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Rockland trust mortgage login

rockland trust mortgage login

If you have forgotten your online or mobile banking User ID, please call Rockland Trust by phone 508-732-7072. Helping you every step of the way · Meet with a Business Specialist · Looking for a Business Loan · Looking for a Business Checking Account? · Find a Branch. Borrowers will have access to a Web portal where both the loan officer and borrower can track the entire mortgage process. In addition, Rockland.
rockland trust mortgage login
rockland trust mortgage login

Rockland Trust Chatham

About Us

Rockland Trust Company is a full-service community bank serving Eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. Rockland Trust provides a wide range of consumer and business products and services through its network of 71 retail branches, 12 commercial lending centers, three mortgage banking centers and four Investment Management Group offices. With $4.6 billion in assets and over 1000 employees, Rockland Trust is one of the largest publicly traded commercial bank headquartered in Massachusetts. Rockland Trust is the wholly owned subsidiary of Independent Bank Corp., (NASDAQ: INDB), is independently owned and maintains a longstanding tradition of community service.

Rockland Trust was founded in 1907 with the goal of “promoting the business activity and growth of Rockland and its vicinity.” By building new rockland trust mortgage login and acquiring others over the past 100 years, the bank has grown from a single branch in Rockland to a financial institution with more than 135,000 customers. Today Rockland Trust is one of the largest employers in southeastern Massachusetts, and one of the largest companies headquartered on the south shore.

Rockland Trust offers a diverse set of financial products and services for personal and business customers, including online banking and cash management products. Our wealth management division provides world-class investment management with the highest level of client service. In addition to traditional mortgages, we offer reverse mortgages, a financial tool that enables many senior citizens to remain in their homes. Our wholly owned subsidiary, Compass Exchan


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ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from Nov. 14-21 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Jennifer Anderson and Jennifer L. Baum to Matthew A. Anderson

James M. Flynn and Kathleen L. Flynn to Jessica Renee Deacon and Richard G. Deacon

Bradley J. Hunter and Caitlin O. Hunter To Brenda Pitt and Devon Pitt


Rebecca A. Watson and Brian N. Widmer to Rebecca A. Watson

Michael K. Gowesky and Brenda A. Gowesky to Ashley M. Horgan and Robert C. Horgan

Laurel A. Frye and Holly L. Columbus Frye to David G. Fleury and Elizabeth A. Fleury

George J. Firth Trust, Carolyn K. Hart Trust, and Hart Firth Revocable Living Trust to Brigitte A. Lamarch

Toohey P. Garritt Trust, Kurry Family Trust, and Deborah K. Toohey Trust to Jorma W. Kurry and Karin J. Killmer Kurry

Stanley E. Kroll Trust, Rhonda E. Presser Trust, and Stanley E. Kroll and Rhonda E. Presser Joint Rockland trust mortgage login Trust to Nicholas Lesher and Rachel Lesher

Christopher B. Thorndike Trust and Thorndike Trust to Philip J. Thorndike

Kimberly Hotels near university at buffalo. Paul to Sarah Streat


Anthony Little and Jacquelyn Little to NC Shepard, How to activate walmart prepaid debit card Spencer Thomas to NC Shepard, LLC

Peter J. Schwalbenberg Estate to Lam Holding, LLC


James H. Christ Estate to Jake Barbour, Inc.


Michael A. Brown to Michael A. Brown and Wendy M. Brown

Nicholas W. Wheaton and Angela S. Wheaton to William Schaetzke rockland trust mortgage login Kelly Schaetzke

North Haven

Mildred Davis Estate and Mildred B. Davis Estate to Pamela J. Davis, Amy L. Davis,  Dancy J. Deangelo, and Katherine Roome

Priscilla J. Ruegg to Priscilla J. Ruegg Trust, Edward L. Ruegg Trust, and Priscilla J. Ruegg 1995 Trust

Irena Guinness to Elizabeth W. Cunningham and George Warner I

William Mushkin to Hanuman, LLC

Owls Head

Hysen Sisco, Sten Dan Sisco, Curtis W. Lowry, and Heather Lowry to Jane S. Jamieson and Robert Bruce Jamieson Jr. Living Trust

Craig E. Beal Trust and Constance A. Beal Irrevocable Trust to Steven Hurd and Donna Hurd

William A. Dobson and Jane E. Dobson to Eileen C. Brusger Trust and Eileen C. Brusger 2000 Revocable Trust


Stacie M. Bennett to Jennifer Feeney

Lowell A. Jones Jr. to Allison S. Degner

Maureen El Hajj to Elmo Reay MacKay and Robin Louise Lincoln

Joseph V. Colon and Cecelia N. Verta to Theresa M. Butler and William A. Simmons

Eileen Johnson to Destiny C. Poole

Walter E. Chapman to Violet B. Kraft and Richard M. Kraft

 Pamela Jean Bryer and Zachary Alan Cornish to Kathleen Rockland trust mortgage login and Peter Fenwood

Jacquelyn B. Lawrence to Maximillian J. Mihelich and Kristin A. Nehls

Megan Banahan and Tommy Moitoso to Rivas Family Enterprises, LLC

Robert S. Schroff to Margaret Brown and Robert S. Schroff

Mary D. Sohier to Victoria A. Rockland trust mortgage login Trust

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, Champion Mortgage Company, Patricia B. Whitney, and Earl S. Whitney to Federal National Mortgage Association


Mitchell Kolkin Trust, Seth Kolkin Trust, Marvin L. Kolkin Revocable Trust, and Caryl G. Kolkin Revocable Trust to 18 Eastward, LLC

Sarah E. Fink Estate and Maine State of DHHS Office of Aging and Disability Services to Tandra L. Hammer

Brian D’Alessandro and Lydia D’Alessandro to Priscilla Driscoll, Robert Driscoll, and Jennifer Driscoll

Marlene W. Dodge to Kenneth Aaron Bailey

Robert E. Laite Jr. to Chase R. Lasbury

Joseph W. Grealish and Katherine T. Grealish to Justin S. and Meredith K. Lesher Trust

Richard King Lynt III and Marilyn Lynt to Richard King Lynt III Trust, Marilyn S. Lynt Trust and Lynt Family Trust

Valerie Winchenbach to David Winchenbach

Larry Linden to James Wallis and Brigitte Wallis

Frederick Stahl and Virginia Stahl to Jorn Flatvoll and Kathleen McManus

Robert Marshall and Kathleen Marshall to Jorn Flatvoll and Kathleen McManus

Jonathan M. Weisgall and Deborah Weisgall to Kamala Sachidanandan and John Curry

Susan Kamelgarn to Violet A. Goode Trust and Violet A. Goode Revocable Trust

Linda L. Settle to John M. Guiney and Olga Campbell

St. George

Brian A. Cronin and Lee R. Cronin to Christine M. Miller and John D. Miller

Linda Bourne to Gary R. Wright and Michelle Wright

Karen M. Sanderson to Kristine Y. Allison and Kathey J. Zaltzberg

Matthew Epple and Carolyn Epple to Stephen F. Culver Trust and Harry P. Culver GST Exempt Trust

Brian G. Field to Glen E. Haight and Diane Haight

Eileen Patch to Royal Oak Property Management, LLC

Steven Cartwright to John Q. Berglund and Karis Berglund

Edward B. Thorbjornson to Erika Thorbjornson

Albert Brock Hoedtke and Joanne M. Hoedtke to Julian Collin Hoedtke

Christopher Schreiber and Deborah Schreiber to Emma Linhard

Robert J. Dreher to Kathleen Cohen and Samuel D. Cohen

Ames Rowland Estate to Tuition Trailer, LLC

Tuition Trailer, LLC to Michael McNaboe and Fletcher J. Smith McNaboe

Abigail D. Faulkner and Hobart G. Guion to Abigail D. Faulkner Trust, Hobart F. Guion Trust, Amy L. Domini Trust, Wendy S. Holding Trust, and Abigail D. Faulkner Revocable Trust

Gardner Howe to Alan Gerald Hupper and Leslie Stuart Hupper

South Thomaston

Anne W. Cousens to Heath F. Curtis

Charles H. Cargo Trust, Susan Jo Cargo Trust, and Charles and Susan Cargo Family Trust to Michael P. Carr

Timothy Hill and Jacquelyn Hill to Edward T. Matlack and Ann H. Matlack


Wayne D. Seekins and Claire F. Seekins to Jaime R. Edwards

Leslie W. Ross and Leslie Ross to Leslie W. Ross and Stephanie Fogarty

Smart Properties, LLC to Lunt Property Group, LLC

Carissa Coombs and Carissa Carter to Carissa Coombs and Karl Coombs

Donna J. Adams to Sara Adams and Charles Adams IV

Alice Hawkins to Alice Hawkins and Nancy Luckman

James L. Barnes to Chambers Jewelers rockland trust mortgage login Gemologist, LLC

Shannon Rockland trust mortgage login Dalpozzal to Eric George Itzel and Emily Dell McBrayer


Maureen Rubano to Sarah E. Reynolds

Dorothy Black Trust and Cynthia Wolters Testamentary Trust to Arnold W. Crabtree


Bernadine Hopkins Estate to Craig Briggs Hollingworth and Diane Louise Hollingworth

John R. Haible Trust and Haible Realty Trust II to Andrew O. Crockett and Sarah C. Crockett

Katherine C. Hannan to Jacques Preble and Jessica Shattuck

Walter Oisin Haskell and Patrick A. Haskell to Noank Marine Service Rockland trust mortgage login View, LLC


Carol Ann Carey, Carol Ann Gardner, and Stephen J. Carey to Eric Peltola

George H. Robbins Jr. to Jeffery A. Swan and Miriah D. Swan

Susan M. Robbins and Susan M. Ferguson to Jeffery A. Swan and Miriah D. Swan

Helen C. Reed to Jeffery A. Swan and Miriah D. Swan

Edric R. Day Estate to Craig E. Nelson

Todd A. Simmons and Kimberly A. Simmons To Thomas Spear and Nancy Spear

Kimberley Heilig to Todd B. Caverly and Angela M. Caverly

BFE, LLC to David Longchamps and Laurie Longchamps


Ski House 141, LLC to James Allen Myers Jr. and Traci Lee Pelkey

Dante Ravelli to Jermaine Forbes and Emily Forbes

Cloud 9 Med, LLC to William Stilphen

William Stilphen to Bills Herbal Care, LLC

Sarah Jordan can be reached at [email protected]


Rockland Trust Company is a full-service community bank headquartered in Massachusetts, with approximately $5 billion in assets. The sole bank subsidiary of Independent Bank Corp. (NASDAQ: INDB), Rockland Trust provides a wide range of consumer, business, investment, and insurance products and services to communities in Eastern Massachusetts. Our network consists of 67 retail branches, nine commercial lending centers, four mortgage banking centers, and three investment management offices located in Massachusetts, plus one investment management and commercial lending office in Rhode Island.

Rockland Trust opened its doors in Rockland, Massachusetts in 1907, with the goal of "promoting the business activity and growth of Rockland and its vicinity." By building new branches and acquiring others over the past 105 years, we have grown from a rockland trust mortgage login branch in Rockland to a financial institution with nearly 200,000 customers. Rockland Trust maintains the largest deposit market share in Plymouth County.

In addition to organic growth, Rockland Trust has expanded through the acquisitions of Falmouth Cooperative Bank in 2004, Slades Ferry Trust Company in 2008, and Benjamin Franklin Bank in 2009. This latest expansion brought Rockland Trust to Boston's Metrowest area and added $1 billion to the bank's assets. In addition, Rockland Trust announced on May 1, 2012, the acquisition of Central Bank which will expand the bank's presence in Massachusetts' Middlesex County. Today, Rockland Trust is one of the largest employers in Eastern Massachusetts. In 2011, we were named to the Boston Globe's Top Places to Work list for the third consecutive year.



833 Ashley Boulevard  

New Bedford, MA 02745


Rockland Trust Appoints Karen Rebaza as Vice President, Residential Community Development Officer

Rockland Trust is pleased to welcome back Karen Rebaza to the Bank’s residential lending group. In her newly established role as Vice President, Residential Community Development Officer, Rebaza will be responsible for growing the Bank’s first time home buyer efforts through providing educational workshops, working with community housing organizations, and exploring opportunities for Rockland Trust to expand its residential product and program offerings in an effort to narrow Massachusetts’ home ownership gap.

“Rockland Trust is thrilled to have Karen back on rockland trust mortgage login residential lending team. Her extensive knowledge of how best to serve first time home buyers is a tremendous asset to the bank,” said Joseph Lamberti, Vice President, General Sales Manager of Residential Lending at Rockland Trust.  “Karen’s expertise and leadership will enable us to bring greater opportunities and resources to the individuals and families in the communities we serve.”

Rebaza rejoins Rockland Trust after spending two years serving as how to calculate balloon mortgage payment Assistant Director of Homebuyer Services for Boston’s Home Center; previously she worked as a senior loan officer at Rockland Trust and Blue Hills Bank. Throughout her usps office open today long career in the residential mortgage field, Rebaza has been deeply involved in advocating for the Boston community. She currently serves on the Board of Advisors for the East Boston YMCA board as well as the Advisory board for the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance’s STASH Program.

 “I am very excited to return to Rockland Trust and contribute to the Bank’s ongoing efforts to narrow the homeownership gap in Massachusetts”, said Rebaza. “I am eager to provide our community with specialized education and resources and assist our loan officers in building strong customer relationships.”

Rebaza came to the United States from Guatemala in 1992 and is fluent in both Spanish and English. Due to her passion and dedication when it comes to community and narrowing the home ownership gap, she has received multiple awards throughout her career recognizing bank of eastman magnolia state bank work in the mortgage field as well as her dedication to the community. Rebaza has received the Outstanding Professional Award, Mayor’s Office City of Lynn- Presenter Centro de Mujeres Latina: MARIA in both 2018 and 2019. In 2017, Rebaza also received the Inspiration and Dedication to the Latino Community in Boston from the City of Boston. She currently resides in East Boston with her husband Marco and her four children. 

Independent Bank Corp. (NASDAQ Global Select Market: INDB) is the holding company for Rockland Trust Company, a full-service commercial bank headquartered in Massachusetts. Rockland Trust was named to The Boston Globe’s “Top Places to Work” 2020 list, an honor earned for the 12th consecutive year. In 2021, Rockland Trust was ranked the #1 Bank in Massachusetts according to Forbes World’s Best Banks list for the second year in a row. Rockland Trust has a longstanding commitment to equity and inclusion. This commitment is underscored by initiatives such as Diversity and Inclusion leadership training, a colleague Allyship mentoring program, and numerous Employee Resource Groups focused on providing colleague support and education, reinforcing a culture of mutual respect and advancing professional development, and Rockland Trust’s sponsorship of diverse community organizations through charitable giving and employee-based volunteerism. In addition, Rockland Trust is deeply committed to the communities it serves, as reflected in the overall “Outstanding” rating in its most recent Community Reinvestment Act performance evaluation. Rockland Trust offers a wide range of banking, investment, and insurance services. The Bank serves businesses and individuals through approximately 100 retail branches, commercial and residential lending centers, and investment management offices in eastern Massachusetts, including Greater Boston, the South Shore, Cape Cod and Islands, Worcester County, and Rhode Island. Rockland Trust also offers a full suite of mobile, online, and telephone banking services. Rockland Trust is an FDIC member and an Equal Housing Lender. To find out why Rockland Trust is the bank “Where Each Relationship Matters®,” please visit

Contact NamePhoneRegionLanguageNMLS #
John Allard(617) 448-8324Greater Boston, North Shore, Metro West697230
Rui Chaves(401) 480-4442South Shore, South Coast, Metro South, Metro Boston, Cape Cod & IslandsPortuguese706482
Bernadette Conneely(781) 985-3674Metro West, Greater Boston414808
Lourdes Connolly(781) 789-4312Boston/Metro South- Easton, BrocktonSpanish466531
Richard Farley(508) 776-2510Cape Cod & Islands441891
Vincent Gregory(617) 283-1031Greater Boston, North Shore, Metro West686872
John Hancock(508) 930-5254South Shore, South Coast414677
Richard Howe(508) 243-4416Metro North, South Shore17638
Hong Ma(617) 306-9152Greater Boston, Quincy, Metro WestMandarin22183
Bonnie McCusker(978) 551-0456Greater Boston, North Shore, Metro West- Billerica, Burlington, Tewksbury, & Willimington485044
Edmond Metro(781) 844-7069Metro South, Braintree, South Shore33373
Celsa Moreno-Barker(978) 835-9375Greater Boston, North Shore, Metro WestSpanish, Portuguese31953
Robert Oliveira(508) 802-0935South Coast, South East New England401447
Dave Peterson(508) 245-4124South City bank lubbock texas phone number, Metro Boston414945
Kevin Rocheleau(508) 259-2676Greater Boston, Metro West498329
Stephen Ross(508) 360-2115Plymouth, Cape Cod & Islands24981
Karen Rebaza-Vargas(781) 558-6105Boston, Everett, Malden, Revere, Chelsea, LynnSpanish697232
Joel Sugarman(617) 686-9885South Shore, Metro Boston415020
James Tilley(617) 320-9581Greater Boston18931
Karen Vargas(781) 558-6105Metro West/ Boston- Chelsea, Revere, Malden, Everett, LynnSpanish697232
Valaria Zaverucha(508) 479-9835South Shore, Plymouth County242530

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Rockland Trust

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General Info
Rockland Trust, a subsidiary of Rockland trust mortgage login Bank, is a full-service community bank. The bank provides a range of consumer and business products and services through a network of more than 50 retail branches, nearly nine commercial lending centers and over five mortgage banking centers. With more than $3 billion in assets and nearly 800 employees, Rockland Trust offers a spectrum of personal, commercial and business banking options. It provides checking and savings accounts, deposit schemes, consumer who is elizabeth banks married to and investment management services, as well as mortgage, home and personal loans. In addition, Rockland Trust offers retirement plans and fiduciary services, as well as Internet and phone banking options for domestic and international customers.
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Mon - Wed:
Payment method
master card, visa

Rockland Trust Co

Raynham Branch & Commercial Lending Center

Rockland Trust Company

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rockland trust mortgage login


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