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Allen edmonds wingtip boots

allen edmonds wingtip boots

Find the best deal on Men's Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Boot, Size 7.5 E - Burgundy (Online Only) on AccuWeather. We've got impressive deals on all. Check out these gorgeous "museum calf" custom green patina Allen Edmonds Dalton boots. These were given their patina by shoe artist Michael. 35 Comparing Spectator Shoes: Allen Edmonds And Carmina Shoemaker two tone wingtip Oxfords, chukka boots, Winkelpickers, penny loafers, creepers.
allen edmonds wingtip boots

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Shape: Slim but not pointy. Perfectly balanced.

The Dalton looks great with suits made from flannel, corduroy, moleskin, or tweed. Something with texture and weight. But the open-style blucher/derby lacing, plus that true wingtip and heft of a boot might (might) overwhelm a slim standard worsted wool number. But they’ll excel with all kinds of business casual wear, as well as jeans and sweaters on your down time, and they’re anything but clunky, classic work-style boots. There’s more room in the toe, but the height of the toe box isn’t some bulbous thing. Far from it. Fit is true too. A 10.5 D fit my 10.5 D feet great out of the box. If you’re a wide? Get a wide. They make them in both E, and EEE widths (as well as the standard D and narrow B).

The Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Boot  <div><div><p><img src=After a lengthy love affair with Allen Edmonds’ Strandmok brogues, I yearned to sample more from the prestigious American firm. With my penchant for the rustic elegance offered only by brogues, I wanted more of the same.

However, I also wanted something black that would be more more appropriate for wearing in towns and cities. Nevertheless, with France experiencing floods and snow storms hitting anywhere north of Lyon, they needed to be hardy and robust.

Fortunately, Allen Edmonds has a plethora of offerings to choose from. Scrolling through the options with Bespoke Unit founder Paul Anthony, my heart skipped a beat at the sight of the Dalton Wingtip Dress Boots.

Country Roads & Cobbled Streets

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Brogue Boots BoxNot only were these brogue wingtips but they came with the iconic Dainite soles, which I loved on the Strandmok. Also available in walnut, I jumped for the black option so I would have a little variety. The combination of these elements would be perfect for fulfilling my needs.

On one hand, the boot form with Dainite soles would stand up to any natural disaster. Meanwhile, the smooth black leather and brogue details offered the elegance that I sought.

The overall result was robust yet graceful footwear for a dignified appearance. Those that follow my sporadic on Instagram know that I’m something of a vintage enthusiast. However, I tend to curb this on a daily basis when bouncing around in my Brie country home.

Nevertheless, I do like to think that I have discerning taste and seek to retain that old world verve even in my usual attire. Therefore, a solidly-built boot would be ideal when wandering between the muddy fields and paved streets of Paris.

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Brogue Boots Occasions

Thankfully, Allen Edmonds’ Dalton wingtip dress boots didn’t disappoint in any environment.

Dalton Wingtip Dress Boots Details

Once out of the box, it was hard not to admire the superior craftsmanship involved for making these fine boots. Despite the usually rugged boot styled perpetuated by hipsters, these boots were just as elegant as any dress shoe.

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Brogue Boots & Bag

With a full toe and extended calf-high upper, the shape offers the ideal balance between shoes ideal for both the office and the streets. The brogue design of the toe medallion showed an intrinsic attention to detail without becoming overbearing.

Similarly, the perforations or “perfing” across the boot’s edges added the ideal blend of motif and sleekness. However, Allen Edmonds omitted using the decorative saw-toothed edges known as “pinking” for a more urban and less rustic look. Want to discover more about what these are? Head to our shoe anatomy page to learn more!

In fact, the above details make this something of a wingtip and brogue hybrid. As our guide to wingtips explains, the lack of pinking is a characteristic of these, which are sometimes referred to as “austerity brogues”. Meanwhile, the perforations are as you’d expect from the full brogue.

Finally, the orange stitching found on the Dainite sole as well as the matching lining was a wonderful touch for a mild pop of colour. Like the outside, the leather is made from a premium calfskin that’s soft and supple in all the right areas.

Premium Construction

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Brogue Boots GrassFor the true shoe enthusiasts out there, you’ll be delighted to know that this premium boot is also made with a 360° Goodyear welt. This labour-intensive technique offers unparalleled durability and the possibility of regularly resoling the shoe during its lifetime.

However, the Dainite sole is such a sturdy and robust addition that it would be hard to imagine that this will be needed. Personally, I used to prefer leather soles for their authenticity. Yet having now tried two pairs of shoes from Allen Edmonds, you can consider me converted! With their extra grip and durability, I’ll be staying firmly on the ground with fewer trips to the cobbler.

I’m also quite fond of the particular Last used to make this shoe. The Last is effectively the wooden moulds that are used for determining the shoe’s final shape. In this case, Allen Edmonds used their in-house 42 Last, which offers a lovely almond toe shape and a sleek arch profile.

As will be covered later, the reinforced pull tab was a blessing too and gave the strength needed to slip the boots right out no matter the resistance.

Shoe Size & Boot Leather

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Brogue Boots & Dianite Sole

Being a premium company, Allen Edmonds offer their shoes in a number of widths as well as standard sizes. Therefore, you can choose a better fit according to your needs. Myself, my requirements are quite average. Therefore, I tend to pick the standard “D” option that’s offered.

With the Strandmok brogues, these were a perfect fit. However, the fit was a little tighter with the Dalton boots over the ankle. Given that the boots are fitted much higher, this was likely an oversight on my part. Perhaps I have cankles?

Fortunately, this wasn’t much a problem as the supple black leather gave quite nicely after a few hours of wearing in. Furthermore, the strengthened pull tab made them easy to slip on without worrying about damaging the boot.

Eventually, the boots were a perfect fit and very comfortable to wear. The moral of the story is just to remember to take your ankles and calves into consideration when choosing your size.

Robust & Versatile Boots

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Brogue Boots Formal LouvreFirst tested out in the frosty streets of Geneva, the boots were like slippers against the ice-cold tarmac. The supple leather glistened under the incandescent street lamps as we strolled along the world-famous river bank.

Paired with a simple pair of chinos and raincoat, they beautifully fulfilled their role for a generally business casual appearance. After a quick polish, I placed the boots back into the fabrics bags that came with them for future use.

Fast forward a few days and they would later be adorned for flooded and snow-laden Paris. Paired with a three-piece suit, vintage overcoat and bakerboy cap, they were the perfect finishing touch.

Although far from a post-apocalyptic setting, the Parisian streets were paved with ice and quite dangerous to walk on. Fortunately, the Dalton’s hardy Dainite soles were there to regularly save me from both injury and embarrassment!

Upon returning to my home village, they were again worn casually on a few errands. Despite the mud and gritty road salt, the supple calfskin leather polished out beautifully with barely a scratch. They’ve received many compliments and I’ll be looking forward to brandishing them on my next trips into town!

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Brogue Boots Rocks

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to find a drawback for these boots. Although the fit was on the tight side for me, Allen Edmonds’ do offer exchanges for such matters. As for the boots themselves, their tough and durable construction means that they’ll accompany you in almost any weather conditions.

However, they’re by no means exclusive to harsh weather and would be ideal even during spring or early autumn. Thanks to their thoughtful design, they’re versatile footwear that can be paired with almost any occasion throughout the year.

If you’re like me and love boots but prefer to retain a certain air of elegance, the Allen Edmonds Dalton wingtip boots are the ideal choice. Here, you’ll have something that could accompany from even the most formal occasions all the way down to rambling through muddy fields!

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Check out these gorgeous "museum calf" custom green patina Allen Edmonds Dalton boots. These were given their patina by shoe artist Michael Baldinger or @mbshoedoc. Final shine was completed using our High Shine Paste/Wax.

Wingtip Wednesday Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots with custom green patina and mirror shine - top left view

Wingtip Wednesday Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots with custom green patina and mirror shine - sitting on bricks

Wingtip Wednesday Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots with custom green patina and mirror shine - top right view

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In Review: Allen Edmonds Weatherproof Dalton Boot

Allen Edmonds Weatherproof Dalton – $495

PRICING NOTE:Pricing on these has been all over the place since their launch. They dropped to $329 during the Rediscover America sale, but that sale is one of their biggest promos of the year. 2nds quality go for around $300 before additional sales and promos. Fingers crossed for a Black Friday deal of some sort? Maybe?

Let’s get right to it…it’s boot season. Full-on. And while some of us (myself included) have no fear or shame in our battle cry of “IT’S ALWAYS BOOT SEASON” everyone else can join us once again. Cool mornings, sweaty afternoons, punctuated by wind whipping up leaves into a frenzy just ahead of a 37-degree rain shower and you don’t have your umbrella…ah, fall.

What’s even better is that there’s no shortage of great-looking, comfortable boots at every price point this year. Many of them have been covered on this site at length, and today we add a new offering from Allen Edmonds to the archive: their new Weatherproof Dalton wingtip dress boot.

Same Dalton shape, new weatherproof leather, membrane lining, and sealed construction.

I’ll be honest, when talking about AE these days one has to acknowledge the elephant in the room: when the company was sold to Caleres a while back, many enthusiasts (myself included) were extremely nervous about the future of one of the two remaining U.S.-made dress shoe companies. We had good reason–Caleres’ track record wasn’t exactly one of preservation of heritage. I couldn’t be happier to have been so wrong. Yes, there were hiccups and growing pains at first, but I personally believe they have done a great job of listening to their customer base. What we have here is an example of that…the new weatherproof/waterproof line.

These Daltons are part of the former, WEATHERPROOF line, so it’s important to note the distinction. If you’re caught up in the rain or a snowstorm develops, you’ll be fine on your walk to your car, uber, house, church potluck, what-have-you. More fine than if you were wearing a regular pair that hasn’t been engineered for the elements. That said, if you need to go wading through an ankle-deep creek, these boots aren’t for you.

From Left to Right: New weatherproofs, Bourbon Calf (unavailable), and Burgundy Shell.
Bright sun brings out ALLLL the color.

Upon opening the newly-renovated dark blue AE box, we find the boots nicely packaged and secure. No shoe trees are included (but I do recommend using cedar trees as I do with all my nicer footwear), and for some reason the previous practice of a pair of nice felt bags has been replaced with one single giant bag. Still nice for a storage solution to be included, but I (and others) have been left a bit puzzled by the change to a single bag. This is all fairly small potatoes though, and while it may be a deal-breaker for some, it isn’t for me.

Removing the shoes from the box provided a tactile experience I’ve not had with an AE shoe since handling the higher quality, Independence line in-store a few months back. The leather on these weatherproof boots is extremely soft. Far softer than the calf on my personal bourbon pair, and any other calf Dalton I’ve handled in the past. AE is pretty tight-lipped about the leather used; they only reveal that it’s full-grain calfskin (and it certainly feels thick like full-grain) but obviously it’s been tanned or treated in some way to earn the weatherproof nomenclature, which also leaves the leather unbelievably supple…and you can get it in any color you want (as long as it’s brown).

Dainite sole and sealed construction. Looks like the welt on this one has drifted into the studs?

The Goodyear welt also appears to be treated, possibly heavily waxed from the feel, to improve weatherproofing–but again AE only says “sealed construction”. My sales team at the DC City Center store, with whom I’ve been nothing but completely impressed every time we interact, simply aren’t aware of the details and I didn’t press them too hard.

Attached to that welt is a Dainite studded rubber sole, which is considered one of the best options for making dress shoes and boots easier to live with in moist climates. On a personal level, while the Dainite has worked well for me on wet pavement, wet grass can present its own inherent dangers…and don’t get me started on wearing a wet Dainite sole on a marble or other hard floor. For truly poor weather I’m a Vibram or Commando sole guy all the way. But again, if you’re out and about and the weather could get soupy, Dainite is several notches above plain leather. Also notable is that on the pair I received for review, the sole was attached with less-than-exact attention to detail. While that’s not really a huge issue for me or many people, I’m willing to acknowledge that at the MSRP being asked, one would expect a bit more care to be taken in construction. An extra few moments when placing the sole is all it would really take.

Leather lined with a weatherproof membrane.

But, that’s just me being nitpicky, if I’m honest. At the rate that AE does sales, and the fact there’s several pairs in various sizes on the Shoebank factory-seconds website right now at a much-discounted price (though that comes with its own potential pitfalls to include a $25/pair restocking fee if you return them) they become much more attractive. (And it’s important to state that the misalignment doesn’t appear to affect build quality at all; it is strictly aesthetic–and who looks at the bottoms of other people’s shoes besides me and Joe?)

While I didn’t get a chance to wear these out in a torrential downpour to see how they really stack up against a “regular” Dalton boot, I did get a chance to try them on. Fit was identical to my usual 10B fit in both Bourbon Calf and Burgundy Shell Cordovan with enough room for a thicker dress sock if desired; however, that gloriously soft leather leads me to believe that there would be little to no break-in necessary for these boots. Much like the AExMD (Formerly Massdrop, now DROP) Chukkas frequently offered, these fit like an absolute glove and are CRAZY comfy right out of the box. The only other pair of boots other than my MD Chukkas that did that are in Kudu leather from another company, and had a price tag well north of what these can be regularly had from AE.

Versatile and then some. Looks great with wool trousers, flannels, jeans, etc. 

My only other gripe, if it can be considered one, is that the dye doesn’t seem consistent across the upper. There are several different reasons this could have happened, and while I’m not one to speculate, this could include the tanning/treatment process being incompatible with dye absorption, attempted burnishing which didn’t take very well, or a hide that just wasn’t as evenly porous as others. One has to remember we’re still talking about natural products (to an extent, obviously, given the treatments applied to get it to this stage) and natural products always have flaws. I would say my strongest recommendation for this model would be to go get a hands-on, and feet in, feel for them at your local AE brick and mortar shop. Odds are there will be variations across the range as with any full-grain leather product.

About the Author: Mark G. has been a member of the US Air Force for the past 17 years, serving 11 years on Active Duty and now a full-time member of the Reserves. Currently in Maryland, he enjoys a variety of hobbies, to include mediocre woodworking (he’s just skilled enough with his power tools to—at press time—retain all fingers and toes), hunting, as much travel as possible, and even occasionally badly impersonating a horse. A relative newcomer to the world of men’s style, he’s found a niche and rocks it whenever he can, from dressing for brunch in NYC to an Embassy black-tie party in DC.

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Win it: The Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Boot

Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Boot – $329 ($445)

NOTE: This sale price is due to their currently running Rediscover America Sale. There are plenty of other models getting substantial cuts right now, but $116 off the Dalton is a very, very kind discount.

The Allen Edmonds Dalton is one of AE’s most popular models, and for good reason. They just might be the quintessential 21st century American smart-casual shoe. They’re as high/low as it gets. The soul of a snot-kicker with the sleek profile of a dress shoe. Made in the USA, Goodyear welted, recraftable, and the kind of shoes you enjoy taking care of after you’ve put them through hell (which is also kinda fun).

A boot built on the AE 511 last, Daltons have a perfectly shaped, rounded point to a toe that still offers good room in the toe box. They’re the kind of shoes you can wear with slimmer dress socks + tweed pants one day, then switch to thicker wool socks and jeans the next.

The Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Boot  <div><div><p>Allen Edmonds is a Wisconsin-based shoe company which has produced shoes for over 90 years for Americans to enjoy. It is one of fewer than 10 American shoe companies who still produce their dress shoes domestically and is arguably one of the best upscale shoemakers worldwide. Although the stores tend to be located in busier metropolitan areas, everyone can purchase directly from their online store which has live assistance, an interactive fitting guide, and demonstration videos to help you make an informed decision.</p><p><img src=


The Dalton is the product of 212 steps in the shoemaking process. It is built on the welted 511 last, perfect for the average shaped foot with a slightly fuller toe area. It runs true to size. The leather upper is calfskin and the sole is made of butyl double leather. There is a sturdy pull tab for easy slipping in and out.  This boot also comes with more lives, since it is eligible for the legendary Allen Edmonds recrafting service. Recrafting prices range according to the level of service but bring your shoe back to near-new condition. Everything from the soles, welting, cork layer, and laces can be replaced and the uppers refinished.



The Dalton works well as a daily casual shoe. By using the company’s online interactive Shoe Fit Guide, you can easily determine the exact size and width of your shoe to maximize your comfort and use of these boots. The boot is lightweight enough for casual walking and day to day activities. For avid golfers, a custom golf sole can also be installed for an additional $50. The firm heel area may eventually start causing discomfort in those whose professions require standing or walking all day. This is no work boot and would not be ideal for harsh weather or environments which would inevitably damage the leather uppers and sole.


After a long day of travel, you’ll still want to keep these boots on.


The Dalton is built for those looking to convey sophistication with an edge. It has a classic wingtip blucher with brogue and medallion design which will elevate any casual outfit. Although it is called a “dress boot,” it is ideal for a blazer and jean combo but is too casual and bulky for a tailored suit. The lace color can be changed to the owner’s preferences but finding waxed laces at a minimum 48’’ length can be difficult. A quick Internet search will show that the vast majority of owners are quite satisfied with the surprising comfort of these boots.



Customize your boots with some color.


The Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Dress Boot is a well priced upscale leather boot which should be a staple in any gentleman’s shoe closet. Words don’t do it justice when you can just stare at it. Instead of choosing the boots, you will be choosing clothing to match. Don’t forget to put aside some of your budget for cedar shoe trees and an eventual recrafting as you will want to keep these boots forever.

Источник:" width="575" height="410">

Burnishing gives subtle color variation and depth through the leather.

An open-laced derby style with reinforced eylets and nicely pliable calfskin, the Dalton’s wingtip and broguing is a reminder that all those punches and perforations used to help drain water while walking across wet landscapes. You’ll want to opt for something else if you’re gonna go knee deep in a bog, but for daily urban use? You’ll be able to get from point A to B with more protection than what a standard dress shoe would offer. Want a sole built to take the wet and nasty weather boot season can produce? Opt for the optional Danite rubber sole. Those are also getting knocked down to $329 during the rediscover America Sale.

The Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Boot  <h3>watch the video</h3> Allen Edmonds Dalton Boot in Shell Cordovan Review - OFF TOPIC<iframe width='560' height='315' src='' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen></iframe> <div><h2>Dalton Wingtip Dress Boots</h2><div><p>We believe a great <b>allen edmonds wingtip boots</b> of shoes or boots is always a solid long-term investment. To keep your favorite footwear in top form for years or even decades to comes, use our <strong>4 Step Shoe Care Process</strong> and these essential products.</p><p><strong>1. Clean</strong></p><p>Start by applying <u><em>Saddle Soap</em></u> with a <u><em>Cotton Flannel Polishing Cloth</em></u> to remove stains and dirt from the uppers and bring up the leather's natural oils.</p><p><strong>2. Polish</strong></p><p>Next, use a <em><u>Horsehair Dauber</u></em> to treat your footwear with <u><em>Cream Polish</em></u> which renews the color and luster of leather. Any time you want to achieve a truly glossy, high shine, you should instead apply <u><em>Carnauba Wax Polish</em></u>.</p><p><strong>3. Dress</strong></p><p>Restore the color and surface of the leather on the heels and soles using <u><em>Heel Dressing</em></u>.</p><p><strong>4. Protect</strong></p><p><strong>Leather Lotion</strong> keeps uppers soft, supple and hydrated while a <u><em>Horsehair Shine Brush</em></u> is perfect for buffing your shoes to the desired shine. As a last step, spray on <u><em>Water Protector</em></u> to guard against harmful moisture and spills and use a <u><em>Leather Dopp Kit</em></u> to keep all your care products organized.</p><p>Looking for replacement laces? Find the right laces for your Allen Edmonds shoes and boots here: Shoelace Fit Chart</p></div>Источник:</div> <div><h2>Style Essentials: Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip <i>Allen edmonds wingtip boots</i> width=

Dress shoes are an indisputably essential piece of every man’s wardrobe, but allen edmonds wingtip boots you’d like to kick things up a notch, dress boots are the way to go. They look almost indistinguishable from dress shoes when the final ensemble comes together, but add a little bit of flair and style…and keep everybody from seeing your ankles. And our choice for a pair of impeccable dress boots are the Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtips.

The Daltons are, like all Allen Edmonds, made right at home in the USA, from top of the line, full-grain calfskin leather. The sole is Butyl double leather, and they have Goodyear welt construction, which means they are re-craftable and re-solable, and will last for decades to come. The style is classic Wingtip blucher, with brogue perforations. This boot is the perfect choice for prairie view a&m university football classy outfit, whether it’s paired with a navy allen edmonds wingtip boots dark grey suit, or just with a pair of chinos and shirt. You can even allen edmonds wingtip boots them with crisp, dark jeans for something a little more casual but still sharp. Allen Edmonds is the premier name in American dress shoes, and we’re not joking when we say these shoes will last for decades.

You have your choice of black, dark chili, oxblood, dark brown, and our personal favorite, Walnut.


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Note: If you’re the type who’ll roll the dice on a pair of factory 2nds from an AE factory outlet or the Shoebank, you should know that 2nds quality Daltons are currently marked down to $259. Head here for more info on how 2nds sales work, then head to to see if they have your size.

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Check out these gorgeous "museum calf" custom green patina Allen Edmonds Dalton boots. These allen edmonds wingtip boots given their patina by shoe artist Michael Baldinger or @mbshoedoc. Final shine was completed using our High Shine Paste/Wax.

Wingtip Wednesday Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots with custom green patina and mirror shine - top left view

Wingtip Wednesday Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots with custom green patina and mirror shine - sitting on bricks

Wingtip Wednesday Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots with custom green patina and mirror shine - top right view

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I believe the technical term is… “yowza.”

Available in just about every color you could want. Dark brown, black, oxblood, dark chili, and the walnut shade seen here. Allen edmonds wingtip boots that walnut option is gonna stand out. Especially against deep shades of blue like dark wash jeans or navy cords. Wear allen edmonds wingtip boots with either of those, plus a blazer, and you’re ready for a date or to head to a allen edmonds wingtip boots tasting/tap takeover with pals (or, a date at a beer tasting… which would be perfect). Or kick back at home with some casual chinos and a thicker wool shawl collar cardigan. Life’s too short to save your good shoes for only special occasions.

Besides, at&t girl commercial lily can take it.

Enter here to win a pair of Calfskin Allen Edmonds Walnut Daltons in your size and width. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 10/11/16. Many thanks to Allen Edmonds for providing a pair for giveaway. Good luck!

UPDATE:Congrats to A. Shiau who won the drawing for the AE Daltons!

The Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Boot <center><img src='' alt='allen edmonds wingtip boots' title='allen edmonds wingtip boots' style='width:200px' /></center>
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