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Death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene

death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene

8 Best Bathroom Movie Scenes ideas; Behind the Scenes of DEATH AT A FUNERAL; Unforgettable movie funeral scenes; Death at a Funeral (2010) - Naked on; Death at. Uncle Russell is plagued by diarrhea. And in a comedy such as this, that means only one thing: gross-out gags. In a bathroom scene, fecal matter. Sir Sean is seen alongside wife Micheline Roquebrune at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2010Credit: Rex Features.
death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene

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: Death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene

Death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene
death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene

‘Death at a Funeral’ lacks death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene charm and quality

Director Neil LaBute’s “Death at a Funeral” falls short as a remake of the 2007 British comedy by the same name. As a shot-for-shot remake of its British predecessor, “Death” moves a disastrous funeral from the home of a proper British family to the center of a dysfunctional black family in the middle of Pasadena, Calif. The details in this shift both make LaBute’s film hilarious, and leave it lacking at the same time. While the film will keep audiences laughing, its lack of comedic ingenuity causes it to drag on as Aaron (Christ Rock), faces one outlandish obstacle after another in his efforts to arrange his father’s funeral.

The film opens with the mortician’s delivery of the wrong body – a minor mishap in comparison to the disasters to follow. As it develops, the film’s disasters cluster around two problematic situations — Peter Dinklage’s appearance as the deceased’s father’s lover who blackmails Aaron and his brother Ryan (Martin Lawrence) for $30,000, and a mislabeled bottle of pharmaceutical-grade hallucinogens that keep falling into the wrong hands.

Switching from the original “Death’s” dry wit, in which humor relied on subdued, conservative Brits dealing with ridiculous events, the American remake is predictable. Audiences will already expect Tracy Morgan to scream and Lawrence to swear. While Rock plays the role of a straight-laced tax accountant aspiring to become an author, Lawrence fails to be humorous in a role that begs for it. Together, their scenes with the likes of Regina Hall and Danny Glover hang on vulgar moments, such as a scene when Morgan’s character Norman gets his hand caught underneath Uncle Russell (Glover) while helping him sit on the toilet, and Aaron’s wife’s death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene insistence on trying for a baby before the funeral begins. While many of these situations end up being humorous, they hardly lift the movie out of mediocrity.

Some scenes, such as Uncle Russell’s caning a screaming Morgan are undeniably funny, while others (the afore mentioned bathroom scene) are simply over the top. It express loan pay the movie’s insistence on repeating these kinds of far-fetched death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene over and over again that causes it to become monotonously repetitive. Its comedic appeal keeps it flowing until the second half, when one begins to wonder how Rock and Lawrence were cast for their roles, as there is not much of anything comedic about them.

Hall’s performance as a nagging wife with a ticking biological clock becomes obnoxious and many of the other characters become more obviously uninspired. Together with Reverend Davis (Keith David), who begins to ask for compensation for his wasted time, audiences might begin to wonder when the funeral is going to start. When it finally does, however, the result is anti-climactic.

Mediocre and uninspired performances, alike, are taken over by a cousin’s (Zoe Saldana) boyfriend Oscar (James Marsden), who shines as a straight-laced guest on an accidental acid trip. Shifting from his role as a typically serious character, Marsden’s performance is without flaw as he takes on one drug-induced antic after another, from wrapping his head in toilet paper to climbing on the roof naked.

Dinklage also shines in his ridiculous role as the gay lover come to claim his due. Playing the same character as he did in the original, Dinklage seamlessly works his way through one comedic scene after another without so much as cracking a smile. His insistence on taking himself seriously while creating one hysterical moment after another works with Marsden’s performance to keep audiences laughing. Marsdon and Dinklage, together, shine against the dull humor of most other characters in the movie.

While “Death at a Funeral” is undeniably funny, its characters, with the exception of Dinklage and Marsden, are lacking in ingenuity and its been-there-done-that humor becomes old by the end of the 90-minute film.

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10 Memorable Bathroom Scenes in Movies

The Shining

Some of the most classic scenes in movies take place in a very private and sacred room for most of us: the bathroom.  In my eyes, a bathroom immediately adds death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene comedic element.   For some reason when a person is speaking to me from a bathroom I always tend to grin.  I guess it’s just funny associating someone having a real conversation while doing their business.  I mean, even just using the word “John” is funny if you ask me.  P.S. ever why a bathroom is called the John?  This is a very interesting piece on it.

On the other hand, a bathroom can provide much of a twist.  For example, a fight might take place in there.  Or even a very serious conversation.  Those moment are heightened just by the fact that the people are among thte toilets.

In any event, I’ve found ten bathroom scenes that I deemed pretty memorable.  Some are funny (most are), and a few are serious.  Either way, you’ll probably recognize them immediately.

By the way, if you don’t like potty humor then these scenes might not be for you.

Wedding Crashers

This is the scene where I first fell in love with Isla Fisher.  If she’s anything like that in person then forget about it.

The Shining

Quite a disturbing scene.

Harold and Kumar – Battle Sh*ts

Did I just say the Shining Scene was disturbing?  Something tells me this game didn’t exactly sweep the nation after the movie came out.

Dumb and Dumber

Probably the most classic diarrhea scene in movie history.

Austin Powers

Who does number 2 work for!!!

Not Another Teen Movie

I don’t know why but for some reason this scene always makes me laugh.  Except for that annoying guy pretending to be Asian.  I hate that dude.


Most classic bathroom scene of all time.

American History Death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene class="youtube-player" width="1060" height="597" src="" allowfullscreen="true" sandbox="allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups allow-presentation">

I couldn’t find the one where Furlong death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene shot but this scene is just as good.

Eastern Promises

I didn’t show the whole clip but what ensues death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene a very bloody and very naked fight.  Probably the most memorable bathroom fight scene ever.

Cable Guy –  Beating

*I couldn’t find the American Pie one where Finch drops a bomb.   Also, I love the bathroom scene in Along Came Polly where Alec Baldwin is slapping Ben Stiller’s ass (couldn’t find that one either).

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Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence.

Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence.

Death at a Funeral tries hard to be a zany, quick paced farce, and nearly succeeds. With lots of death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene moving about, vying death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene your attention, it never gets dull. It is like an episode of Arrested Development, with Rock in the Bateman role. Except here, everyone‘s problems are easily solved by a mere conversation, resulting in a film that is more frantic than funny. The film pretty much plays out in real time.

Rock plays a frustrated, married writer, who still lives at home. He and his wife are trying to have a baby. The funeral death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene his father is to be at their home, bringing their family and friends all under one roof. His tight wad brother Lawrence, is a successfully published author, who refuses to help pay for the funeral. They have issues.

Each funeral attendee seems to bring a problem. Saldana is engaged to Marsden, but her father does not like him. Her old boyfriend, Wilson, wants her back. Marsden accidentally gets high on some of Saldana‘s brother’s drugs, and ends up naked on the roof.

The surprise visitor is a man that he has been having an affair with Rock’s dad. This prompts the films most memorable line. When Rock tells Lawrence of their father‘s secret lover, Lawrence comments on him being death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene, to which Rock responds, “Let me get this straight: our dad was "bromantically" involved with a guy that could fit in his pocket, and you're mad because he's white?”

It is a decent line, but it seems out of place in such a politically correct film. Other than that line, no one makes any racial jokes. Although Saldana’s brother is bothered by having to help a naked Marsden off the roof, no one makes any gay jokes either. It is a nice change, but it also seems too sanitized. In his father’s eulogy, Rock calls him death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene exceptional man because he saw everyone as equals.

Sure there are some funny moments here. Rock’s mother never wastes a moment to get a dig in on her childless daughter in-law. After being told his dad was gay, Rock suddenly notices a book on Madonna, laying in his father’s study.

The film could have definitely used one mean Archie Bunker type character. Glover is in that role, but other than calling Morgan fat, he is harmless. In one of the most offensive scenes, Morgan takes Glover to the bathroom, and ends up with feces on his hand. Death at a Funeral could have used some darker jokes.

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death at a funeral 2010 bathroom scene


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