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Weekend at bernies streaming

weekend at bernies streaming

Weekend at Bernie's II 1993 Full movie online MyFlixer MyFlixer is a Free Movies streaming site with zero ads. That when they decide to get Bernie from the. Rent Weekend at Bernie's 2 (1993) starring Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman on DVD and Blu-ray. Get unlimited DVD Movies & TV Shows delivered to your. Weekend at Bernie's Two friends are invited for a weekend to a luxury island with their boss. The boss gets shot and nobody seems to notice, except for the.
weekend at bernies streaming

Weekend at bernies streaming -


Bernie may be dead, but he's still the life of the party!

Two friends are invited for a weekend to a luxury island with their boss. The boss gets killed and nobody seems to notice, except for the two friends. In order not to become suspects of murder they treat the body as a puppet and make people believe he's still alive. The killer wants to do his job so when he is informed that the stiff is still alive he's got to shoot him again, and again, and again.

Popular reviews

  • Matt Singer

    As pure a vision of hell as the cinema has produced.

  • Diamondbolt

    I'm a little concerned at how hard I was laughing at the dead body

  • christmas di leo 🎄🎅☃️

    i got this dvd almost 20 years ago for free when my mom ordered the "pizza hut movie deal." i watched the shit out of it then and i continue to watch the shit out of it now, it's a massive guilty pleasure for me. terry kiser drops the fucking mic acting in this baby, what commitment! pure 80s cinematic excellence, this thing could only be made then.


  • JBird

    Waiting for the Hamptons all week,
    (Though most of Long Island is bleak),
    Party with Bernie,
    Who belongs on a gurney,
    In what they call "80's chic".

  • Naughty aka Juli Norwood


    Film #3 of the "Scavenger Hunt" Challenge!
    Task #1 : A film you would want shown at your funeral!


    Terry Kiser gives the liveliest most memorable performance ever as a dead corpse of Bernie Lomax! The physical comedy is extremely well done! Too good in fact, apparently Bernie's stuntman broke some ribs during the filming of the more physically demanding stunts! One scene in particular became a nightmare for the stuntman the one involving Bernie's corpse body skiing!

    Add co-stars Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman to the mix and the laughter levels exceed the allowed decibel limits!

    Special mention goes to Don Calfa as Paulie the rusty hit man whom completely loses it when his assassination attempt appears to have gone horribly awry!

    Cheesy 80s at its best!

  • Deckk

    Larry and Richard are invited to their boss’ beach apartment where the two losers find their employer — the titular Bernie — assassinated. Instead of reporting it to the authorities, they decide to pretend Bernie is perfectly healthy, be it a little drunk, for the weekend.

    Weekend at Bernie’s can be killing when it sticks to its central premise, but it barely does. It takes half the film’s runtime before the story allows for the first dead Bernie gags to be made, and once finally there, hardly a quarter cup is milked from it. The potential comedy goldmine is abandoned almost untapped to instead steer off-road past far lesser tropes. The speedboat segment at the end of the film is…

  • Emily Housel

    was laughing so hard i was crying nobody told me it was this funny wtf

  • maddie

    The way that everbody in this movie is so dumb...

  • Noah Thompson

    What kind of a host invites you to his house for the weekend and dies on you?

    About the most "It's not great, but it gets the job done." 80's comedy I've seen. Darker comedy, good mix of written and physical bits, all led by two of the most annoying "New Yawka" characters I've come across in a film. So, the effect of the jokes are sometimes hit or miss. Admittedly took me a while to get behind the film and its tone, but with time and enough patience built towards the leads and their absurd incompetence, it all became fun for me. The concept of Weekend at Bernie's as well is to me one of those elevator pitches for…

  • AD917

    Two obnoxious yuppie schmucks turn the body of their recently deceased boss into their own personal meat puppet so they can use his beach house to scam on chicks. It’s funny, I swear! It has no business working on any level, but dammit, it makes me laugh!

    If it works for you at all—and I wouldn’t blame you if you said it didn’t—it’ll be because Ted Kotcheff understands how to shoot an old school sight gag. Yes, the Canadian director of FirstBlood and the Australian psycho-horror art film freakout Wake in Fright (seriously, what a bizarre and diverse career that guy had) knows his slapstick, and might not have been so out of place directing Abbot & Costello or the…

  • DirkH

    Film #92 of Make me watch your favourite.
    Recommended by Daryl.

    From the guy that brought you Rambo: First Blood comes Zombie Puppeteering: The Movie.

    Unlike Bernie, this film has gone a bit sour.

    Or I have.

    Probably both.

    On a more serious note, Terry Kiser totally should've gotten an Oscar for this.

  • 𝐇𝐚𝐲𝐝𝐞𝐧 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐀𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞

    Comedy is the most fucked up genre lol

    The mileage this movie gets out of one joke is incredible

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  • Weekend at Bernie's II

As you may have noticed, around these parts we often like to write retrospectives on the milestones of big movies, revisiting the films, examining their cultural impact, marveling at how long it’s been, and blah blah blah. So when someone pointed out that ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ was going to be 25 years old on July 5th, I thought, sure, I’ll write that. It was a film I sort of remembered from childhood and haven’t watched since, and it’s always interesting to revisit a mainstream comedy from decades past. The good ones tend to have a timeless quality, and the ones that don’t hold up are just as interesting as cultural artifacts, these sort of comedy time capsules. And like ‘Big’ (1988), ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ (1989) has that oddly anachronistic depiction of the New York City corporate working world of the late 1980s – which mostly involved a lot of smoking indoors and people making fun of you for working with computers, I gather. The working world was apparently so buttoned up and beige that everything else had to be a big-haired bedazzled jazzercise nightmare to compensate. Or maybe they just had to make it look that way as an excuse for only wanting to party. Just workin’ for the weekend, brah! (*guitar shred*)

In any case, you know how these pieces usually go – a mixture of wistful appreciation, a careful notation of charming anachronisms (you couldn’t say that anymore!), and we all get our fill of nostalgia for the day (remember pogs?! remember your youth!?).

Only, rewatching ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ led me to a bigger question: Why does anyone remember this powerfully, powerfully mediocre movie? It feels a lot more like 1989’s ‘Due Date,’ or ‘Identity Thief.’ Remember those movies? No, you don’t, and rightly so. Yet 25 years later, ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ has dance moves named after it!

You know the set up: two guys, played by Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman, go to an awesome party at their boss’s house in the Hamptons (actually the fictional Hampton Island in the movie) over Labor Day. Only when they get there, the boss is dead, and rather than call the cops, they pretend he’s still alive so they can KEEP PARTYIN’! (*puts on Hawaiian shirt, wears lamp shade on head*)

One thing I do love and miss about the 80s was that partying was seen as the ultimate goal of existence. Don’t need nooooothin, but a gooooood time... And how can I resist, as they say (have fun having that in your head all day). But do you realize that it takes ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ a full 45 minutesof screen time to set this plot that we already know from the poster into motion? People seemed to have a low tolerance for any premise that didn’t have an ancient curse or shrinking ray or body swap in the 1980s, but at least in ‘Big’ they get the genie in and out in the first 10 minutes. Yadda yadda yadda okay Tom Hanks acts like a little kid now. THAT’S how a high concept premise is supposed to go. ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ makes you wait HALF THE MOVIE for absolutely the only thing remotely interesting about it.

Before that, it’s nothing but terrible ADR, caricatures from cereal commercials, and two of the most uncompelling leads in blockbuster history. Imagine ‘Stripes’ if they hadn’t joined the army until the third act. Actually, that’s a bad comparison. Where ‘Stripes’ had Bill Murray, ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ had… Jonathan Silverman. Andrew McCarthy was the bigger star at the time, and that holds true even now, as he’s basically the only person in the cast who has other titles before “perhaps best known for his role in ‘Weekend at Bernie’s'” on his Wikipedia page. One of which was ‘Mannequin,’ two years earlier. Say what you will, the man was great at playing second fiddle to a corpse. As a side note, if you were great at playing comatose or you were a comedic African-American little person in the 1980s, you probably thought you were going to ride that gravy train until the wheels fell off. How many aspiring Willises and Websters and McCarthies never got their shot? Sad.

Anyway, Silverman plays “uptight guy” and McCarthy plays “loosen up, bro!” for 45 goddamned minutes before anything happens. The film opens with a shot of kids playing in a fire hydrant so that you know that it’s set in New York in the summer time, a shot used so often before and since that I’m convinced the hydrant industry must’ve been paying for placement. But okay, it was ’89, probably not as hack back then.

Other than that, all that really happens is that we learn Silverman and McCarthy apparently have a job reading dot matrix printouts, and get introduced to Silverman’s love interest, a summer intern played bralessly (I do love that about 80s movies) by Catherine Mary Stewart, who was 30 years old at the time. The twin 80s practices of condoning banging the college intern and casting 30-year-olds to play college students found a weird sort of synergy here. Meanwhile, Porsche-driving ladies man Bernie Lomax (Terry Kiser) is busy being an alpha playboy at probably the last moment in time when you could still pull that off while rocking a Freddie Mercury ‘stache (don’t worry, it’s coming back).

At a Manhattan restaurant, we meet Bernie’s mobster associates, the main one of whom is named “Vito,” because like I said, this movie is basically a Chex Mix commercial. The mob guys are eventually going to kill Bernie, because he’s been shackin’ up with the main mob guy’s girlfriend, who is basically Fran Drescher from ‘The Nanny,’ a stock character I get down on my knees every night to thank Jesus no longer shows up much in popular culture. We know this because she keeps trying to tickle Bernie’s balls under the table with her foot. Can you imagine if the guy who invented the surreptitious dinner party jack-off scene was getting royalties? Dude would be a millionaire. Anyway, the mob girl keeps calling him “Boinie,” shouting like she’s projecting to the top row, and the mob assassin wears a cravat and a boating hat on the way to Hampton Island because this entire movie is like a middling episode of ‘Two and a Half Men.’

In the first 45 minutes of the movie, the most memorable thing that happens is this lady’s sunglasses:

Finally, after many long stretches of these two milquetoasts yammering at each other, we get to the meat of this particular story: these guys having to pretend Bernie is alive so they can party at his house and hang out with hot babes. One of whom is Eloise Broady, the Playboy Playmate for April 1988, who walks up in a tiny thong bikini with the bottoms pulled halfway up her ribcage, 80s/early 90s-style, kitted out with giant wrist bangles and Reebok pumps (!!!), bouncing as she walks so that her boobs sproing up and down in an exaggerated fashion.

I mention the boobs because they’re just about all this movie has to recommend it so far.

Okay, so all the Hampton Islandites show up at Bernie’s huge house, this post-modern nightmare that looks like the architectural equivalent of Eddie Van Halen’s signature guitar (lines goin’ every which way because RADICAL!). The superficial townies take over Bernie’s place before the two main dudes can even hide the body. Rather than be horrified by the corpse like the boys expect, no one notices, and just carries on like before. There’s a thimble full of comedy in that and a Playboy cartoon’s worth of social commentary, which is fine until you realize that this is going to have to sustain the other 45 minutes of movie. You know the whole no-one-notices-the-dead-guy-is-dead joke is wearing a little thin when the Boinie chick (pronouncing his name completely differently now, probably because the actress was from Florida in real life) shows back up to have sex with Bernie’s corpse, and then comes downstairs smoking a cigarette afterwards like it was the best sex she ever had. And not even so much as makes a rigor mortis joke, because clearly no one making this movie really gave that much of a shit.

If you try to think of one ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ scene without rewatching it, the one you probably remember is Bernie being dragged behind a speed boat, skipping along in the water and clanging into a series of channel markers. To be fair to our stupid memories, it is easily the best moment in the film, and the closest I came to laughing during it. It’s hard to deny the pure slapstick of it, and the fact that it absolves you of your guilt over it because he’s dead, but still feels a little wicked because of corpse abuse. The corpse abuse jokes – stapling the wig to Bernie’s head, throwing him off a deck, running him into a channel marker – are great. That’s hard slapstick, and everyone loves hard slapstick,. I can still watch the Three Stooges or Buster Keaton and laugh my dick off. The corpse abuse is much funnier than the everyone-thinks-he’s-still-alive jokes, which is more like the kind of smile/groan comedy you find in the Sunday funnies, though the filmmakers don’t seem to have realized this.

The part of the boat scene you don’t remember is the five tedious minutes leading up to it, of these two guys being THE WORST BOAT DRIVERS IN THE WORLD. They’d jumped in Bernie’s speedboat to speed back to New York, with Silverman asking “Do you know how to drive a boat?” to which McCarthy responds, “Are you kiddin’? I was born on a boat!” har har.

All leading to a scene in which McCarthy 1. doesn’t remember to untie the boat, 2. runs into a docked boat, 3. throws an anchor at a dock, 4. runs into another boat (in the open water this time), and 5. almost runs into an even bigger boat. If you thought there was a limit to the number of times a screenwriter could reuse the “oh crap I didn’t see that house-sized thing until it was right next to me!” joke, that limit is apparently more than three. It’s hard to laugh at any characters this inept and stupid if they aren’t getting hit with things.

The scene is emblematic of a movie that never met a half-assed joke premise it couldn’t wildly overdo. It’s a high concept. I get it, it doesn’t need to be believable. But it could at least throw in some token nods to believability – a rigor mortis reference here, a character not costumed like a Mexican variety show there – you know, jokes based on things that might actually happen, even ensconced in this world of high concept silliness. Every time there’s an opportunity to inject a recognizable situation or human emotion, the screenwriter seems to just snort another line shouting “OKAY, NOW WHAT IF THE CORPSE BONED A CHICK!”

Okay, so it’s not a great movie. At best it’s a 90-minute Garfield comic strip (“here we go again, lol!”). Nonetheless, it all managed to get boiled down into a memorable trailer, and a poster where concept and visual were integrated. You see it once and you get it, instantly, like the Ghostbusters logo.

Also, Terry Kiser did make a great chilled out party corpse.

Now, I didn’t bring up this old movie just so I could rip on it. I bring it up because I too remembered it in a fond sort of way. This despite the fact that it’s mostly a bland piece of shit, and I have to imagine always was (50% on RottenTomatoes and Ebert’s one star review seem to confirm). Do we remember the movie, or just the trailer and the poster? I think the advertising had managed to count more than the merit of the actual product in my brain and I hadn’t even noticed. The fact that we remember movies like this at all reminds me of that scene in ‘Demolition Man’ (which was way more prescient about the future than people gave it credit for) where the characters turn on the radio and start singing along to “oldies,” which are actually just commercial jingles. The more we keep recycling shit from our childhoods – the reboots, the remakes, the 20-years-past-due sequels (a conversation Weekend At Bernie’s has been a part of)  – solely because we remember them, the more I imagine that scene becoming reality, a future of beloved commercial jingles for products no one remembers anymore.


Weekend at Bernie's


A star rating of 3 out of 5.

OK, it's a one-joke movie and, yes, the gags are largely moronic, but this is still pretty good fun. Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman play the two junior executives who are forced to pretend that their crooked boss (Terry Kiser) is still alive over a weekend in which he is to host a swinging party at the beach. It's a lot more tasteless than you would expect from Hollywood and, in fact, from usually reliable but dull Ted Kotcheff, but Kiser makes it all worthwhile in a scene-stealing performance as the much put-upon corpse. Actually, he is probably too good: it's hard to avoid typecasting as an actor and there are few major roles as dead people.

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Larry WilsonAndrew McCarthy
Richard ParkerJonathan Silverman
Gwen SaundersCatherine Mary Stewart
Bernie LomaxTerry Kiser
Paulie, the "Iceman"Don Calfa
TinaCatherine Parks
TawnyEloise Broady
MartyGregory Salata
VitoLouis Giambalvo


DirectorTed Kotcheff


Theatrical distributor
Rank Film Dists Ltd
Released on
Contains violence and swearing
Available on
video, DVD and Blu-ray

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Weekend at Bernie’s Streaming on Hulu

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EW creates extras for ''Weekend at Bernie's''

Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy cavort with a corpse that water-skis, gets laid, and, more unbelievably, scores a sequel, and yet the only bonus on Weekend at Bernie’s is the trailer? Uh-uh. After mercilessly grilling Silverman, EW drummed up its own extras.

It was supposed to costar Silverman and Jon Cryer. ”They had us screen-test for both roles, so all we knew was that one of us would be playing [Richard] and the other would be playing [Larry], and we’d start shooting in a few weeks. I’m not sure what happened. Then it became me and Andrew.”

On that sex scene: ”This is me reading the script: ‘Who the f— is going to find this funny?’ But people did. And they found it endearing. . .Terry Kiser [Bernie] did something so clever: He died with a smirk on his face, which let the audience love him.”

”There’s a scene where I’m wheeling Bernie in a little red wagon, and his head is supposed to bounce up against the wood deck. Terry had cracked a rib in the first weeks of shooting, so I’m doing it gingerly. It’s starting to rain, and we’re losing sun, and Ted Kotcheff [who also directed First Blood] is up on top of this crane with a bullhorn screaming at me for being such a pansy. ‘Who cares about Terry’s broken rib?!”’

Gag Reel
”We were stuck on the ocean for hours at a time. Occasionally, we’d have to pee. In the dailies one day, there’s a special shot, without any dialogue or sound, of me p—ing off the side of the speedboat.”

Easter Egg
Where’s Bernie now? After traveling the world and spending two years in France, Kiser’s enjoying life on his Colorado ranch — and peddling a Bernie’s 3 script. ”I think there’s great potential,” he says. ”I still get busted every place I go. In the middle of an African safari, a guy says, ‘Bernie?”’

weekend at bernies streaming


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