gas Delivery Service – “delivery,” also called distribution, represents BGE’s costs to deliver the gas to the business and HÄ_LKTVU[OS`JOHYNLMLL 3. Taxes and Government Charges. :LHZVUHS9H[L+PɈLYLUJL BGE’s small commercial electric supply rates (Type I) change twice each year on June 1 and October 1. BGE’s large commercial electric supply rates change quarterly. BGE’s gas supply rates change monthly. BGE does not charge seasonal rates for the delivery of energy. Questions About Your Bill If a customer has questions or concerns about their bill (accuracy, billing dates, etc.) please call 800.265.6177. To view a sample bill and video on how to read the bill, as well as information on how to save energy, visit BGE.COM/Billing. METER READING AND BILLING ACCURACY BGE gas and electric meters are precision instruments that measure how much energy is used. Each year BGE inspects a random sample of each of the types of meters used on our system to ensure that the meters are registering accurately. BGE also tests meters upon customer request. Note: Bills are occasionally based on estimated meter reads when BGE is unable to obtain an actual meter reading. PAYING THE BILL Payment Due Date Payments are due by the date shown on the bill. Payments postmarked on the due date, but received at the payment center after the due date, will be assessed a late charge. Late Payment Late payment charges apply to bills not paid by the current due KH[L;OL[V[HSSH[LWH`TLU[JOHYNLZKVUV[L_JLLKÄ]LWLYJLU[VM the original unpaid amount. Returned Check Fee BGE charges a $15 fee for a returned check. A cash payment, JLY[PÄLKJOLJRVYTVUL`VYKLYMVY[OLHTV\U[VM[OLYL[\YULK check is required. t mobile tuesday app for windows phone 4
Disconnection of Service Service may be disconnected for a number of reasons, such as nonpayment of utility bills or security deposit; failure to allow BGE access to our equipment; safety issues and violation of the Code of Maryland Regulations or BGE Electric or Gas Service ;HYPɈ7YV]PZPVUZ;OLHTV\U[VMHK]HUJLUV[PJLHSZV]HYPLZIHZLK on the reason for disconnection. Reconnection of Service To have service reconnected, customers must pay the amount of the current and past-due bills in full. Applicable reconnection fees and any required deposit will be billed on the following statement. 0MHJOLJR\ZLKMVYWH`TLU[VMH[\YUVɈUV[PJLVYMVYZLY]PJL restoration is returned by the bank, the service is subject to denial ^P[OV\[M\Y[OLYUV[PÄJH[PVU Right to Appeal/Resolving Complaints Customers have the right to appeal a proposed utility service disconnection and other issues. BGE will review each case, THRLHKLJPZPVUHUKPUMVYTJ\Z[VTLYZWYVTW[S`VM[OLÄUKPUNZ If a question or problem has not been resolved satisfactorily, JHSSHUKHZR[VZWLHR^P[OH).,Z\WLY]PZVY-VY additional contact information, please see page 1. If the concern persists, contact the Maryland Public Service Commission 4VUKH`[OYV\NO-YPKH`HT[VWTL_JLW[OVSPKH`Z^P[O X\LZ[PVUZVY[VÄSLHUHWWLHS! 4HY`SHUK7\ISPJ:LY]PJL*VTTPZZPVU!6ɉJLVM,_[LYUHS9LSH[PVUZ 6 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 410.767.8028 or 800.492.0474 toll free -H_!6USPUL!WZJZ[H[LTK\Z PAYMENT OPTIONS Partial bill payments are applied to deposits and gas and electric ZLY]PJLZÄYZ[HUK[OLU[VHU`V[OLYZLY]PJLZVYW\YJOHZLZ Online ࠮ ePay – Pay BGE bills through a BGE.COM online account quickly and securely. Visit BGE.COM/ePay to sign up. ࠮ Check Free – Pay BGE bills and many other bills at, or for a convenience fee, can be used. ࠮ Bank¶4HU`IHURZVɈLYIPSSWH`TLU[ZLY]PJL^OLYLIPSSZJHUIL viewed and paid online. Phone Call Western Union SpeedPay at 888.232.0088 to pay BGE bills from a checking account, debit cards, American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa credit cards. A convenience fee will be charged for this service. 5
Mail Mail the bottom portion of the bill and a check or money order (DO NOT SEND CASH) in the self-addressed envelope included with each month’s bill. Send payments to: BGE, P.O. Box 13070, Philadelphia, PA 19101-3070. Please do www alsat m tv seriale include other correspondence with payments. Alternate Payment Centers 7H`TLU[ZHYLHJJLW[LKVUHSS).,IPSSZPUJS\KPUN[\YUVɈUV[PJLZ Payments can be made with or without bills if the account number is provided. Same-day restoration service is available if a payment is made prior to 3 p.m. (Extended daily and weekend service hours may be available.) ࠮ (TLYPJH»Z*HZO-VY[OLJSVZLZ[WH`TLU[SVJH[PVUJHSS 877.223.2274. A convenience fee will be charged for this service. ࠮ >LZ[LYU
CUSTOMER CHOICE Customer Choice allows customers to decide which energy Z\WWSPLYILZ[Ä[Z[OLPYULLKZ*OVVZL[VW\YJOHZL`V\YNHZHUKVY electricity from any energy supplier that is licensed by the Maryland PSC and registered with BGE. ࠮ -VYLSLJ[YPJP[`Z\WWS`\ZL[OLBGE Electric Supply Comparison Information, which appears on the BGE bill, to compare BGE [VV[OLYZ\WWSPLYZ»VɈLYZ).,»ZOPZ[VYPJNHZWYPJLZHUK).,»Z electric supply price information can be found at BGE.COM/ CustomerChoice. ࠮ -VYHSPZ[VMZ\WWSPLYZHUKJVU[HJ[PUMVYTH[PVU]PZP[ BGE.COM/CustomerChoice or visit ࠮ Customers who decide to select a supplier should contact them directly. Suppliers will request the Choice ID number when customers sign up for or change their electric or gas plan. Refer to the Electric and Gas Choice ID numbers on the front of the BGE bill. After the supplier is authorized to enroll you, they will contact BGE. Choosing an energy supplier is not required. If a customer decides to stay with or return to BGE’s gas and/or electricity supply, they will be charged the same price as those in the same rate class who are purchasing supply from BGE. Even when customers choose other energy suppliers, BGE will deliver their gas san bernadino county west valley detention center rancho cucamonga ca electricity, maintain bge pay bill speedpay and wires, restore power after an outage and provide emergency service. bge pay bill speedpay SAVING ENERGY The BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® ;OPZWYVNYHTVɈLYZH]HYPL[`VMVW[PVUZ[VZH]LLULYN`TVUL`HUK help the environment. Plus, these programs support the EmPOWER 4HY`SHUK,ULYN`,ɉJPLUJ`(J[-VYTVYLLULYN`HUKTVUL` homes for sale in middle tennessee with acreage tips, tools and programs visit My Account My Account allows smart meter customers to view their own detailed and timely usage information, better manage energy to save on bills and pay their bills. To start saving, log onto your online account at BGE.COM/MyAccount. In addition, through My Account, customers can sign up for power outage alerts, bill payment reminders, severe impact weather alerts and/or energy ZH]PUNUV[PÄJH[PVUZ-VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVU]PZP[).,*64(SLY[Z To learn more about programs that help customers save energy and money, visit BGE.COM/Save. 7
ENERGY SAFETY Electric Safety -HSSLU>PYLZ – During storms, wind and trees can damage utility equipment. If a customer bank of commerce atm account number downed electrical wires, stay away and warn others. Immediately call BGE, and we will send a crew to Ä_[OLWYVISLT0MH^PYLMHSSZHJYVZZHJHY^OPSLVJJ\WPLKKVUV[ get out of the car until emergency help arrives and it is safe to exit. Overhead Lines – When working outside stay at least 10 feet away from overhead power lines. If a customer needs to work ^P[OPU[OLMVV[ZHML[`aVULJHSS).,ÄYZ[HUK^L^PSS^VYR^P[O is organic blue corn chips good for you customers to make the area safe. Also, use a professional to trim trees near overhead power lines. Natural Gas Safety BGE strives to provide all customers with safe, reliable natural gas service while ensuring that gas piping owned by the company is WYVWLYS`THPU[HPULK[VH]VPK[OLWV[LU[PHSS`KHTHNPUNLɈLJ[ZVM leaks and corrosion. Detecting Gas Leaks -VYV\YJ\Z[VTLYZ»WYV[LJ[PVU^LHKKTLYJHW[HUHZHML[` additive that gives gas a “rotten egg odor” so customers will be able to smell leaks. Some leaks are also detectable by sight or sound. Outside, look for dirt being blown into the air, dead vegetation in an otherwise green area, or a dry spot in best regional bank stocks 2019 V[OLY^PZLTVPZ[HYLH*\Z[VTLYZTH`HSZVZLLÄYLJVTPUNMYVT the ground. In waterways, look for water bubbling or being blown into the air. Listen for roaring, blowing or hissing sounds. If a customer detects a gas leak indoors or outdoors: ࠮ 3LH]L[OLWYLTPZLZPTTLKPH[LS`HUKNV[VHZHMLWSHJL^OLYL you can call BGE at 800.685.0123. ࠮ ,_[PUN\PZOHSSVWLUÅHTLZ+VUV[\ZLTH[JOLZVYSPNO[LYZHUK do not attempt to light an appliance. ࠮ +VUV[\ZLHU`WOVULZLSLJ[YPJZ^P[JOLZ[OLYTVZ[H[ZVY appliance controls. All of these devices, including battery operated equipment, can cause sparks and ignite natural gas. ࠮ +VUV[Z[HY[VY[\YUVɈHU`TV[VYPaLKLX\PWTLU[(IHUKVUHU` motorized equipment you may be operating. ࠮ +VUV[H[[LTW[[VÄUK[OLZV\YJLVM[OLSLHRVY[VYLWHPYHSLHR When a call is received, BGE will respond promptly to survey the area, perform safety measures, and repair BGE’s equipment. There PZUVJOHYNL[VPU]LZ[PNH[LHNHZSLHR-VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVU]PZP[ BGE.COM/GasSafety. Carbon Monoxide Safety Carbon monoxide poisoning is usually caused by incomplete combustion and inadequate ventilation. Signs of buildup of this bge pay bill speedpay 8
colorless, odorless gas include: ࠮:[\Ɉ`Z[HSLVYZTLSS`HPY ࠮/PNOO\TPKP[` ࠮:VV[MYVTÄYLWSHJLZVYM\YUHJLZ The best treatment for overexposure is to get lots of fresh air and immediate medical attention. To reduce risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, gas and oil appliance manufacturers recommend bge pay bill speedpay yearly ZHML[`JOLJR\W(X\HSPÄLKOLH[PUNJVU[YHJ[VYJHUWLYMVYT[OPZZLY]PJL Tampering Theft of gas or electricity is dangerous and a crime. Tampering with utility lines, meters, or other BGE equipment or installing illegal connections creates dangerous conditions for building occupants and neighbors. Customers should call the BGE Energy Theft Hotline at 800.417.0294, if they suspect a gas or electric theft. Information JHUILNP]LUHUVU`TV\ZS`HUK^PSSILRLW[JVUÄKLU[PHS Damage Prevention Always call 811 at least two full business days before you dig. By having your utility lines marked and following Maryland’s Miss Utility Law, customers can help prevent disruptions of critical services while avoiding penalties, repair costs, injuries or worse. -VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVU]PZP[BGE.COM/DigSmart. Pipeline Locations BGE marks underground pipelines with line markers. These indicate pipeline locations, particularly where they intersect streets, railroads and congested areas. Never rely on the presence or absence of heritage first bank pipeline markers to determine the existence or bge pay bill speedpay location of I\YPLK\[PSP[PLZ-VYTVYLPUMVYTH[PVUVUWPWLSPULSVJH[PVUZ]PZP[[OL National Pipeline Mapping System at Meter Safety Please remember that customers are responsible for ensuring that meters can be accessed for meter readings and maintenance. A minimum of three feet of clear space must be maintained around each meter. While certain meters can be read electronically, these also need to be kept free of obstructions, including landscaping and structures that may interfere bge pay bill speedpay the electronic transmission and upkeep of the meter and its components. BGE owns and maintains all natural gas piping up to and including the gas meter. Each gas customer is responsible for the maintenance and monitoring of all above-ground and buried pipes after the meter. If such piping is not maintained, it may corrode and leak. You should periodically inspect buried gas piping located after the meter for leaks and corrosion, and repair it if any unsafe JVUKP[PVUPZKPZJV]LYLK7S\TILYZ^OVHYLZ[H[LJLY[PÄLK[V^VYR on gas piping can perform maintenance and repairs of gas fuel piping after the meter. 9
RELIABILITY Power Outages ࠮ ;L_[¸(++6
IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS For Gas or Electric Emergencies .800.685.0123 Emergency service is available 24/7. Emergency examples include gas odor inquiries or downed electric wires. Report a Power Outage .877.778.2222 Customers can also report a power outage using BGE’s app, texting “OUT” to MYBGE (69243) or reporting it on BGE.COM. BGE General Questions .800.685.0123 Hearing-Impaired Customers– TTY/TDD (Maryland Relay Service) .800.735.2258 Collection Questions .800.685.2210 Energy Theft Hotline.800.417.0294 Energy Choice Line .877.746.6243 MISS UTILITY .811 Natural Gas Installation and Conversion .800.685.0123 Phone-in Meter Readings .800.685.0123 (Monday through Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) Printed on Recycled Paper 30% Post-Consumer Waste
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These are scam artists claiming to be BGE, calling about you about "owing payment."
A friend almost fell for it.  He was told to deliver money in person.  Fortunately, he put two and two together that something was up before he did, and contacted BGE to find out he was up to date on his payment.

If it were BGE, it would say that on the caller id and they'd let it ring more than four times.

  • Caller: Unkown
  • Call type: Prank
  • You are a scamm

  • I'm glad I looked this number up I know that I have a payment to make and I also made a payment arrangement. People will do anything to scam you.

  • on one phone it came up anonymous on an old phone with only the phone number display it was 18554650219.  they clamed they could not hear me so I called the number back fully expecting it to be a scam anyway.  get a recording that the number is not in service.

  • Legitimate BGE caller. It took a couple seconds for her to say something, but it was in fact BGE, calling about past due bill.

    • Caller: BGE
    • Call type: Debt collector
  • I keep getting called from this number but as they don't leave message it is obviously not important and doesn't warrant a return call. I saw this site, and am assuredly current on my BGE bill so I'm left to assume it's  a scam or social engineering attempt.

  • Never give any information about yourself . they should already know it if it legitimate
    could not even get the story right. called me about a payment on my cell phone and it's not even in that company system only my home phone is

  • Called pretending to be from Google and requesting I call this number. I didn't after accessing this.

  • It was in fact BGE.  I was asked to verify my address and when I said if you are calling me then you should verify it to me since you are calling me. they did verify and I asked them to verify the amount and they did.  They were just calling about balance and asked me if i needed additional time to make the payment.  I told the lady that I thought it was odd that they were calling customers - never had that happen before.

    • Caller: BGE Accounts Department
  • Not BGE!! Whoever it is trying to obtain information from callers. BGE leaves messages and also list BGE on Caller ID they do not spoof calls.
    Once I told her they were not BGE as I worked for BGE, miraculously call got disconnected and I got those ringing beeps in my ear.
    Do not verify or provide them any information. When in doubt call the real BGE numbers on your bills.

  • Called bge at 800 685 0123 and asked then about this number and the assured me that this is definitely a scammer

  • Caller ID now says "GE Finacial", complete with misspelling.  Makes me wonder if BGE is hacked though.

  • Received call from this number. They knew who I was and asked if I could talk. Then I told them "no" they said you said "no" to which I responded in the affirmative. Once I said that I was hung up on. These are SCAMMERS who already know too much information about people. The actual BGE is aware and trying to deal with the matter.
    Oh and if you dial the number back it will say "You have reached BGE. The business office is closed until 7am. You have reached BGE." then cuts off.

  • I answered the phone and it just played music  and then hung up.  Very odd.

    • Caller: No idea
    • Call type: Prank
  • 8554650219 is bge financial solutions department they will not discuss any information if you can provide once portion of your address since it is against the law to speak with the wrong person concerning their acct; they helped me with an ext and payment arrangement for my acct; they don't take no payments over the phone they adv me bge pay bill speedpay speedpay or an authorized location most of the time I make my payment at the grocery store and they receive my payment within an hour

  • Known scam - BGE has published a fraud warning on their website:

    • Caller: BGE scammer
    • Call type: Scam suspicion
  • 0

    here we go again

    this is definitely a SCAM, just got off the phone with takia at BGE and she advised that they DID NOT call me, it was definitely someone TRYING to scam and to NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL information.

    • Caller: says it is BGE
    • Call type: Scam suspicion
  • really weird.i did receive a call from bge at 10:47 this morning. we are very delinquent. i made a large payment.and it was half.then this number called 855-465-0219.i did not answer.looked it up and found these things written.just someone knew i made a payment and they wanted more.very strange.

  • they said they represent BGE and a turn off notice I need to verify the numbers on my address and they had the street name then they hung up

    • Call type: Scam suspicion
  • Источник:

    Consumers of Baltimore Gas and Electric can use a special online service Western Union Speedway and pay their bills quickly. BG&E provides users with several payment options, Speedpay is one of them. This service is paid for residential customers and 3.2% for commercial customers.

    Customers interested in using Western Union Speedpay can visit The site is very easy to use requiring users to enter their account number which can be found on your billing statement.

    If you want to save every month you can easily set up an online account with BG&E and pay the bills without any extra cost from your account. There are also other features and options available to account holders such as setting up automatic payments from your bank account free of charge, receive your billing statement online, review your billing history, receive account notifications, and more.

    Thanks to Speedpay, customers can pay by card from their personal checking or savings account or using a card (MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Visa). Payments made via Speedpay will post to your account typically the same day or the following business day.

    You can also use other alternative payment methods, such as payment in person, by phone or by mail. The most convenient way that most people enjoy is paying their bill online. There are no lines to wait in, no closing times, no traffic to beat, and your payment is posted instantly.

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    bge pay bill speedpay


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