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Check amazon gift card balance uk

check amazon gift card balance uk

If you have an Amazon Gift Card or gift voucher and you want to redeem it, check here the step-by-step guide for the users to redeem your. Williams Sonoma online gift cards make it easy to give exactly what the recipient wants or needs. Check Your Balance And Redeem Your Gift Card. Find out how to check an ALDI gift card balance in a few easy steps. Use DoNotPay to get cash back from your ALDI gift card. Featured in Vice and CNN!
check amazon gift card balance uk
check amazon gift card balance uk

: Check amazon gift card balance uk

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How to check your Amazon gift card balance, and reload your card

  • You can check your Amazon gift card balance on either the desktop website or mobile app. 
  • From there, you can also manually add to your balance by selecting "Reload Your Balance."
  • If desired, you can set up auto-reload for your gift card balance to plan for big purchases.
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If you've received an Amazon gift card, knowing your gift card balance is important, especially if you're planning to make a big purchase through the site. 

But you don't have to receive a gift card from someone else to take advantage of the feature — you can also purchase value whenever you want to, and set up auto-reload to better manage your finances.

Here's how to get it done.

How to check your Amazon gift card balance

You can either view your balance on the desktop website or mobile app.

On desktop:

1. Go to the Amazon website and log in to your account, if needed. 

2. Hover over Accounts & Lists, then click Account.

Screenshot of the expanded Accounts & Lists menu
Devon Delfino

3. Check amazon gift card balance uk the next page, click Gift cards.

Screenshot of the Accounts & Lists page on Amazon
Devon Delfino

You'll see your gift card balance listed at the top of the page.

Screenshot showing an Amazon account's gift card balance page
Devon Delfino

On mobile:

1. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android and log in, if necessary.

2. Tap the Profileicon in the bottom menu.

Screenshot of the homepage on the Amazon Shopping app
Devon Delfino

3. Scroll down to the Gift Card Balance section. You'll see your current balance listed there.

Screenshot showing the Gift Card Balance section on the profile page of the Amazon Shopping app
Devon Delfino

Quick tip: Tap Manage to view more information, like your gift card balance activity.

How to manually reload your Amazon gift card balance

​​Manually reloading your balance prevents any automatic card charges. This is a good method if you don't use this balance too often, or if you only want to buy a specific item. The minimum you can add to your balance is $0.50. 

On desktop:

1. On the Amazon website homepage, hover over Account & Lists, then click Account.

2. On the next page, select Gift cards.

3. In the menu bar at the top of the next page, click Reload your balance.

Screenshot of the Amazon gift cards page
Devon Delfino

4. Choose or enter an amount.

Screenshot showing how to select the amount to add to your gift card balance on the Amazon site
Devon Delfino

5. Click Buy Now.

On mobile:

1. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android and log in, if needed.

2. Tap the Profile icon.

3. Scroll down to the Gift Card Balance section and tap Manage.

Screenshot showing the Gift Card Balance section on Amazon Shopping app
Devon Delfino check amazon gift card balance uk

4. Select Reload Balance.

Screenshot of the Gift Card section in the Amazon Shopping app
Devon Delfino

5. Choose the amount and tap Buy Now.

How to auto-reload your Amazon gift card balance

You can set your balance to auto-reload on a daily to monthly schedule or when you hit a minimum balance of your choice.

On desktop:

1. On the Amazon website homepage, hover over Account & Lists, then select Account.

2. On the next page, click Gift cards.

3. Select Set up auto-reload.

Screenshot of the Gift Cards section of an Amazon account
Devon Delfino

4. Set the amount, the frequency (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), and the start date. Alternatively, you can set your card to auto-reload when your balance hits a minimum threshold.

Screenshot showing the auto-reload gift card sign-up page for an Amazon account
Devon Delfino

5. Choose your payment method or add a new card.

6. Click Save Your Auto-Reload Setting at the bottom of the page.

On mobile:

1. Open the Amazon app and log in, if needed, and tap the Profile icon.

2. Scroll down to Gift Card Balance and tap Manage.

3. Tap Your Auto-Reload Setting.

Screenshot of the Gift Card Balance section on the Amazon Shopping app
Devon Delfino

4. Choose the amount, frequency, and start date settings. Or set your card to auto-reload when the balance falls to a certain amount, if preferred.

Screenshot of the auto-reload settings page for the Amazon Shopping app
Devon Delfino

5. Choose your payment method or add a new card.

6. Tap Save Your Auto-Reload Setting at the bottom of the page.


Prime now allows many modes of payment during the checkout process. In this article, we will look into whether “Can you use Amazon Gift Card for Prime Now?” and if so, then how.

Prime Now is a service that is provided by Amazon. This service is available only in some countries, including the United States, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. It allows users to order groceries from local retailers to be delivered by independent contractors.

It promises to deliver grocery items like vegetables, fruits, soda, snacks to your home within 1 -Hour or free 2-Hour delivery depending on your needs. Everything is so easy now with Prime Now, you think of ordering something, and within an hour, you will have it at your step.

How Can you use Amazon Gift Card for Prime Now?

You have the option to choose between different payment methods on Prime Now. The Payment Methods include Credit and Debit cards, store cards, Amazon Pay balance, or Gift Card and Promotional Codes.

Since Prime now has a section under Payment methods to Redeem a Gift Card, you can use Amazon Gift Card for Prime Now.

Below is a detailed step by step process on How Can you use Amazon Gift Card for Amazon Prime Now with pictures attached for each step to better understand.

Note: You will have to Prime Now only if you have subscribed to the Amazon Prime Membership. During checkout, the application will ask you to login with the Amazon account Prime activated for it. You cannot access Prime now if you don’t have an active Prime membership.

Follow the below steps on How Can you use Amazon Gift Card for Prime Now:

  • Navigate to Amazon Prime Now.
  • On the top right corner, click on “Sign In” and log in with your Amazon credentials. ( Use the credentials for which Amazon Prime membership is active ).
Can you use Amazon Gift Card for Prime Now 1
  • Please select the items of your choice and add it to the cart. Once done shopping, click on the cart icon at the top right corner of the page.
Can you use Amazon Gift Card for Prime Now? 1
  • Click on “Proceed to Checkout.”
  • Add all the necessary details like “Delivery Address,” “Delivery Time,” “Mobile Number.”
Can you use Amazon Gift Card for Prime Now 2
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see a section “Payment Methods.” Under Payment Methods, there is a section for “Gift Cards and Promotional Codes.” Here enter the coupon code of the Amazon Gift card to redeem it.
Can you use Amazon Gift Card for Prime Now 3
  • Once you enter the Coupon code of the Amazon Gift card, you will be able to use the amount of the gift card to pay for the items you have shopped for in Prime Now.


Why is my Amazon Gift card claim code not working?

If your Amazon Gift card code is not working, double-check on the below points:
1. Make sure that you have not redeemed your gift code before. Each Amazon gift card can be claimed only once.
2. If you receive a message that the claim code was invalid, check if you have entered the exact code you received.
3. Make sure that no one has redeemed the Amazon Gift card.
4. If you have not redeemed the card but still see an error message stating “Gift card has been claimed” or the code can’t be read clearly, then contact Amazon Customer support with the 16-digit number behind the Amazon Gift card.
5. There are certain places where you can’t use the gift card, for example: 
  * It cannot be used to purchase other third-party gift cards.
  * It cannot be used for payments outside
  * It cannot be used in a way that has been prohibited by Amazon.
  * It cannot be redeemed for more than its face value.
  * Once claimed, it cannot be transferred to another Amazon account.

Can you see who redeemed an Amazon Gift card?

No, you do not have an option to see who redeemed an Amazon Gift card. Probably the only way to know who has claimed a particular gift card is by sending someone a gift card and hoping they would have claimed it. If they didn’t, then there is no way you would know who claimed it at all.

How to transfer amazon gift card to PayPal?

No, you do not have a direct way to transfer the Amazon gift card to PayPal.

How to use Amazon’s partial gift card balance?

When you have decided to use the gift card balance during the checkout process, you will have to use the entire balance present in the Amazon Pay wallet.
Say the product is $150, and you have received a gift card for $100. During checkout, if you are planning on using the Amazon Gift card, it will redeem the entire $100, and you will have to pay the balance $50 with some other mode of transaction.

In Conclusion

I hope this article has given you the right guidance about how can you use Amazon Gift Card for Prime Now. So, next time somebody gifts you an Amazon Gift card, now you know that you could use it to buy groceries as well.

Next time you ask, “How Can you use Amazon Gift Card for Prime Now,” know that it is an easy check amazon gift card balance uk process.

Thanks for Reading!!


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To send a gift card instantly from your app to a friend or family member’s app, tap on Send a Gift in the menu of the Uber app or the Account section of the Uber Eats app.

Open the Account menu and tap Wallet.

Tap on the + Add Funds button the the Uber Cash card.

Enter your gift code and tap Add.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I redeem an Uber gift card?

    Gift cards apply Uber Cash or Uber credits (depending on your location) to an Uber account. To redeem a gift card:

    In the Uber app

    1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Uber app.
    2. Tap the menu icon and select Wallet.
    3. Tap Add Payment Method or Redeem Gift Card.
    4. Then tap Gift Card.
    5. Enter your PIN/gift code (with no spaces).
    6. Tap Add.

    In the Uber Eats app

    1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Uber Eats app.
    2. Tap the Account icon and select Wallet.
    3. Select Add Payment Method.
    4. Select Gift Card.
    5. Enter your PIN/gift code (with no spaces).
    6. Tap check amazon gift card balance uk a gift card is added to an Uber account, it can’t be transferred.

      You can’t reload a gift card after it has been purchased, but you can add multiple gift cards to an Uber account. Each Uber account can hold a maximum limit of $2,000 in total gift card value. As you use up your credits, you can add more.

  • How can I use an Uber gift card?

    Once redeemed, your Uber gift card is applied to your Uber Cash or Uber credits balance, which can be used during checkout on Uber or Uber Eats.

    When you check out on Uber or Uber Eats, your Uber Cash or Uber credits balance will likely already be chosen as your primary way to pay. If not, tap on your selected payment method (for example, a credit card) to switch between payment methods before you check out. Switch on the toggle to ensure that your Uber Cash or Uber credits are always used first.

    If your Uber Cash or Uber credits are not completely used up, the remaining balance can be applied to your next ride or order.

  • What are the restrictions on the use or purchase of Uber gift cards?

    There are some gift card limitations:

    1. Redeemed gift cards can only be spent in countries that accept payment in the same currency that was originally issued.
    2. The gift card amount can’t be used for Family Profiles, scheduled rides, or university campus card rides.
  • Where can I get more answers?

Redeemed gift cards can only be spent in countries that accept payment in the same currency that was originally issued. Gift card amounts cannot be used for Family Profiles, scheduled rides, or university campus card rides. Other important restrictions apply to Uber gift cards. For full Uber gift card terms and conditions, go here.

Ways to sell your amazon gift cards for cash

Do you need to make money quickly?

One option is to sell your Amazon gift card balance. There are plenty of buyers for your unwanted gift cards as Amazon sells many things.

It’s possible to sell unused or partially used gift cards online and locally.

In This Article

How to Sell Your Amazon Gift Card

As long as the gift card balance is accurate, buyers are willing to buy gift cards using a variety of methods.

1. BuyBackWorld

BuyBackWorld buys unwanted gift cards and old electronics. You can enter your gift card balance and receive an instant price quote.

Your payment options include:

  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Direct deposit
  • Prepaid debit card
  • Store credit

Choosing the BuyBackWorld store credit lets you get a 5% redemption bonus. You might choose this option if you want to buy used cell phones or other electronics.

2. Raise

Discounted gift card marketplaces like Raise are a great place to sell your unwanted Amazon gift cards because of the seller protection benefits.

You can sell digital gift cards for Amazon and almost any other store or restaurant. All you need to do is enter the gift card serial number and Raise will verify the remaining balance before the listing goes live.

It’s possible to sell Amazon gift cards for face value, minus seller fees. However, Raise only lets select sellers sell Amazon gift cards but any seller can sell other gift card brands.

When you make a sale, it’s free to list your gift cards but Raise keeps 15% of the selling price. This fee is competitive with other marketplaces.

Your payment options include:

  • Direct deposit
  • PayPal
  • Check

3. Sell on Reddit

Reddit is a popular social media platform with a Gift Card Exchange subreddit (thread).

You can post that you have an Amazon gift card and its current balance. Then, you list what you’re willing to trade it for.

Your payment options include the following:

  • Cash (PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, etc.)
  • Gift cards
  • Cryptocurrency

You may also see others requesting an Amazon card and see what they’re willing to pay.

It’s free to sell gift cards on Reddit but you will need to follow the community guidelines. Gift card balances larger than $250 require moderator approval.

As an added layer of security, you can also request the subreddit moderators to perform a background check on a prospective buyer too.

There isn’t any seller protection and Reddit is riskier than using a gift card marketplace.

4. Trade on Reddit

The Reddit Barter subreddit allows you to trade Amazon gift cards for other tangible items and services. You may also see other people in need of your gift card if you’re willing to accept their item.

Trading allows you to avoid PayPal processing fees you can experience with the gift card exchange subreddit.

Be sure to read the subreddit rules in the sidebar before listing your gift cards. For example, you might be able to barter a gift card for video games or other services like graphic design.

5. Craigslist

You can also sell gift cards locally on Craigslist. Be prepared to verify the balance of the gift card when you meet with the buyer.

Most likely, the balance can be verified using your smartphone or meeting at a public Wi-Fi hotspot if you need to use a computer or tablet.

While you might invest some time and money to commute to the meeting location, you will receive cash and do not have to worry about any transaction fees that you will encounter with online sales.

As always, you can also trade your gift card for actual merchandise too.

6. Facebook

The Facebook Marketplace is another potential sweet spot to sell your unwanted Amazon cards. The social media platform can be more popular than Craigslist in your city.

It’s free to list your gift cards and buyers can pay with cash or by debit card.

You don’t pay a transaction fee if you accept debit card payments.

Try listing your cards on the Facebook Marktplace and also local buy and sell groups. Be sure to read the group guidelines to ensure you can sell gift cards.

You can try other Craigslist alternatives to advertise your gift cards as well.

7. Sell on eBay

Another option is to sell your cards on eBay. This is one of the few ways you can actually sell your card for more than retail price as international buyers take advantage of gift card exchange rates to buy “cheap” Amazon cards in U.S. dollars.

This type of currency arbitrage allows you to recoup the seller fees and profit.

For example, a recent $10 card bank of eastman magnolia state bank was selling for $12.50 after five bids with four days remaining. Another seller was selling a $500 card for $535.

Selling fees are 10% of the final sales price plus shipping fees. The total fees can be lower than a gift card marketplace but you have fewer seller protection benefits.

Advice to avoid buyer scams:

  • NEVER email the gift card number to the buyer
  • Only ship the card to PayPal verified addresses
  • Consider only selling to buyers with prior positive feedback

In the past, novice sellers have only emailed the bank of eastman magnolia state bank to the buyer and not mailed the card. The buyer will immediately redeem the card balance and file a complaint.

If eBay or PayPal rules against you, then you must issue a refund and lose the gift card.

Just exercise some common sense when selling online through a non-gift card marketplace like CardCash or Raise that offers more seller protection benefits. Doing so can mean you earn a higher profit.

8. Sell on OfferUp

OfferUp lets you sell to local buyers or mail your sold items to distant buyers.

Local sales are free but check amazon gift card balance uk pay a service fee on items requiring shipping. The service fee is either $1.99 or 12.9% of the sales price, whichever is higher.

9. Ask Amazon

You can try asking Amazon for a refund if you purchased Amazon gift cards or digital gift codes. A refund isn’t guaranteed but it’s worth asking if you have a few spare minutes.

10. Flip Items Purchased on Amazon

Are you an entrepreneur that relishes the idea of thinking outside the box?

Selling items for a profit that you purchased with your Amazon gift card is a prime example of making money with retail arbitrage.

There is an extra step or two involved to make money, but it can be an enjoyable experience and more profitable than selling it for a discount online.

Plus, if you are an Amazon Prime member or own an Amazon credit card, you can earn cash rewards that can maximize your profit even more.

11. Regift the Card to Family and Friends

The old adage, “A penny saved is a penny earned” still rings true today. Using our forefathers’ wisdom, give the gift card to your family member or friend as a gift.

If you planned on spending the same amount of money regardless, you indirectly profit if you received it as a gift.

Most likely, your friend will be none the wiser that they received an unwanted gift card.

Since Amazon gift cards can be redeemed for thousands of digital and physical products, they should have no problem spending it.

You won’t be able to transfer a current balance to another person. Make sure you don’t redeem the gift code so you can regift the balance.

If you don’t want to give a gift card, you can buy the gift at Amazon after redeeming your card balance.

12. Buy For Non-Amazon Prime Friends

If you received your card as a gift, you basically have free money sitting in your wallet.

Your friends and family might not be Prime members and occasionally want to buy exclusive Prime items, but don’t shop Amazon enough to justify the $99 annual membership fee for Prime.

You can buy the product and have them reimburse you for the purchase. They get their goods and you swap your card balance for cash.

This can also be a good option if you feel re-gifting is a bad idea.

13. Use Amazon Pay

Amazon gift cards can also be redeemed at other online merchants. With Amazon Pay, you might be able to shop at an online store you routinely visit and pay with Amazon cash.

This saves the hassle of trading gift cards and potentially losing a few dollars in the process because of trade fees.

Amazon Pay is free to use and new merchants are being added all the time.

14. Buy Groceries at Amazon

Amazon sells everything including groceries that are delivered to your front door.

It’s possible to order these grocery items:

  • Beverages
  • Coffee
  • Condiments
  • Snacks
  • Household items

You may need to be a Prime member or live near Whole Foods to order fresh produce and cold items.

15. Sell or Trade to Your Friends

Another local option is to sell or trade your card to a person you know:

  • Friend
  • Coworker
  • Family member

Since you already know each other, you might be able to get a better deal than dealing with a stranger.

Once again, Amazon gift cards are akin to “plastic gold” so it should be relatively easy to sell or make a trade.

16. Sell Them for Bitcoin on Purse

Purse is a Bitcoin marketplace that lets you receive payment in Bitcoin. Shoppers on Purse create an Amazon wish list of items they want to purchase.

You redeem your gift card so they can purchase their item and you get paid in Bitcoin.

You can earn a larger profit than simply selling your card for cash as you make money shopping.

17. Exchange It for Cryptocurrency

If you have ever traveled overseas, you have most likely seen the currency exchange booths in the airport terminals. Paybis is an online version of that for crypto currencies.

You enter the balance of your Amazon gift cards and Paybis will instantly quote the exchange rate for Bitcoin or other digital check amazon gift card balance uk including PayPal and Skrill.

If you check amazon gift card balance uk the quote, your gift card is instantly sold ally financial address detroit the payment process will be initiated into your payment account.

There is a 24-hour holding period for new customers. At this time, only physical U.S. issued gift cards are accepted.

18. Have a Raffle

If you are a business owner or trying to raise money for charity, you can raffle your Amazon gift card. You might not directly profit from this option, but, it can be a unique way to “pay it forward” as part of a charity raffle.

Bloggers and website owners can partner with Rafflecopter to give away an Amazon gift card. Contestants can receive entries by joining your email list, sharing posts on social media, or commenting on specific blog posts.

There might not be an entry fee, but, raffles tend to attract new visitors that can generate income for your blog.

It only takes three minutes to create a giveaway and you have the opportunity to attract long-term subscribers. That sounds like a pretty good opportunity.

19. Donate Your Unused Gift Cards

It’s also possible to donate your unused gift cards to charitable organizations. You can look for a local charity that buys food or essential items at Amazon.

Another option is buying items with your gift card and donating them. Examples can include canned food or baby diapers.

If a charity will write you a receipt for the donation, you can claim it as a charitable contribution at tax time. check amazon gift card balance uk charitable gift card websites like Gift Cards 4 Change will accept gift card donations.

This might not be the most lucrative option. However, it helps a good cause and gives the funds to someone that needs the money more than you do.

20. Gameflip

Gameflip will let you sell Amazon gift cards and egift cards on its online marketplace. You just list it for sale (it’s free to do this) and wait for an offer.

Gameflip takes a small fee from you after your card is sold. However, their site doesn’t say what that fee is without you starting the selling process.

If you sell your gift cards for cash, your proceeds will get deposited to your Gameflip wallet. From there, you can request payout via PayPal or direct deposited into your bank account.

Bonus: You may be able to earn a bit more from your Amazon gift card by choosing to use the sale proceeds to buy from Gameflip.

21. GC Spread

You can sell your gift card on Gift Card Spread after entering your card balance and seeing the buyback price.

Most payments are sent by paper check within 10 days of receiving your card or gift code details.

22. Barter for Services

You may also decide to barter your Amazon balance for homeowner activities.

Some examples include:

  • Dog walking
  • House sitting
  • Pet sitting
  • Mowing your lawn
  • Yard work

For example, you can pay your teenage neighbor to complete these micro-tasks. Not having to do the work yourself can be more valuable than selling your card for cash.

23. Buy Items You Need

If you’re not happy with the selling price or trading options, you can keep the card and buy items your need.

Amazon sells almost everything and while their prices are not always the lowest, you get to spend free money and save money in the long run.

Some items you might buy capital one auto finance headquarters address diapers

  • Bandages and first aid supplies
  • Canned food
  • Christmas gifts
  • Clothing
  • Ebooks
  • Lightbulbs
  • Summary

    It’s really easy to sell or trade your Amazon gift cards. Since there is a steady demand from buyers, you can sell your unwanted gift cards for the lowest trade fees and even make a profit.

    Both you and the buyer win and you get to walk away with some extra cash in your wallet.

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    Josh Patoka

    Josh is a personal finance writer with his prior professional experience as a transportation operations supervisor for an S&P 500 company.

    He paid off $80,000 in consumer debt and uses his experience of getting out of debt and changing careers to write about many personal finance topics including making money, saving money and investing.

    He has been featured in the US News and World Report, Student Loan Hero, and more.


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    How To Check Your ALDI Gift Card Balance in No Time

    It is easy to spend your gift card balance, but it is a bit more difficult to keep track of how much money you have left. DoNotPay will provide you with a guide on how to check your ALDI gift card balance and offer the best solution to spend the remaining cash!

    What You Should Know About ALDI Gift Cards

    ALDI gift cards work as a substitute for cash and should be treated this way. Make sure you don’t damage or lose them because you will not get a replacement.

    These gift cards can have a value of $5 to $100. They are also reloadable, but the card will be deactivated if your balance is $0 for more than 90 days.

    How To Check Your ALDI Gift Card Balance

    You can see what the leftover cash on your ALDI gift card is in three ways:

    1. By checking the company’s website
    2. By visiting the store
    3. By using DoNotPay

    Learn How To Check Your ALDI Gift Card Balance Online

    To see how much money you have on your ALDI gift card online, follow these instructions:

    1. Visit the company’s website
    2. Open the Gift Card Balance page
    3. Enter your gift card number (with no spaces) in the provided field
    4. Type in your security code (you can find it on the back of the card)
    5. Click on Check Your Balance

    Checking your gift card balance online is fast, simple, and requires no interaction with customer service.

    Learn How To Check Your ALDI Gift Card Balance in Person

    You can also find out directions to bank of america stadium remaining ALDI gift card balance in person. To so do, proceed as follows:

    1. Find a local ALDI store
    2. Visit the store
    3. Inform an employee that you would like to check your gift card balance
    4. Provide them with the relevant info (card number and security code)

    This method does require some interaction, but at least you’ll get the chance to ask the employee any other questions.

    Learn How To Check Your ALDI Gift Card Balance With DoNotPay

    There is an easier way to check your ALDI gift card balance, and it saves you the trouble of doing it on your own—DoNotPay. All the work you need to do is complete a quick three-step guide, and we’ll handle the rest! Here’s how it works:

    1. Access DoNotPay
    2. Choose the Check Gift Card Balance feature
    3. Snap a photo of your gift card (front and back)

    After you confirm your email address, we’ll contact the card issuer and let you know how much money you have left on your gift card!

    What Can You Do With the Leftover Cash on Your Gift Cards?

    If you are unsure what you can do with the leftover balance on your gift cards, we will provide you with a few options. You can:

    • Sell your gift card—A friend or a family member may be interested in buying your ALDI gift card from you. You can also try using online platforms and sell your card there. Don’t expect to get a price matching your entire balance
    • Exchange your gift card—Some websites will let you exchange your used gift card for another one that you’ll find more to your liking
    • Get cash back—If you have a small amount of money left on the card, the best option is to try and get cash back from the company

    ALDI is one of the companies that offer cash back to customers. The easiest way to get the leftover money back without visiting the store or reaching out to the company’s customer service is to use DoNotPay.

    Use DoNotPay To Get the Extra Cash From Your ALDI Gift Card Balance

    You can turn to DoNotPay for help to get cash back from your ALDI gift card. We will make sure you’re done with the task in minutes. You only need to complete three simple steps:

    1. Sign up for DoNotPay in a web browser you prefer
    2. Find and open our Gift Card Cash Back product
    3. Type in the info about the card—the card number, company name, or remaining balance

    You should receive your money back in the next two weeks.

    DoNotPay is a useful tool for getting cash back from companies that claim their gift cards are not redeemable unless required by law. Our app will check if the state has a cash back policy and find a way to get your money back.

    DoNotPay Can Tell You How To Check Your Gift Card Balance for Other Companies

    DoNotPay can help you learn how to check your gift card balance for numerous companies. Check out the table below to see some of the options:

    Our app can also answer other questions you might have about gift cards. We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering how to:

    Shop Online on Your Terms

    Have you ever had to deal with complaints about lost, late, or damaged parcels? Is reaching customer service over the phone always a pain? Don’t you wish there was an easier way to request refunds and chargebacks for bad purchases?

    Shopping can easily turn into a nightmare, but DoNotPay will take away some of that stress. We can help you with all of these issues and more!

    If you need to file warranty claims for any kind of product, our AI bots will make the process painless. Those who like to try out new services will fall in love with our virtual credit cards and foolproof methods of signing up for free trials without risking charges.

    When you get sick of your subscriptions, cancel them with DoNotPay. Also, don’t throw away your used gift cards with a few bucks left—we can help you get your cash back.

    DoNotPay Protects Your Interests

    There are already so many ways you can use DoNotPay to improve your daily life, but we keep developing more and more features that will make our subscribers even happier.

    On our platform, you can find useful resources to:


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