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Best savings interest rates in maryland

best savings interest rates in maryland

Best Basic Savings Rates. Leaving money in a regular bank account will usually get you a terrible interest rate, currently close to 0%. With a. A mortgage preapproval is a good starting point. It will give you an idea of what a bank is willing to lend to you. Keep in mind, though, just. DIVIDEND RATES MAY CHANGE AFTER ACCOUNT IS OPENED. Dividends are earned from day of deposit to day of withdrawal, compounded and credited monthly.
best savings interest rates in maryland
best savings interest rates in maryland

Best savings interest rates in maryland -

Rates, Account Types, Min. Deposit

Best Banks In Louisiana In 2022 Rates, Account Types, Min. Deposit

Maryland is known for a lot of things and its Banking industry is one of the most prominent ones. Known as Little America, the city is surrounded by hundreds of banks with top-notch services and awesome customer services. We will be looking at the best banks in Maryland.

Like I said earlier, the city is known for a lot of things and it is for this reason that Marquis De Lafayette had this submission about Maryland “It was by a Maryland colonel in the year 1777 that the British received, in the gallant defense of an important fort, one of the first lessons of what they were to expect from American valor and patriotism”

While Maryland is known for it’s historical antecedents as pointed out by Marquis, they have a robust business environment. One that allows anyone ready to “pay the price” thrive.

We would like to examine banks in Maryland. And, while there are so many of them, some have distinguished themselves from the services, they render to their customers and a lot more. It is these attributes and more that make some of these banks better rated than others.

Therefore, this article will be looking at the best banks you can find in Maryland. We will also be talking about their Interest rates, Min. deposit, and account types. Stay with me.

About Mary Land

Nicknamed Little America, Maryland is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, bordering Virginia, West Virginia, and the District Of Columbia to its south and west. Pennsylvania to its north, and Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean to its East.

The state’s largest city is Baltimore, and its capital is Annapolis. However, Maryland is not the main subject of this article.

Among it’s occasional nicknames are Old Line State, the free state, and the Chesapeake Bay State. Maryland is named after The English Queen Henrietta Maria, who was the wife of King Charles.

Maryland is a beautiful place to raise the kids live and enjoy live.

And it would interest you to know that the city was once inhabited by the native Americans in the 16th century.

Best Banks In Maryland

With hundred of banks in and around the city, choosing one to bank with might be a little bit of pickle. It won’t anymore if you read this article.

#1. Ally Bank

The bank offers high APY, great customer service, and no fees or minimums. However, they have no branches.

The bank best suits those that are very comfortable with online and mobile banking.

This financial institution has revolutionized all that online banking stands for. It may not be a brick and mortar bank, but they have the best rates and a good customer service provide through their banking app.

Additionally, Ally is one of the best banks in Chicago and some other big American cities.

Ally’s Interest Checking Account is a great pairing for savings customers who make consistent transactions and need ample access to cash.

In Ally, Accounts with a minimum daily balance above $15,000 earn a 0.25% APY, whereas those under that threshold receive a 0.10% APY.

All customers receive a free debit card they can use anywhere, including 55,000 fee-free ATMs within the Allpoint ATM network.

If you’re forced to use an out-of-network ATM, the bank will cover up to $10 in ATM fees per statement cycle.

It’s Apple and Android mobile apps review average a 4.35 rating out of 5.

#2. Bank Of America

The bank offers a variety of checking, savings, and lending options and a top-rated mobile banking experience.

It has the strongest market share out of the largest banks in Maryland. And the reason for this isn’t far fetched. They have a hundred branches in the state alone, so it’s easy for anyone to walk in any of their branches and conducts his or her business.

The bank offers numerous services to its customers, so you’re easily going to find what suits your need. Whether you’re opening an account for the first time or you’re looking to borrow some money, they have a plan that is just right for you.

In addition, the bank allows you to open money market accounts (MMAs), certificates of deposit (CDs), individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and more. You can also apply for credit cards, home loans and auto loans. 

While they have numerous branches littered all over America, they also have an online platform that helps you conduct your transactions seamlessly. The app is easy to use app that offers valuable information.

#3. BB & T Bank

The bank has lots f products and top rated banking app. They have over a 160 offices through Maryland and is operational in 15 states of the country.

Account holders in Branch Banking and Trust bank have access to more than 3,000 fee-free ATMs. The bank have enormous commitment to community, however, they still offer virtually the same types of products you’d find at national banks.

BB & T offers both checking, savings and CD and IRA options as well as loans and insurance products.

However, the bank stands out from several competitors by offering health saving accounts (HSAs), which you can pair with a high-deductible health plan (HDHP). These savings vehicles are designed to help you pay for qualified medical expenses says SmartAsset.

They provide the following tax advantages says

  • Make tax-deductible contributions up to the annual limit
  • Earnings grow tax-free
  • Withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are tax-free

With BB&T, you can open a Bright Banking account with $50. The bank will waive the $12 monthly service fee if you set up direct deposit of at least $500 or if you maintain a minimum average checking balance of $1,500. BB&T offers five distinct checking options including one designed for college students and another meant for senior citizens. 

#4. CIT Bank

The bank has one of the best APYs on the market, no monthly fees, and a low $100 minimum.

CIT Bank’s Savings Builder account helps you save and offers a top-tier 0.45% APY when they either make $100 in monthly deposits or maintain a $25,000 account balance. 

CIT is an online/ mobile-based bank and this can be very difficult for people joining the bank for the first time. This is because they do not have physical branches, and this naturally should affect their customer service. However, that isn’t the case. Their mobile app is well optimized for easy navigation and has a combined 3.5-star rating out of five, from Apple and Android users of their app.

The bank is best known for those who already have a large savings balance or can contribute frequently.

  • Money ma/brket account
  • Premier High-Yield Savings account
  • 6-month to 5-year term CDs
  • 2-year to 5-year jumbo CDs
  • 1-year to 4-year “RampUp” CDs
  • No-Penalty/11-Month CDs

#5. M&T Bank

They have an inexpensive and easy-to-manage savings account, several branches in and out of Maryland, and many easy ways to waive the monthly fee.

Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company (M&T Bank) offers some of the most affordable and convenient savings accounts.

The bank waives the fee on its Relationship Savings account if you make at least one direct deposit per statement cycle. You can also avoid the fee by maintaining a minimum daily balance of $500 or if you also open any personal checking account with M&T Bank. 

They have over 150 branches in Maryland and many more outside the state that affords you the opportunity to have one very close to you.

#6. TD Bank

They have arrays of banking, investment and insurance products coupled with high-yield tiered CDs.

They have impeccable customer support relations and a dozen full branches through Maryland, with over a thousand branches nationwide.

TD Bane offers nearly everything in the financial services dictionary. You can open checking accounts, savings options, CDs, IRAs and more. The bank even extends access to their own Tax Resource center.

#7. PNC Bank

The bank has an opportunity for relationship rate boosts, an auto savings tool, and gives overdraft protection with a PNC checking account.

PNC Bank offers one of the best savings accounts and they are of two types, with one specifically for kids.

The PNC Standard Savings account offers the best deal with rates as low as 0.01% APY.

However, you can unlock better rates by linking a PNC checking account to your Standard Savings. It could also be done by making at least five qualifying purchases each month with your debit card or PNC Visa® credit card.

The bank is best known for East Coast and Midwest customers looking for a full suite of banking products and who value physical locations.

PNC provides you a virtual wallet tied to your checking and savings accounts.

The bank has several personal banking products including money market accounts and CDs. Also, they have a wealth of digital features that help users navigate easily, to get the best services.

#8. SunTrust Bank

The bank do not take monthly service fees from and they have an online and mobile banking features.

The Bank is best for college students who value digital features but also appreciate having access to physical branches.

They have a checking account just for students and wave monthly service fee up to five years from when you open it. This applies to students enrolling or enrolled in high school, college, university, technical, or trade school with proof of enrollment.

#9. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Company is an American based company in Maryland. This company is the third-largest bank in the US by assets. They also have the 26th rank in Fortune 500 rankings. This bank provides student loans for students and undergraduates for their educational purpose.

They have a wallet, Fargo wallet; which was launched for easy accessibility. They have a motive to stay with their customers and make them build confidence and succeed in their goal. They have very good customer interaction.

#10. First Citizens Bank

First citizen bank was established in 1898, they provide digital banking where online net banking and mobile banking is provided for customer’s easy accessibility. The bank has three main sections personal, business, wealth.

They work for their motto “Working hard, asking questions, planning ahead, and Taking care of customers”. They are each and every customer as a valuable one and never let go of their trust. The bank provides car loans, credit cards, CDs, student loans, auto loans, etc.


RankingBankAccount Interest RateMin. Deposit
1Ally BankAll0.50%$0
2Bank Of AmericaAll0.01%$100
4CIT BankAll0.45%$100
5M&T BankAll0.02%$25
6TD BankAll0.05%$0
7PNC BankAll0.01%$25
8SunTrust BankAll0.01%$0
9Wells FargoAll0.0%$0
10First CitizensAll0.10%$0.10

Here’s a list of the best banks in Maryland. However, this list does not suggest that other banks are below par. Thee listing is based on the writers ranking factor and for ease of writing this article.


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The Best Savings Accounts in Maryland

Maryland is home to more than 6 million Americans and located right next to our nation’s capital.

These factors have combined to make it an important market for the banks of the United States.

Because most of the six million residents of Maryland need bank accounts, the banks that operate in the state compete to draw new customers. Of the many services that banks offer, the savings account is one of the most common.

Savings accounts are designed with two goals in mind. They provide consumers with a safe place to keep their spare cash. They also pay interest, giving people a way to grow their savings over time.

Savings accounts are easy to withdraw money from when compared to investment accounts. That makes them well suited for storage of money you might need in a pinch, such as emergency savings.

If you live in Maryland and want a savings account, this article will discuss some of your options. Taking the time to find the right bank can help you get a great deal on an account.

Largest Banks in Maryland

The largest banks in Maryland, by deposits, are:

  • Bank of America
  • M&T Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Capital One
  • BB&T
  • Suntrust Bank
  • Sandy Spring Bank
  • Citi
  • TD Bank

This list includes a mixture of national and local banks. We recommend that Marylanders consider one of the following banks if they need to open a savings account:

  • M&T Bank
  • Suntrust Bank
  • United Bank

Local banks aren’t the only banks you should consider. You should take the time to look into online banks and local credit unions.

They both offer their own benefits and drawbacks.

Online Savings Accounts are Available Nationwide

Local banks aren’t the only option available to you.

Online banks have become more popular in recent years and they are known for having great savings account offerings.

Many traditional banks have cut interest rates and raised fees in the past decade. This means that customers often wind up paying for the service of having a bank account.

Online banks flip this trend on its head, paying rates ten to one hundred times higher than traditional banks do. They also tend to charge low or no fees.

Lower fees, higher rates

Interest rates and fees can have a massive impact on the value of your savings.

If you leave your money to grow for a few years, even what seems like a small difference can cause a change of hundreds to thousands of dollars in your ending balance.

Don’t forget that brick and mortar banks often charge fees.

If you paid a monthly fee, it could wipe out all of the interest you earned, leaving you with less than you deposited in total.

That’s another reason to choose an online bank.

No minimum deposits

If you don’t have much money to spare but want to start saving, online banks are a great choice.

Many brick and mortar banks require that you have $50 or $100 to deposit to open a new savings accounts.

Most online banks have minimum deposit requirements of $10 or less. Some even let you open an account with just a penny.

Your money is safe

People often perceive online banks as less safe than brick and mortar banks. Admittedly, giving your money to a bank you can’t see can be scary, but online banks are just as safe.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation will insure your savings account, up to a limit of $250,000. If you deposit money to an online bank that later goes bankrupt, the FDIC will reimburse you for the lost amount.

The insurance limit applies by account type at a bank.

If you have two personal savings accounts, you’re only protected on up to $250,000 in combined balances.

You can get additional protection by opening a savings account at a different bank or by opening a joint account at the same bank.

Your Best Savings Options at Local Maryland Banks

Local banks offer two major benefits that national banks cannot.

One is that local banks can provide more personalized service.

Think about the difference between visiting a local farmer’s market when compared to going to a huge grocery store. The person at the farmer’s market will get to know you and what kind of foods you like.

They might be able to make recommendations or offer you deals as you get to know each other.

The staff at a local bank will get to know you over time and will be better equipped to provide specialized help.

The second is that local banks specifically target local consumers.

National banks have to meet the needs of people across the country.

Features that are helpful to someone in California may not be useful to people who are in Maryland. A local bank can put its full focus on providing services that meet the needs of local customers and avoid wasting money on services that won’t be used by its customers.

One good reason to work with a national bank is that they offer huge networks of branches and ATMs.

If you travel regularly or wind up moving, you’ll have no trouble using your existing bank account. You might have to pay some ATM fees or change banks if you travel or move and only have an account at a regional bank.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Savings Accounts from Local Banks

  • Lower fees than national banks (but not always)
  • Personal service for account management
  • Smaller branch and ATM networks
  • Interest rates are not the highest available

M&T Bank e-Money Market

The M&T Bank e-Money Market Account gives consumers the benefits of a fee-free savings account with some of the flexibility of a checking account.
Money Market Accounts are a special type of bank account.

They offer the interest rates of savings accounts with the check-writing ability of checking accounts. They often have higher interest rates than savings accounts because banks have more freedom to invest money you deposit to a money market account.

The increased flexibility and interest is usually compensated for by fees and high minimum deposits. The M&T Bank e-Money Market Account charges no monthly fee.

The only fee to watch out for is a $12.50 withdrawal fee on every withdrawal after the sixth in a month. There’s also no minimum deposit requirement and no minimum balance that you must maintain.

Suntrust Essential Savings Account

The Suntrust Essential Savings Account’s main goal is to be easy to open and easy to use.

This is clearly shown with the account’s minimum deposit and balance requirements.

To open the account, you need to have just a penny. There’s no huge minimum deposit requirement to meet. There’s also no minimum balance. As long as you have a penny in the account, you’ll earn interest.

One fee to watch out for is the $3 monthly paper statement fee. Signing up for electronic statements will let you avoid this fee relatively easily. If you do this, the account won’t carry any monthly fees.

There are some extra features that make the account even more useful. You can sign up for balance alerts to help you avoid overdrawing your account or to help keep track of your goals. You can also set up automatic savings transfers.

United Bank Platinum Savings Account

The United Bank Platinum Savings offers another fee-free way to start saving.

To open the account, you’ll have to make a $50 initial deposit. Once the account is open, there won’t be a minimum balance requirement. There will also be no monthly fee. The only fee to worry about is the $5 excessive transaction fee that applies to each withdrawal after the sixth in a statement period.

You can also request an ATM card attached to the account. You can use it to make withdrawals at any United Bank ATM.

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Best Banks In Maryland In 2022 Rates, Account Types, Min. Deposit

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Compare banks across the United States, including high yield savings accounts, CD rates, money market accounts, and fixed annuity rates. This guide includes credit unions, online banks, large financial institutions, and regional banks. Our mission to allow you to find the best-fixed rate high-yield savings account to grow your money in an easy, convenient way.

This guide is ideal for:

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  • 2 YEAR TERM: 2.15%
  • 3 YEAR TERM: 2.60%
  • 4 YEAR TERM: 2.60%
  • 5 YEAR TERM: 3.05%
  • 7 YEAR TERM: 3.25%
  • Grow your money as fast as possible
  • Principal protection
  • Interest rate is locked for the term you select
  • Tax deferred growth
  • Withdraw annually without penalty
  • Lump sum death benefits
  • Accepts cash, 401(k), and IRA Funds

What’s The Difference Between a Fixed Annuity and CD?

FeatureFixed AnnuityCD
Who OffersInsurance CompanyBanks
Premium Amounts$2,500 to $1 Million$500 – No Maximum
Terms2 Years to 20 Years3 Months to 7 Years
Guaranteed Interest RatesUp to 3.25%Up to 1.25%
Principal ProtectionYesYes
Can Lose Money?NoNo
Liquid After Term100%100%
How Are Gains Taxed?Tax-DeferredTaxed Annually
Annual LiquidityUp to 10% AnnuallyNo Liquidity
Who Protects My Money?Insurance Company/SGAFDIC
Accepts IRAYesNo
Accepts 401(k)YesNo
Death BenefitLump-SumLump-Sum

Are Annuities FDIC Insured?

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For example, Georgia insures up to $250,000 of the annuity’s cash value per insured life if the insurance company becomes insolvent and can not fulfill its obligations to the insured.

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best savings interest rates in maryland

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