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How to pay amazon com store card

how to pay amazon com store card

"As a result of Visa's continued high cost of payments, we regret that will no longer accept UK-issued Visa credit cards as of. How To Pay Your Amazon Credit Card Bill by Phone · Call Synchrony Bank at 866-634-8379. · Wait for the prompts, and press two on your keypad. On the flip side, you can also choose to forgo the 5% back and stretch out your payments with zero interest over several months instead. Like.
how to pay amazon com store card

: How to pay amazon com store card

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How to pay amazon com store card
How to pay amazon com store card
how to pay amazon com store card

How to pay amazon com store card -


If you’ve ever had a payment declined because your default credit card payment method on Amazon has expired, you know how annoying it is. Here’s how to change your default card on Amazon, and also clean up the list since Amazon doesn’t do that automatically.

You can make this change both through their desktop website, and also in the mobile app. We’ve got the instructions for the website first, but if you’re an app user, you can scroll down a bit to see how to change your default card in the mobile app.

On the Website

Head to Amazon and go to Your Account > Your Account.

Next, select the “Payment Options” setting.

You’ll see a list of all the payment methods currently attached to your account. I’ve got a lot, and about half of them are expired.

To remove an expired payment method (or just one you no longer use), click the little downward facing arrow to expand the payment method details, and then click the “Delete” button.

Click the “Confirm Delete” button, and that method will be gone from the list.

Go through and remove any old cards. Here’s my (much tidier) list.

Now that the list of cards on your account is looking a lot better, it’s time to change the default settings. Over in the left hand sidebar, click the “1-Click Settings” link.

At the top of the list, you’ll see your default payment and address options. Note that even though you’re looking at your 1-Click preferences, that same default payment method is used for Alexa, Kindle, and other digital purchases, too.

You can change your default payment method in one of two ways. If you see another payment method listed further down on the page, you can click the “Make Default” button to the right of that method to make it the default. If you do this, whatever nickname and shipping method you have attached to that method also become the defaults.

Alternatively, if you just want to change the default payment method and leave those other things alone, click the “Change” link next to “Payment Method” in the section that contains your current default. You’ll also want to do it this way if you need to add a new card that’s not already associated with your account.

Select the card you want to use—or click “Add New Card” if you need to add a new one—and then click the “Continue” button.

Now, whenever you make an order, that’s the card Amazon will try to use.

With the Mobile App

Open the Amazon mobile app, tap the menu icon, and then tap the “Account” setting.

Select the “Manage Payment Options” entry, and you’ll see a list of all the credit cards currently attached to your account. To remove a payment method, tap the “Delete” button under that method. To add a new method, tap the “Add a Payment Method” option.

To change the default payment option, scroll down to the bottom of the Manage Payment Options page, and then tap the “1-Click Settings” link.

You’ll see a list of all the addresses you’ve associated with your account, and each address has its own default payment method. To change your default address, tap the “Make Default” button. To change the default payment method, tap the payment method (or if there isn’t one, tap the “Select a Payment Method” option).

Select the credit card you want to use—or add a new one—and then tap the “Continue” button.

From now on, that’s the card Amazon will try to use by default.

how to pay amazon com store card

How to pay off Amazon purchases over time

If you’ve had your eye on a few big-ticket items from but would rather not cover the full cost upfront, you’re in luck.

Amazon supports a number of different payment plans and flexible payment options, whether you finance a purchase through the site itself, sign up for a co-branded Amazon credit card, use a third-party financing tool to keep interest charges low or take advantage of a 0% introductory APR.

Here’s everything you need to know about paying off Amazon purchases over time and, hopefully, avoiding interest along the way.

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Guide to Amazon financing

Does Amazon offer payment plans?

Yes. While the terms are fairly rigid, Amazon offers payment plans on eligible items to qualifying customers. The site also partners with a number of credit card issuers – including Synchrony Bank, Chase and Citi – to offer flexible payment options to cardholders.

Typically, your best bet in terms of both flexibility and cost will be either Amazon’s own Monthly Payments program, 0% promotional financing with an Amazon credit card or a new 0% intro APR credit card.

Amazon Monthly Payments

Monthly Payments is a little-known installment payment tool available on select items for eligible Amazon customers. Billed by Amazon as a way to “Get it now, pay over time,” Monthly Payments allows you to split the cost of an eligible item sold and shipped by Amazon across five months with no interest or finance charges.

With Monthly Payments, the price of your item is divided into five equal installments, with your first payment due when first national bank severna park product ships – that’s 20% of the total price, plus any tax and shipping on the full price of the item. Every 30 days after that for the next four months, you’re charged the remaining balance in equal installments.

You can only use Monthly Payments for one qualifying product usps office open today each product category (such as electronics) or Amazon device family (such as Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers) in your cart at time of checkout, discover online banking bonus you can only be enrolled in one monthly payment plan per product category.

Here’s a quick look at how Amazon Monthly Payments work, per Amazon’s terms and conditions:

PaymentDue date
Initial payment (plus taxes and shipping)Date of shipment
First payment30 days after shipping
Second payment60 days after shipping
Third payment90 days after shipping
Fourth payment120 days after shipping

To get started with Amazon Monthly Payments, you’ll first need to check if your account is eligible. You can only use Monthly Payments if your Amazon account has been active for at least one year, you reside in the U.S. and you have a valid credit card tied to your Amazon account and a positive Amazon payment history.

Luckily, no credit check is required to determine your eligibility, so you won’t face the temporary credit score drop that comes from a hard pull of your credit report.

While qualifying for Monthly Payments is relatively straightforward, only certain items are eligible for an installment plan. To see if an item is eligible for financing through Monthly Payments, check for the “5 monthly payments” option on the product listing.

Here’s how to make monthly payments on Amazon, step-by-step:

  1. Enable monthly payments for your account. Once you’ve signed in and verified that your account is eligible for Monthly Payments, you’ll need to enable the feature. Visit the Monthly Payments page and click “Enable monthly payments.”
  2. Find an eligible product and select monthly payments. Products eligible for financing through Monthly Payments feature the text “or 5 monthly payments” below the standard price on the product listing. You can choose between “5 monthly payments” and “One-time payment” before you add an item to your cart.Find an item eligible for Monthly Payments
  3. Pay your first month, plus taxes and shipping. At checkout, your Order Summary lists the total cost of your item, the amount you’ll be charged immediately and the remaining balance, which will be billed in equal installments over the next four months.
    Amazon monthly payment checkout screen order summary
  4. Pay off your remaining balance over the next four months. Every 30 days, your card will be charged an equal portion of the remaining balance.

Amazon credit cards: Equal Pay vs. Special Financing

If your Amazon account or the item you have in mind doesn’t qualify for Monthly Payments, or if you think you’ll need more than five months to pay off your purchase, an Amazon credit card could be a good alternative. Not only do these cards carry exclusive financing offers, but they’ll also help you earn rewards on some of your regular Amazon purchases.

If go the new card route, you’ll choose from either the Amazon Store Card suite issued by Synchrony Bank – which includes the Amazon and Amazon Prime store credit cards, as well as the Amazon Prime Secured Card – or the Amazon Rewards Visa suite issued by Chase, which includes the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card* and the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card*.

Depending on the card and the size of your purchase, you may be eligible to choose between two main types of financing for Amazon purchases: Equal Pay and Special Financing.

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Amazon Equal Pay financing

Equal Pay is similar to Monthly Payments, but offers much longer payment plans for large american bank and trust covington – based on the size of your purchase.

This payoff period ranges from six to 24 months on the Amazon store card and from six to 18 months on the Amazon Visa cards. The latter cards also require a lower minimum purchase price to take advantage of a payment plan.

Equal Pay options on Amazon store cards from Synchrony include:

Offer periodMinimum purchase
6 months$150
12 months$600
24 months$800 (select purchases only)

On Chase cards, the following offers apply:

Offer periodMinimum purchase
6 months$150
12 months$250
18 months$500

Like Monthly Payments, Www bank of america com makeatransfer Pay allows you to split the cost of your how to pay amazon com store card equally across the offer period. As long as you make your installment payments on time and in full, you won’t be charged any interest or other fees.

Instead of charging installments on a monthly basis, however, Equal Pay charges you for the total purchase amount when your item ships. Your required installment payment is then included as part of your minimum payment due each card statement period. This could get a bit confusing if you’ve used your Amazon credit card for new purchases in addition to an Equal Pay purchase.

Luckily, Chase makes it clear what you need to pay to avoid interest on new purchases by listing an “Interest Saving Balance” on your statement. Your Interest Saving Balance includes both the monthly payment due as part of your Equal Pay plan and any non-promotional balances you have. As long as you pay your Interest Saving Balance in full, you’ll avoid interest charges and be on track to pay off your Equal Pay purchase.

For example, if you used Equal Pay to split a $600 purchase across six months and also made $400 in other new purchases during a statement period, you’d have a total balance of $1,000. Your Interest Saving Balance, however, would be just $500 – that’s your $400 in new purchases, plus your $100 installment payment for the month.

Equal Pay Chase Interest Saving Balance

To take advantage of an Equal Pay offer on an Amazon how to pay amazon com store card card, add items to your cart as you normally would. Then, at checkout, choose your Amazon credit card as your payment method and select the Equal Pay option from the “card options” drop down list.

Amazon Equal Pay checkout

Unfortunately, you must choose between either financing or earning rewards on your Amazon card. If you opt for financing, you’ll miss out on how to pay amazon com store card cash back you’d otherwise earn on Amazon purchases.

Amazon Special Financing

The other financing option on Amazon credit cards is called Special Financing. However, it’s not particularly “special” – it’s just the sort of deferred interest financing offer you’ll find available with many retailers and store credit cards.

With Amazon Special Financing, you get a promotional 0% APR for six to 24 months, depending on the size of your purchase. As long as you pay off your purchase in full by the end of the promotional period, you’ll avoid interest charges. Without set installment payments, how much you pay over the minimum is up to you, though if you pay only the minimum each month, you won’t pay off your balance in time.

Here’s how 0% promotional Special Financing breaks down by purchase size:

Offer periodMinimum purchase
6 months$150
12 months$600
24 months$800 (select purchases only)

Additionally, since Special Financing uses deferred interest, if you have even $1 remaining on your balance at the end of the promotional period, you’ll be charged interest going back all the way to the original purchase date.

Given the potentially high APR on Chase’s Amazon cards (14.24% to 22.24% variable) and the high APR guaranteed on Synchrony’s Amazon cards (25.99% variable), slipping up on a deferred interest financing offer could end up costing you a ton.

While marketing for Special Financing offers is more prominent on Synchrony’s Amazon cards, you may qualify for Special Financing with a Chase Amazon card as well. As with Equal Pay, simply choose your Amazon credit card as your payment method and select Special Financing from the “card options” drop down list.

Other Amazon financing options

While Amazon Monthly Payments or an Amazon credit card will likely offer the most flexibility, a number of other flexible payment tools may be a better fit for you. Keep in mind, however, that a few of these methods will require you to pay at least some interest.

Tip: Unfortunately, many shoppers have had trouble using popular installment payment services for Amazon purchases. Quadpay is one notable exception, allowing you to shop on Amazon via the Quadpay app. However, only six-week payment plans are available.

Citi Flex Pay

Citi has partnered with Amazon to allow eligible Citi cardholders to finance Amazon purchases using Citi Flex Pay. This feature lets you split the cost of most Amazon purchases of more than $100 into equal monthly payments when you use an eligible Citi card as your payment method at checkout.

While you generally can’t avoid paying some interest with this option, the standard fixed promotional APR is quite low, and you may usps office open today for much a longer payment plan than you’d find in other financing plans.

Here’s a breakdown of standard Citi Flex Pay Amazon payment plans:

Offer periodMinimum purchasePromotional APR
3 months$1006.74%
6 months$1496.74%
12 months$3006.74%
18 or 24 months$6006.74%
36 or 48 months$1,2008.74%

As with Amazon’s Equal Pay and Special Financing offers, you can opt into Citi Flex Pay financing on a purchase by setting your Citi card as your payment method and selecting the monthly payment plan that works for you. Before you check out, you’ll see your payment plan displayed below your order total.

Tip: As part of Amazon Prime Day, eligible Citi cardholders can also access exclusive 0% intro APR offers on Amazon purchases. You can choose among three equal monthly payments on purchases of $75 or more, 6 equal monthly payments on purchases of $149 or more or 12 equal monthly payments on purchases of $300 or more, all at a 0% promotional APR.

Pay It Plan It

A flexible payment tool available on select American Express credit cards, the “Plan It” portion of the Pay It Plan It program allows eligible cardholders to split purchases of more than $100 into monthly payments with a fixed fee. Payment plans run from three to 24 months and can be used for up to 10 eligible purchases at a time.

To use “Plan It” with an Amazon purchase, simply charge the full cost of the item to your eligible Amex card, then log in to your Amex account and choose the purchase that you want to pay over time. You’ll be offered one to three payment plans and can see how many payments you’ll make, the amount you must pay each month and the required fees.

New 0% intro APR card

A new credit card that offers a 0% introductory APR on purchases will allow you to carry a balance for several months and save on interest on all new purchases.

Two of your best options at the moment are the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express and the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express.

That’s because not only do both cards come with a 0% introductory APR on new purchases (the Blue Cash Everyday offers a 15-month 0% intro APR period, while the Blue Cash Preferred offers a 12-month 0% intro APR period, with both carrying a 13.99% to 23.99% variable APR after that), they also offer rewards on Amazon purchases as part of their welcome bonus.

The Blue Cash Everyday and Blue Cash Preferred cards offer 20% back on purchases for your first six months as a cardholder, with a $150 and $200 cash back cap, respectively.

The Discover it® Cash Back card is another great choice. It comes with a 0% introductory APR on purchases for the first 14 months (11.99% to 22.99% variable APR after that) and the Discover cash back calendar for 2021 lists purchases as eligible for 5% cash back from October through December (upon enrollment, on up to $1,500 in spending, then 1%).

Tip: You can check if you prequalify for a new credit card at many issuers’ sites or use a tool like CardMatch™ to search across multiple issuers for prequalified offers that fit your credit profile. Prequalification will help you get a better sense of your odds of approval before you apply.

Bottom line

If you’re looking for payment flexibility as you browse Amazon, you have a ton of options to choose from, many of which will help you avoid interest charges for six months or how to pay amazon com store card you want to avoid opening a new credit card, Amazon Monthly Payments may be your best bet but if you need more time to chip away at the cost of a large purchase, an Amazon co-branded credit card or a new card with a 0% introductory APR on purchases may be worth the temporary credit ding that comes with a new application.

Whichever route you take, be sure you have a payoff plan in place before you check out. You’ll also want to keep a close eye on your balance and payment schedule to ensure you don’t end up drowning in fees or interest charges.

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*All information about the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card and Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card has been collected independently by and has not been reviewed or approved by the issuer.

Editorial Disclaimer

The editorial content on this page is based solely on the objective assessment of our writers and is not driven by advertising dollars. It has not been provided or commissioned by the credit card issuers. However, we may receive compensation when you click on links to products from our partners.

Nouri Zarrugh is a staff editor at, focusing on credit card reviews, product news and recommendations. Also a fiction writer, he won the Keene Prize for Literature and holds an MFA in creative writing from the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Most helpful positive review

Convenient, great signup promo!

Credit Karma Member

Being a Prime member, I have been interested in adding this Store Card to my account since I do the majority of my online shopping at Amazon.? I was just approved for a $2100 CL with scores of EQ: 673 TU: 685 and EX 677.? No open collections or unsatisfied judgments.? A total of 12 late payments from 2 student loans from 2013 still appear on my reports.? My current credit utilization is around 5%.? The only report they pulled for the account was TransUnion (same as in April, 2015).? I had applied for this card in April 2015 but was declined at the time (scores across the 3 bureaus were in the mid 500s, with open collections and 2 judgments).? Hope this helps someone.

Most helpful negative review

They closed my account!

Credit Karma Member

I am very disgusted with Amazon right now. I went to place an order and my card was declined. I figured that I might had entered the number incorrectly so after doing it a couple of times it still didn't go through. I logged into my account to see what was going on and to my surprise MY ACCOUNT WAS CLOSED! :( I've had the card for almost a year with no issues, no problems, no late payments, or anything else. When I called them to find out what happened, they informed me that after the skeleton key in hindi download my credit report, they determined that it was in their best interest to close the account. Now that I've been getting my old debts resolved I guess I'm starting to appear on everyone's "radar" and I'm getting dinged on a regular basis. No problem. I understand that. But I am very annoyed because I haven't had any slip-ups in the last 5 years. From the time I was issued the card to the present, I always paid my bill early and didn't carry a balance.? I don't see how that was a risk for them. ?

Member ratings

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Will close account without warning

Credit Karma Member

I applied for my card years ago when my credit was very poor, and I was approved for a card. In the meantime I was paying off that's for my other credit cards and working on my credit score, and currently on the highest that I've been in about 5 years. About a week or so ago and was on closed my account poor the crummy customer service agent, and he would not tell me why they closed my account, that I received a notice in the mail however I never received any notification in the mail. My account is now closed right before the holidays, and they will not approve me for a new card as I am apparently high risk according to the crummy customer service agent. I don't understand what this means as when I originally applied for the card I was in the 400s with a credit score and currently in the 600s which is what you need in order to be approved for a card. So if you your credit score is a roller coaster, be prepared to have your account canceled without notification

Beware !

Credit Karma Member

I had a late charge on my statement because I didn’t make a payment the month before.I was so angry because the month before I had made two $ 200. Payments.One was two days before the next month was due…Both payments were at least $100. over the minimum payment .but because I didn’t make one for the following associated bank customer care I was charged a late charge. When I called customer service I was told I had to make a payment every month regardless of how much you paid the month before. I had no idea .I guess it’s all about them having their interest paid.I’m not using this card ever again !


Credit Karma Member

I'm a terrible person because i shop a lot of amazon. This card is great as long as you keep it paid off and buy a lot of amazon. However it all goes to crap once you need help. My card got shut down for a fraudlent charge - how to pay amazon com store card catch by chase! Was happy about that. Not happy that I'm now on DAY THREE of trying to get a hold of ANYONE who can handle this absolutely trivial correction, but no. What you are FORCED to do is wait in line, for NINTEY MINUTES then they dump you with a smile. "try back later". Three frickn days of this. I can't even get anyone to just cancel my card. DO NOT GET THIS CARD.

Useless Card High Interest

Credit Karma Member

After 2 years of requesting, they finally upped my credit limit above $200. I make close to 6 figures, no missed payments.ever.under 10% debt to income ratio. Then they TOOK IT BACK after I made a couple of purchases. What an insult to have your credit limit reduced out of the blue when you've done nothing wrong or different. They are now paid in full and won't be profiting from me again. It wasn't even 70% of the limit used before they did this and dropped my credit score over 30 points. Amazon lost a Prime member too.

Perfect for a huge Amazon shopper

Credit Karma Member

I have had this card for years and I love it. I earn 5% rewards on purchases and have gotten a lot of free items. I love the 6 month interest free option and I use it all wifi hotspot for home time. I do have a high limit and I pay off any balance that is not can i overdraft my capital one secured credit card each month. If you don't pay off your cards each month this is probably not a great card for you. The interest rate is too high.

Everything about the card is misleading

Credit Karma Member

Don’t waste your time with the Amazon store card if you’re actually looking to do payment plans, the bank that issues the card will either give a small line of credit or outright deny the transaction you got the card for, I specifically got this card to do the 6 month payment play for a $530 skee ball machine but was declined, when contacting Amazon they were basically helpless and on the 3rd time contacting them about the issue they told me I would have to reach out how to pay amazon com store card the bank regarding an AMAZON CARD, that’s not to mention the fact it is a hard inquiry on how to pay amazon com store card credit and will negatively affect it.

Statement are imposible!!

Credit Karma Member

There is always a problem with the installments and their statements are impossible to understand. Prepare to spend a lot of time on the phone trying to fix problems !!

its the terrible experience

Credit Karma Member

they charge security fee every month and they don't say anything

Stupidest reasoning ever had to listen!!

Credit Karma Member

This card is good till you don't get cancelled by this credit card company for some unknown stupid reason! I have a 100% payment history with them with a credit line of 1,500 and I am a customer from last 2 years.I have a 30% credit balance with them. Recently, mistakenly I tried to make a payment from an account I didn't have money. When I found out my mistake, I cancelled the previous payment and paid with my correct account information. After 10 days, I got notification that my card got cancelled, though I have a 100% payment history!!! Way to go!!!! They are saying that, I did this type of mistake twice in last my account history, so they closed it. Just a question to amazon, I always loved doing business with you, but is this the way you are treating your loyal customer? Just for newcomers and existing card holders, be ready to get your card cancelled for stupid reasons you even can't imagine!

Account closed for seemingly no reason.

Credit Karma Member

I've had this card now for 7 months. I went to order something and it's saying account closed. I've never once had a missed or late payment. What's worse is all my 5% cash back rewards are gone too! That's just wrong. I called them and asked why it was closed and they told me, "sorry I don't have that information. It happens sometimes." What the heck!?

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Amazon tips and tricks: Best shopping hacks to know

(Pocket-lint) - Everyone shops on Amazon. But not everyone actually digs around and has a play with all the site's hidden features and tools.

From a showroom that lets you virtually mix and match the furniture you want to buy, to digital coupons you can clip, there are loads of secret tips and tricks we've found that could save you money and totally change how you use Amazon.

Best Amazon tips and tricks


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime membership

It feels silly to start off with this, because it's so obvious, but you really should join Amazon Prime if you want to master Amazon. A large chunk of the tips and tricks we suggest below only work if you're a member. It's a demand 360 login subscription that, for an annual or monthly fee, gives access to a number of Amazon services and enhancements.

Prime discounts for EBT and Medicaid cardholders

If you want to become an Amazon Prime member and have a valid EBT or Medicaid card in the US, you can join at the discounted price of $5.99 per month, rather than $12.99 a month. If you're eligible, you can join from here.

Prime discounts for students

If you want to become an Amazon Prime member and are enrolled in a college or university, join Prime Student. As a member, you’ll get a sixth-month free trial that includes the following perks free two-day shipping on eligible purchases, Prime Video, and student-only offers and discounts. Once your trial ends, you can sign up for Amazon Prime at 50 per cent off. This will be valid for four years or until you graduate

Share your Prime membership

Amazon allows you to add up to four other individuals to your Prime account so they can share your shipping benefits, but they need to be members of your household. To set it up, go to the Amazon Household website and click Add Adult/Teen/Child. You'll need their email how to pay amazon com store card used on their Amazon accounts. The process also requires the adults to share credit or debit card information.

Amazon Teen

Part of Prime Household, Amazon Teen gives kids ages 13 to 17 the freedom to shop, but parents can approve their purchases before it's charged.


Saving money

Amazon Outlet

Want to easily browse the most discounted items on Amazon? Check out Amazon Outlet. It primarily aggregates overstocked and clearance items for sale on Amazon, but across every category you can imagine. These deals can save you up to 80 per cent!

Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse is similar to Amazon Outlet, but it shows big discounts on open-box and refurbished products - mostly tech and gadgets. Keep in mind these items can be used, opened, or damaged. But all items are listed by quality, including very good, acceptable, and like new.

Amazon Family

Amazon Family is a hub for Prime members. It has deals on household and parenting items. But it also offers age-based product recommendations and regular sales on baby products. You get 20 per cent off diaper subscriptions and 15 per cent off remaining baby registry items.

Find deals on Amazon

Amazon's best deals how to pay amazon com store card new products are found in the "Today's Deals" link on the top of any Amazon page. The section "Gold Box Deals of the Day" has new deals every day, as well as "Lightning Deals", which are limited time and sometimes end in minutes. To stay on top of everything, use Amazon's app, where you can view many deals 24 hours in advance and sign up for alerts.

You can even let the deals come to you via Amazon's daily deals email.

Watch deals on Amazon

When you see deals you like, click Watch this deal to save them. Then, go here to see deals you're watching.

Track the skeleton key in hindi download compares prices

  1. Bookmark this price tracker site. monitors nearly every product on Amazon, can show you which are most discounted on any given day, show you the price history for a listing, and alert you when the price drops on items you want.
  2. Also try the site PriceGrabber or the extension PriceBlink, both which let you quickly check to see if an item is cheaper elsewhere.
  3. There's also WikiBuy, a site and an extension. It lets you earn cash back, apply promo codes, and watch for items to go on sale.
  4. OnlinePriceAlert will email you when the item you want hits a specific price point you're willing to pay.

Clip coupons

Amazon serves up coupons. There's actually an entire section on Amazon that's dedicated to coupons. You can find coupons for electronics, pet supplies, toys, and other items. No scissors or physical coupons required. To get started with Amazon coupons, go to, then click on the link at the top for "Today's Deals." In the menu of sub items, click on "Coupons."

Find promo codes

We already mentioned Wikibuy as a discount code aggregator extension you should try, but an alternative to that is Honey. It will automatically find coupons for you and apply them at checkout. Just install the extension and it will do everything.

Subscribe and Save

On many household and grocery items, Amazon gives you the option to “subscribe” and offers a discounted price if you do so. This is part of the retailer’s Subscribe and Save program, where you receive regular shipments of the item for as much as 15 per cent off the regular price.

Turn loose change into gift cards for free

You can add spare coins in your purse to an Amazon gift card using a Coinstar kiosk. It's absolutely free, waving the 11.9 per cent service charge typically associated with cash exchanges. Choose an Amazon gift card to skip the fee and receive an eGift Card code you can use instantly.

Earn channel 13 news houston food bank Amazon Gift Cards

There are many rewards and survey sites that let you do online tasks to earn points redeemable for Amazon gift cards. For instance, there's Swagbucks, which is free to join and lets you complete surveys to earn points. There's also MyPoints and i-Say.



Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. It's free and easy to how to pay amazon com store card. With it, you can watch for product comparisons that save time and money, access shortcuts to popular Amazon hubs right in your browser, and get notified when deals that you're watching go live with desktop notifications. It also lets you get information about orders and deliveries.

Monthly payment plans on items

Amazon lets you pay for some items over several months. This offer only applies to products sold and shipped by, such as the Amazon Echo, but also third-party products from other sellers. Just look for the "monthly payments" option on the product detail page.

Trade in for cash

You can trade in your old devices, including phones, tablets, cameras, and more, as well as video games, old books, and textbooks, in exchange for an Amazon gift card. The items must be in decent condition and the shipping is even included!

Smile for Charity

Want to give a bit to charity while you shop? Then use AmazonSmile. First, bookmark, and be sure to always shop from there. On the desktop, you can use the AmazonSmile 1Button for Chrome or Amazon Smile! for Firefox browser extensions to be reminded to use Smile. Then, pick a charity - over a million available - and when you buy eligible products, 0.5 per cent will go to your charity.

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Shop with Alexa

Using Amazon Alexa via an Amazon Echo speaker or the main Amazon app, you can order or re-order any items. Just say "Alexa, order [product name]." Be sure to set up a confirmation code in your Alexa app to prevent accidental orders. You can also use Alexa shopping skills to browse deals at other retailers. Also, stay tuned for more Alexa-only deals this holiday season.

Amazon Cash (or Top Up)

Amazon Cash lets you add money to your Amazon account balance. It essentially lets you apply cash toward your Amazon account balance so that you can finally have money to spend on Amazon without a bank card or a gift card hooked. Go here to get started.


Checkout and delivery

Same-day or one-hour deliveries

In over 8,000 cities, Prime members can get same-day delivery on qualifying orders over $35. Order by noon, and your package will be delivered by 9pm (seven days a week). If you order in the evening, you'll get free one-day delivery. Go here to see if you're eligible. There's also Amazon Prime Now, credit one bank us customer service offers deliveries in one to two hours. Enter your ZIP code to see if this option is available to you.

Late delivery reimbursement

If you buy something that qualifies for free shipping with Prime, but it doesn’t arrive on time, you can get a one-month extension of your membership. If you don’t have Prime, Amazon will refund the shipping costs. To inquire, go to Contact Amazon > select "An Order I Placed" > select your order > select Problem with an order > Shipping or delivery issues > Shipment is late.

Amazon Day

All Prime members should see a new Amazon Day option when they checkout and pick their shipping option. The idea is, they can set any day of the week as their delivery day. So, if you select Friday, all the items you bought during the week will arrive on your designated "Amazon Day", or Friday. That day will be your default unless you change it at checkout. Weekend deliveries are available in some areas.

Amazon Locker

If you got a location near you with one, select Amazon Locker for pickup (or returns) at checkout. These are secure, self-service kiosks. There's more than 2,800 lockers are located across 70+ US cities. You'll find them at places like Whole Foods Markets and convenience stores.

Amazon Key

An alternative to Amazon Locker is Amazon Key, which allows delivery people to enter your car, garage, or home when dropping off packages.


Cards, rewards, and points

Shopping with rewards points

Amazon offers a couple cards that let you earn rewards points. You can redeem these points for gift cards (or as cash back via Chase). But points do not work for items like digital downloads and some subscription and grocery items. You can also link other credit cards - such as American Express, Discover, Citi, and more -- to your Amazon account and Shop With Points.

Check out the Rewards Visa Card from Chase that can be used anywhere and to collect points. If you're a Prime member in the US, you get five points per dollar spent on Amazon and Whole Foods; two per dollar at restaurants, drugstores, and gas stations; and one per dollar on all other purchases. One hundred points earns you one dollar to spend on Amazon. Woo!

There's also the Amazon Store Card, which is for shopping at Amazon at special rates. US Prime members get 5 per cent back when they buy eligible Prime-only items. If you qualify, you'll get a $60 gift card when you sign up.

Amazon Credit Builder

Amazon partnered with Synchrony Financial to launch Amazon Credit Builder so that it can lend to US shoppers with either bad credit or no credit history. It includes a card with 5 per cent cash back on purchases. It also offers tips on how to build credit. To start, Synchrony is issuing what are known as “secured” credit cards - where people can deposit $200, for instance, and have a $200 credit limit.

If you don't get approved for a typical Amazon credit card, you'll be prompted to apply. But the new card application is also available next to the other Amazon cards. To apply directly, go to Apply for Amazon Credit Builder > click Apply Now > and follow the on-screen instructions.

No-rush shipping credits

Prime members can get a little extra something if they choose free no-rush shipping at checkout (instead of the two-day option). Your package will usually arrive within five days, and you will get credits applied to your account to use for future purchases.


Miscellaneous tools and features

Amazon Live

Amazon has launched a new section of its site. It appears to be a home shopping channel of sorts, reminiscent of QVC or HSN. From what we can tell, the site is used to promote products on If you need to learn more about an item, we suggest looking at Amazon Live.

Amazon AR View

Amazon's app offers an AR View feature. It lets you browse through thousands of items listed on Amazon - things like home decor, electronics, office products, toys, and games - and place them in your home or wherever you want to see them. Using the feature, you can overlay, resize, and rotate the item to see how it will look and fit in real life. It's discover online banking bonus to use, too.

Amazon Showroom

Showroom is another free AR feature in the Amazon website and app that lets you place furniture items into a virtual room and see how well they fit together. You can adjust the look of the flooring and walls to mirror your own living room and easily change out items. Third-party items include couches, chairs, tables, lamps, rugs, and art. You can also try out Amazon's own Rivet and Stone and Beam brands.

Amazon StyleSnap

Remember the Echo Look? It's one of Amazon's lesser-known Echo devices. Its sole purpose is to suggest new clothes for you to buy. It uses a "Style Check service" that combines machine learning algorithms with advice from "fashion specialists" to give you style advice. Now, Amazon has a newer product, called StyleSnap, that - like the Echo Look - uses AI to make fashion recommendations.

You simply click on the camera icon in the corner of the Alexa app and take a photo of an outfit you'd like to wear. Amazon will then serve up similar clothing items. Using deep-learning technology, StyleSnap can tell the difference between, say, a flare dress or a slip dress. The feature, which Amazon told us is now live in the Alexa app for iOS and Android, will also consider things like brand, price, and customer reviews.

Whole Foods benefits

Whole Foods is now owned by Amazon, and so it's an Amazon Prime perk: You can get 10 per cent off items, plus other weekly discounts and benefits such as two-hour deliveries via Prime Now and 5 per cent back on purchases via the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card. Download the Whole Foods Market app to get started saving. Also, try asking Alexa, "What are my Whole Foods deals?"


AmazonFresh was the original name for Amazon's grocery delivery and pickup service in select cities. Prime members can get the benefits of AmazonFresh for an additional monthly membership fee of $14.99. Go here to see if delivery or pickup is available in your area.

Amazon Twitch Prime benefits

Amazon-owned Twitch now offers benefits just for Amazon Prime members. This new set of benefits is dubbed Twitch Prime. To get access to it, you must pay Amazon's annual Prime membership fee, but you'll get ad-free viewing and discounts on pre-order and new games.

Amazon Prime Book Box

Amazon offers Prime Book Box, a monthly children's book subscription service, to Prime members. If you subscribe, you will receive (delivered to your door) a how to pay amazon com store card with four board books or two hardcover picture books or novels. Amazon said you'll save up to 40 per cent off the list price of these books. This service costs $22.99 a month.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Amazon Prime Wardrobe lets you try on clothes before you buy." Prime Wardrobe is considered a new Prime benefit, so subscribe to Amazon Prime to take advantage of the service. Once you do, you can order clothes, shoes, and accessories - with no upfront charge - and you get seven days to test them out. You then use the provided label to return them.

Amazon photo printing

Amazon will print your photos for you! Whether you want cards, wall decor, mugs, photo books, calendars, or prints. It's all printed on thick paper, in rich colour, and in the US. Better yet, place your order through Amazon Prime, and you'll get free shipping.

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