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Petra solano wedding dress

petra solano wedding dress

Women's Jane The Virgin dresses designed and sold by independent artists. lol ur not petra solano Graphic T-Shirt Dress. By dom e. $44.63. Favorite. Learn how to get Petra's style with our guide plus example outfits to help characters has to be Petra Solano (played by Yael Grobglas). Buy your dream wedding dresses at an affordable price. Used, new, and sample wedding dresses available.

Petra solano wedding dress -

Mia Solano Petra

The Dress

Brand new Mia Solana lace wedding dress. Purchased at LUV bridal in San Diego in May 2021. Size 18. Tags still attached and no alterations made.

The detail is beautiful…lace overlay with beading and floral detail on the bodice. The train is just enough to flow down but not overwhelming. The corset back is nice satin and is absolutely beautiful when done up.

Dress was brand new in store (literally taken out of sealed shipping box) and tried on once in store. Has remained in garment bag hangin in wardrobe since purchase. Wedding has been cancelled due to COVID international travel restrictions (I’m American, he’s British, and we had to elope instead!).

I’m 5’9” and usually wear a size 10 (with some fluctuation up and down) and it fit really well both at the weight when I tried on the dress and after dropping 12 pounds. It is lace up corset style so it adjusts to sizing without much need for alteration. Built in bra (I’m 38DD and was well supported). There are detachable lace drape sleeves (see first picture) which snap on and off depending on how you want to wear it (my plan was to use them for the ceremony and then remove them for the reception).


Jane The Virgin season 5: What happened to Petra in the end?

Jane The Virgin: TWO hour series finale special teased

Petra Solano (played by Yael Grobglas) was one of the Jane the Virgin's best-loved characters over its five-season run on The CW and Netflix. Initially starting as Rafael’s (Justin Baldoni) wife, the iconic character went on quite a journey as her links to a Czech crime family were revealed and she was charged with the murder of her sister. But, how did it all end for the character of Petra on the hit television show?

What happened to Petra at the end of Jane The Virgin?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Jane the Virgin season 5.

Petra began Jane the Virgin as Jane Villanueva’s (Gina Rodriguez) nemesis as they fought over the custody of her child-to-be.

However, as the series went on, viewers learned more about the character’s back story and her role began to change dramatically.

As a result, by the final season of the show, Jane and Petra even reached a great level of friendship.

However, while a happy-ending was set up for major couple Jane and Rafael, many fans were wondering how Petra’s story would end.

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Jane The Virgin season 5: What happened to Petra in the end? (Image: NETFLIX)

During season five, Petra was finally given sole control of the hotel after conning Milos (Max Bird-Ridnell) out of taking it over.

But as the show was brought to an end back in July with its final episode ever, there were still some surprises for the fan-favourite.

Firstly in the episode, fans were able to say goodbye to her character in a touching way after she tried to give a funny speech during the rehearsal dinner.

She ends up breaking down instead and causes everyone to start crying in the overwhelmingly touching moment.

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Jane The Virgin season 5: She had a happy ending (Image: NETFLIX)

She was also given a fantastic happy ending thanks to the return of her ex-girlfriend JR (Rosario Dawson) to her life.

Petra was allowed to invite anyone that she liked to the Jane and Rafael’s rehearsal dinner as her plus one.

However, she chose not to, telling Rafael that Marbella was her true love but he went behind her back to invite JR to the wedding anyway.

The pair are reunited in a romantic moment where JR admits that she never stopped loving her.

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Jane The Virgin season 5: Fans were sad to say goodbye to the character (Image: NETFLIX)

Fans will remember that JR was the lawyer who helped Petra with her case following the death of Anežka Archuletta (Yael Grobglas).

After the case closed, Jane and Petra started dating before they had an emotional separation when it was revealed that Petra really was responsible for the murder.

Viewers had last seen her moving to Houston for a new job and leaving Petra behind in Chapter 91.

The drama didn't stop there for the character as there was another final big reveal that Petra’s mother Magda (Priscilla Barnes) was sent to Siberia.

Fans saw her reunite with Petra’s secret triplet brother Pyotr (Yael Grobglas) in a typically bizarre moment.

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Jane The Virgin season 5: Pyotr was also introduced (Image: NETFLIX)

The final season also had an accompanying episode celebrating everything to happen in the series so far.

Speaking about the end of the long-running show, actor Grobglas revealed: “It is scary and weird, especially because I only moved to the states after the pilot of Jane the Virgin got picked up - I moved from Israel.

“These people basically have been my family here so I don’t know myself in the States without these people around me so it’s going to be a whole new discovery now.”

Well, one thing is for sure - fans are sure to miss the popular hotel owner after the telenovela series ended on The CW and Netflix.

Jane the Virgin season 5 is now available to stream on Netflix

The episode begins with a flashback to Jane's first wedding – to her mother. In the present, the Villanueva women and Michael are at the kitchen table wedding planning. Between a potential food truck, flowers, bridal shop appointments, Jane is feeling overwhelmed- especially when she sees Rafael's face in one of the magazines.

Michael is allowed to sleepover (with the door open) and the two of them make out before going to bed. Jane is then seen moaning telling Michael she wants him so bad- TO REVEAL RAFAEL UNDER THE SHEETS.

The next morning at The Marbella, Rafael and Petra discuss Zaz's murder both knowing that she was the one that Zaz was sleeping with but not admitting anything. At Jane's house, Michael discusses going to the Pre-Cana at noon before leaving for work. Jane confesses to her mother about her dream and how Jane shouldn't tell Michael about it. Xo recommends keeping a safe four feet distance from him.

Jane goes to work thinking that she will avoid Rafael at all costs but it's harder than she thinks. He tries to hug her and she refuses, saying she has a cold. Rafael tells her about a magazine article that is being written about hotel owners and she zones out looking at his face. The magazine (not that Jane knows this) has sent ahead questions for Raf to answer and there's one that he hasn't done yet and thought that maybe since she's a writer she could give it a shot. Focus on the suites- but Jane wasn't paying attention and agrees to help answer the question anyway.

Rose comes to Rafael's office, worried about Luisa. He tells her that she's probably drinking and then goes to talk to his father about Zaz's memorial. Mr. Solano is upset about the bad press and he insists that he needs to stick around to "supervise" and by supervising he means to bring in his VP, Lachlan Moore.

Flashback to a few years ago, where Rafael enters a business dinner with a woman on his arm. He thinks he will get the company and not have to work because of the "whipping boy" Lachlan. Instead, Lachlan is given the title of Senior Vice President.

Back to the present, Raf informs his father that the Marbella is his hotel, but his father is the principal owner. Lachlan is smug.

At the Pre-Cana, the priest tells Michael and Jane that teamwork is key. They mention her having another's baby and the priest asks if there is a connection. Jane says no a little too slowly. Michael presses on and Jane admits to her sex dream. Upset, Michael leaves the church.

At The Passions of Santos set, Xo gets a rude awakening when instead of Rogelio, she meets his manager/ex-wife Melissa. The bracelet she got in the last episode was actually hers!!!

Over to Michael at work, he is showing Petra the crime scene photos so Nadine won't arrest her. Petra has no alibi and won't tell him where she was. She suggests that she look in the room.

Rogelio is still at the hotel. Frankie thinks Rogelio wants Jane (and she is correct, just not for the same reasons). They talk about Jane's upcoming wedding and he says it was too fast. Jane walks away from the awkward conversation and runs into RAFAEL. As the narrator calls it, "A rock and a hard place". She opts for the hard place and Rafael asks how the article is going. She says it will be done soon and as she turns to run away- falls into the pool. Rafael jumps in after her, to which she replies "It's Four Feet, Baywatch!" The two of them can easily stand in the water, and Rafael pushes Jane's hair back off her face in a very romantic style.

And there's Michael. The two of them talk about how Jane is trying to put distance between her and Rafael. t Michael counters that it shouldn't be that hard and that if she has feelings for Rafael then they shouldn't be getting married.

Xo is not having much luck with men either, while Rogelio calls to say he wants to meet Jane, he tells her the two of them are just "excellent" sex. Jane comes home, upset about the day's events.

Back at Jane's "first" wedding, Xo is lying about Jane's father being in the army. She says he was handsome and that a special hug made Jane. Xo suggests that Jane gets rid of the mental picture of her and Rafael in Michael's brain. Jane knows what Michael likes and decides to write him a sexy story.

Petra and Rafael are arguing in the hotel lobby about an expansion deal – where Lachlan overhears them. He later comes to Petra – where we learn that THEY WERE ENGAGED THE NIGHT LACHLAN GOT THE PROMOTION! Rafael eyes Petra from across the room...

Petra and Lachlan talk about how her marriage is going and how she ended their engagement to marry Rafael. He wants to know more about the expansion deal. They agree to screw over Rafael.

The next morning Rogelio shows up at the Villanueva house, apologetic for the mix-up with the bracelet. He gives her a new gift that is inscribed to "For Xiomara, the Beautiful Mother of My Daughter." Xo admits that she hasn't told Jane because she doesn't want her daughter to hate her.

Lachlan comes in to call a board meeting, leaving Rafael stumped.

Michael pleads with his boss for more time, while Nadine argues for Petra's arrest. Jane comes over to see if Michael had read her sexy story- AND SHE ACCIDENTALLY GAVE IT TO RAFAEL!!

Rafael, while telling her she is an excellent writer, politely tells her that the "caramel scenario" is not gonna happen, while Jane explains that the letter was for Michael.

Rafael then tells Jane that he sees her like a sister, which seems to abrade her attraction to Rafael.

Michael sneaks Petra into the murder scene and Jane confronts him about their awkwardness. Petra notices a bump in the wall and Michael discovers it was not in the police footage. As Nadine is about to arrest Petra, Michael discovers that a luggage trolley could have easily made the mark in the room- which was after Petra left.

Jane goes to the Bridal Shop another woman and her father, thinking back to what her mother told her about hers. In full Santos costume, Rogelio is outside of the bridal shop!!!

Lachlan makes his pitch to the board. Rafael, however, has his own proposal which includes environmental impact and zoning issues and tax incentives to triple their revenue-


Raf and Petra toast to their success over Lachlan. This gives Petra a false sense of security and then – RAFAEL ASKS HOW LONG SHE'D BEEN SLEEPING WITH ZAZ AND HE WANTS A DIVORCE. But he does appreciate her help with Lachlan.

Back at the bridal shop, Michael shows up while Jane is trying on dresses. He walks in backward, Jane walks backward. He is afraid that Jane wants to keep the baby but losing Jane would be his worst case scenario! HE IS ALL IN! HE WILL RAISE THE BABY TOGETHER!


also Rose calls Luisa and- RAF WILL LOSE HIS SHARE OF THE HOTEL if she doesn't come back.

Petra speaks Czech to a man in the parking lot and says she has his money. He says he wants more- AND HE CALLS HER NATALIA?

Back at the bridal shop, a mob of women is outside and Rogelio rushes in. Xo tells him to tell her. And he tells her he's her father!

Jane breaks down telling her family to leave.

Jane drifts off to sleep and she has the dream about Rafael again-

ONLY THIS TIME IT'S RAFAEL'S DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jane the Virgin postmortem: Yael Grobglas on Petra's big day

WARNING: This story contains major spoilers from Monday’s episode of Jane the Virgin. Read at your own risk!

Did anyone really expect a preggers Petra to actually get married? That’s exactly what happened on “Chapter 27” of Jane the Virgin, which featured Petra (Yael Grobglas) and her ex-boyfriend Milos (Max Bird-Ridnell) tying the knot in an elaborate Czech ceremony at the Marbella. As far as TV weddings go, Petra’s was pretty epic, with loads of flowers, a fluffy red-and- white gown, and a guest performance by none other than Ms. Britney Spears. Unfortunately, Petra doesn’t seem headed for a happily ever after, with the big reveal that Milos has masterminded an elaborate scheme that involves thousands of hand grenades. (Yikes.) What kind of effect will this have on Petra’s future? Will she stay mum in order to stick to Milos’ plan? And now that she’s a Mrs., is she really over Rafael? Here, actress Yael Grobglas answers a few of our burning questions, and shares her theories on the action ahead this season.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Your wedding dress was probably one of the most impressive gowns we’ve see in a TV wedding this year. Was it custom-made?

YAEL GROBGLAS: That was one of my favorite scenes in the show, ever. I saw an early image of the dress, since there was a sketch of it attached to the script. When I saw it, I totally freaked out. It’s incredible, and somehow they managed to make it perfect. It was heavy — once in a while I had to have people hold me up. And just sitting down in my cast chair was complicated. But so much thought was put into every detail since it was inspired by a real traditional Czech wedding dress. I had endless fittings for it, and it came out beautiful.

Credit: Greg Gayne/The CW

What was it like to have Britney Spears on set?

I walked into set to meet her since I didn’t have a scene with her, and the truth is, I geeked out. I have to remind myself that I’m on TV now and need to pretend to be cool. I was like “It’s Britney Spears, I can’t believe this is happening!” She was the most chill, professional, cool person and a really good actress. She’s amazing.

Do you think Petra and Milos will make it to the one-year mark, as per their agreement?

I have no idea. Nobody tells me anything. Obviously Petra isn’t thrilled about it. Milos used to be her Prince Charming and was her first love. That was the man she was going to marry, and then she discovered all these sides to him. Him throwing acid at her mother? You don’t get over that kind of stuff lightly. And him blackmailing her into marriage isn’t great. I don’t think their relationship can be repaired, but I hope it brings more drama to the show.

What’s the deal with Milos and those hand grenades?

I don’t want to give anything away! All I can say is that its definitely going to be a very stressful time for Petra and it’s going to bring on a lot of drama. It’ll be funny, interesting, and complicated.

Does Petra getting married means that she’s really over Rafael?

I think so. I think she had a lightbulb moment in “Chapter 26” when Rafael was really frank with her about his feelings. After that, she starts to realize that she can do better and she doesn’t have to be the girl that goes after someone else’s love interest. She’s made the decision to see what her life would be like without chasing him. I don’t know if it will last but that’s where she is.

The scene where Nadine was seen holding a gun to Michael’s head was a total surprise. What’s your take?

The plot thickens! I can’t tell you what happens but it’s quite interesting. Those are two brilliant actors that will take you in a fascinating direction.

Does it involve Sin Rostro?

It may. Or it might not!

Magda is serving her prison sentence – and she doesn’t seem too happy about it. Will Petra engineer a breakout in order to set her mother free?

Well, I feel Petra won’t let her stay behind bars too long. Think about it, Petra doesn’t have many friends — or any friends for that matter. I’m sure she misses her and doesn’t want her to stay in jail too long. We’ll see.

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Can we expect to see Petra rocking a baby bump any time soon? And are you going to be reusing Gina Rodriguez’s bump from last season?

I have my own bump! I like it. It’s oddly comforting. You can eat a large lunch, and I don’t have to fit into Petra’s tight dresses. I’m really enjoying it.

Is Petra having a girl or boy?

I don’t know. I’ve been wondering that myself. I think either one would be interesting.

Yours isn’t the only wedding this season. With Jane turning Michael down, does that mean she and Rafael are heading down the aisle?

I really have no idea. That’s the thing. I think we’re all trying to figure out who she’s going to end up with.

How would Petra feel if the two of them were to end up together?

I think it depends on where she is. If she’s in love with someone else, she’d be okay with it. If she’s alone with no friends, it’d probably hurt. But I think she has a lot of respect for Jane at this point.

Will Petra continue to be the show’s villain, or will she soften a bit as she enters motherhood?

You’ll get to see more glimpses of her past, and I think part of that means you’ll see some more of her soft side. That doesn’t mean she’ll lose her edge, though. But Petra’s not a girl that’s mean for the sake of it. I think that’s part of what makes her such an interesting villain. She deals with circumstances that are dealt to her in a fascinating way, and though she makes certain decisions that I wouldn’t, I have lot of respect for her for being such a fighter.

Speaking of seeing more of Petra’s past, you’ve been speaking Czech in the show’s flashback scenes. What’s that been like?

It’s hard work. I listen to YouTube videos to get the rhythm of the language, and then we have someone on set to help, who also sends a recording in advance so I can practice at home. My great success is that I’ve gotten tweets from fans in the Czech Republic saying that they actually understand what I’m saying. “It sounds good!” No one else on set speaks Czech, so getting that approval from the fans is amazing.

Your character has so much going on: There’s the marriage, her involvement in a potential scam, pregnancy. What’s your favorite part of playing Petra right now?

I love that you’re getting to see a lot of comedy from her lately. That’s one of my favorite things to do, and I love that you get to see so many levels of comedy and drama from her, thanks to the writing of the show. That’s just, the best thing ever for an actor. When I sat down with [show creator] Jennie Snyder Urman before filming this season, she said that Petra wouldn’t be your standard villain. She’s always going to have many, many layers, and you’ll never really get to decide if you love or hate her, because she always keeps it moving. This is my first time playing a villain, and I think that complexity is what makes her so much fun. She can get into a lot of mischief.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

A telenovela adaptation, Jane the Virgin tells the story of Jane Villanueva, a virgin who is accidentally inseminated during a routine checkup.
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petra solano wedding dress

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