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Bmo harris bank online loan payment

bmo harris bank online loan payment

BMO Harris Bank auto loan payoff address. Dealer and consumer payoff. PO Box. Overnight bank payoff address - Lienholder Titling - Loss Payee. F&I Tools. Aug 14, 2019 - A Associação anunciou em 7 de janeiro que a ADA Member Advantage nomeou o BMO Harris Bank como seu novo credor exclusivamente endossado para. We're here to help for all life's moments, no matter how big or small. Tweet us 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. ET. Pour le français, suivez @BMOfr.
bmo harris bank online loan payment

800 Number for BMO Harris

How to call BMO Harris: for customer service, dial the toll free number below for account questions. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

BMO Harris Customer Service / Support

1-888-340-2265 (24/hrs)

  • Welcome to BMO Harris bank.
  • Para Espanol, prime ocho.
  • For personal banking, press 1.
    • For account and loan information, to transfer funds or for other account related matters, press 1.
      • Please note all 1098 and 1099 tax forms were postmarked and mailed on February 2nd. Based on IRS reporting roles BMO Harris Does not report interest earned is the total for all interest bearing checking savings and CD accounts is less than $10 or loan interest paid is less than 600.
      • Please enter your account number or Social Security number followed by the pound key.
    • To open a new account or to apply for a mortgage loan or credit card, press 2.
    • To report a lost or stolen ATM or debit card, and for all TMM for debit care related matters, press 3.
    • For all online and mobile the skeleton key in hindi download matters, press 4.
    • For other matters including personal access code, pack or telephone banking pin changes for this automated system, press 5.
    • To speak with a banker press 0.
  • For commercial or business banking, press 2.


Payments & Transfers

Bonus Offer

Offer is valid on new accounts only. To qualify, company must spend $3,000 within the first three months of account opening to receive the bonus. 10,000 bonus points will be credited within 60 days of qualification under the description: Commercial Spend Bonus.

Earning Points

Base Rewards Tier: Earns (i) one (1) bmo harris bank online loan payment for each dollar you spend for net retail purchases (gross retail purchases less any returns or credits), (ii) three (3) points for each dollar you spend for net retail purchases in the follow rewards category: gas stations (2 additional points on top of the 1 point per dollar earned on net retail purchases), (iii) two (2) points for each dollar you spend for net retail purchases in the following rewards categories: restaurants and travel (airlines, auto rental, and lodging) (1 additional point on top of the 1 point per dollar earned on net retail purchases).

Rewards Categories: Merchants who accept Visa credit cards are assigned a merchant code, which is determined by the merchant or its processor in accordance with Visa procedures based on the kinds of products and services they primarily sell. We group similar merchant codes into categories for purposes of making reward offers to you. We make every effort to include all relevant merchant codes in our rewards categories. However, even though a merchant or some of the items that it sells may appear to fit within a rewards category, the merchant may not have a merchant code in that category. When this occurs, purchases with that merchant won't qualify for rewards offers on purchases in that category.

Businesses may earn up to 10,000 points per calendar month, excluding bonus points. Points earned are available for redemption for a 3 year term. Points expiring during the year will be cleared from the Program Account on the last day of the month in which they expire.

Rewards Redemption

Businesses in the Base Rewards Bmo harris bank online loan payment may redeem points for (i) cash back to a First Citizens checking or savings account or credit card statement credits, (ii) credit towards a First Citizens personal loan or mortgage principal, (iii) Pay Me Back statement credits, (iv) travel rewards, including airline tickets, hotel, car rentals, cruises and tours, (v) retail gift cards and certificates and (vi) merchandise and (vii) donations.

These Terms are only a summary. Other restrictions and requirements apply. The full First Citizens Rewards® Program Rules will be provided upon enrollment and are accessible via the program website at at log in.

Program Rules are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Chase Bank mobile banking

BMO Harris Bank Review

Founded over 130 years ago, BMO Harris Bank maintains over 500 brick-and-mortar locations across eight states. It features a host of online and mobile banking tools to fit a variety of banking needs.

In addition to traditional checking and savings accounts, BMO Harris offers personal loans, mortgages, retirement and investment accounts, wealth management services and business and commercial banking.

This review is focused on the personal banking options available at BMO Harris Bank. Here’s a closer look at what BMO Harris has to offer consumers and where they stand compared to other banking institutions.

Account Basics


BMO Harris has three checking accounts available for bmo harris bank online loan payment customers.

Smart Advantage checking. BMO Harris’s most popular checking account, Smart Advantage, requires no monthly maintenance fees and a $25 minimum opening deposit. Paper statement fees are $2 each month, but you can opt for paperless statements and waive the fee. The account comes with a BMO Harris Bank Debit Mastercard.

Smart Money checking. This checking account comes with a $5 monthly fee, but that fee is waived for customers under age 25. There is a $25 minimum opening deposit requirement. Because customers can bmo harris bank online loan payment spend available funds in the account, there are no overdraft or non-sufficient fund fees. Smart Money accounts, like Smart Advantage accounts, give you the option to opt out of paper statements and waive the $2 fee. A BMO Harris Bank Debit Mastercard comes with the account.

Premier checking. As BMO Harris’ only interest-bearing checking account, Premier accounts require an initial $25 deposit and have a $25 monthly fee. The monthly fee can be waived by meeting any of these requirements:

  • $10,000 minimum daily balance
  • $25,000 in combined BMO Harris accounts
  • A BMO Harris investment account

All account balances earn interest, but you’ll need to have at least $25,000 in your account to earn their top interest rate, currently 0.10% APY.

Premier checking accounts come with a BMO Harris Bank World Debit Mastercard. The account offers up to a $25 rebate monthly on out-of-network ATM fees.


The lone savings account option at BMO Harris is Statement Savings. Opening a savings account requires a $25 minimum opening deposit. Unfortunately, the interest rate, at 0.05%, is slightly below the national savings account average rate, much less than you’ll find at online banks.

Statement Savings accounts do have a $5 monthly maintenance fee, which is waivable for account owners under age 25 or keeping a $100 minimum daily ledger balance for the month.

Money Market

One way to earn a competitive interest rate through BMO Harris is its Platinum Money Market account. You’ll need a $5,000 minimum opening deposit to open a money market account, but it has no ongoing balance requirements. Platinum accounts have no monthly maintenance fees, either. These accounts also come with check-writing privileges. Money market accounts, in general, can be a good spot to keep an emergency fund.

Here’s a look at current rates for Platinum Money Market accounts. (See below for exceptions that apply to residents of Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin.)


BMO Harris offers Standard CDs and Add-On CDs. Interest earned is handled the same way with both account types. For CDs under 12 months, interest is compounded daily and is credited at maturity. For CDs of 12 months or greater, interest is compounded daily and is credited to the CD quarterly.

Standard CDs. BMO Harris Standard CDs feature terms from three to 60 months. There’s an option for one-month and two-month CDs for balances of at least $100,000. Its CDs have tiered fixed rates based on term length and account bmo harris bank online loan payment, with a minimum $1,000 balance requirement. BMO Harris occasionally offers special CD rates for specific term lengths.

Add-On CDs. BMO Harris Add-On CDs allow customers to add more funds after opening a CD account. There’s only the option for a one-year CD term, which currently earns 0.30% APY. Add-On CDs only require a $1,000 minimum deposit.

With both CD options, there’s an early withdrawal fee of up to 545 days’ interest if you withdraw your CD balance before it reaches maturity.

Note: The above rates for Platinum Money Market accounts and Standard CDs only apply to accounts opened online and exclude residents in seven of the states with BMO Harris branches (Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin). Below are rates for both account types for residents in those seven states.

Distinguishing Features

Relationship benefits are a way for banks to offer loyalty perks for having multiple accounts. BMO Harris Premier Checking accounts come with the additional benefit of mortgage and home equity line of credit (HELOC) discounts.

Access on the Go

BMO Harris Bank offers consumers both in-person and digital banking solutions. There are over 500 local BMO Harris bank branches spread throughout the following states:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Arizona
  • Missouri
  • Minnesota
  • Kansas
  • Florida
  • Wisconsin

BMO Harris customers have access to over 40,000 fee-free ATMs, including BMO Harris ATMs and the Allpoint ATM Network.

For fans of banking on the bmo harris bank online loan payment, BMO Harris digital banking provides customers with online and mobile account access almost anywhere in the world. Its mobile app is available for both iOS (rated 4.7 out of 5 at the App Store) and Android (rated 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play) and features helpful tools like:

  • Mobile check deposits
  • Mobile cash withdrawal at most BMO Harris ATMs
  • Total Look account management
  • Apple Pay and Zelle integration
  • Bill pay

If online and mobile access isn’t your thing, there’s also a bank by phone option available to BMO Harris customers, which allows you to use your phone for a variety of banking tasks.


  • Competitive rate on its money market account
  • Multiple checking account options
  • Large fee-free ATM network
  • Decent rates on CDs for a brick-and-mortar bank
  • No monthly fees or fees are waivable in most cases


  • Low savings rate
  • Local branches limited to eight states

How BMO Harris Bank Stacks Up

BMO Harris is a solid option if you’re looking for a full-service bank, especially if you happen to live in a state with local branches. BMO Harris is more competitive with its rates and offerings than several other big traditional banks. It also features online and digital tools that rival what’s offered by the top online banks. For example, its Mobile Cash feature allows you to withdraw money from BMO Harris ATMs without using a debit card.

But this national bank has some pitfalls when compared to many online institutions. While it provides more accounts and services than most online banks, only its money market account offers a competitive rate. If capitalizing on the best savings account rates is important to you, make sure to compare rates outside of BMO Harris Bank.

Overall, BMO Harris offers enough benefits, accounts and services to make it an attractive banking option for most consumers. It’s an especially good bank if you plan to take advantage of services beyond just bank accounts.

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Pros Explained

  • Low or easy to avoid fees. Customers opening the basic checking account incur no monthly fee if they sign up for electronic statements. Other checking accounts do not charge for overdrafts or rebate outside-network ATM surcharges. The savings account charges a $5 monthly fee, but it can be waived by maintaining a minimum monthly balance of $100.
  • Low minimums to open accounts. There are three checking accounts and one savings account that can be opened with as little as $25.
  • Several debit card options. Harris offers three debit card options. When using your debit card to make purchases, you'll enjoy a variety of perks, including purchase protection, return protection, and extended warranties on eligible items.

Cons Explained

  • High balances required to earn interest. Although you can open a savings account with just $25, you'll need significantly larger balances to earn competitive interest rates—at least $1,000 for the CDs.
  • Limited geographic footprint. The bank is regionally focused: while it boasts numerous branches, they're restricted to eight states in the South, Southwest, and Midwest. If you live outside these states, your ability to transact business in person is limited.

Who Is BMO Harris Bank Best For?

BMO Harris Bank is best for customers who live in one of the states where it has physical branches: Illinois, Indiana, Arizona, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, Florida, or Wisconsin.

The bank may also be a good fit for customers who:

  • Want to open a checking or savings account with a small opening deposit
  • Can maintain bmo harris bank online loan payment account balances to earn the most interest
  • Use a debit card for everyday purchases
  • Want to a large, full-service bank that can meet all of their financial needs
  • Are 25 years old or less

What Does BMO Harris Bank Offer?

BMO Harris has its own ATMs and partners with Allpoint to offer over 40,000 ATMs nationwide that customers can use without a fee. If you use an ATM outside its network, BMO Harris charges $3 per transaction.

As you might expect from a financial institution of its size, BMO Harris Bank offers a wide array of all the usual banking products and services for consumers and businesses, including:

Checking Accounts

Customers have three checking account options to choose from.

  • The Smart Advantage Account is monthly-fee-free if you sign up with paperless statements.
  • The Smart Money Account carries a $5 monthly service charge but waives overdraft or non-sufficient funds fees. The fee is waived for customers who are under 25 years old.
  • The Premier Account earns interest, waives non-BMO Harris ATM fees, and reimburses up to $25 in ATM fees charged by other banks.

Each checking account offers three different debit cards to choose from. The BMO Harris Bank Debit Mastercard provides return protection up to $250 and extended warranty on eligible items. The World Debit Mastercard adds purchase protection in case your item is damaged or stolen within 90 days. Sports fans can show their pride and save 15-20% on team gear with Bulls, Blackhawks, or Bucks-themed Debit Mastercards.

Smart Advantage Account$25$0 (with paperless statements)None
Smart Money Account$25$5None
Premier Account$25$250.01% if < $5,000

0.03% if $5,000+

Money Market Account

The Premier Money Market Account from BMO Harris Bank carries no monthly fees. But it requires a minimum deposit of $25 and you need to maintain that balance to earn interest.

Premier Money Market Account$25$10 (waived with a $10,000 minimum balance)0.05% if $25–$24,999
0.08% if $25,000–$99,999
0.10% if $100,000–$249,999
0.12% if $250,000+

Savings Account

A BMO Harris Bank Statement Savings Account can be opened with a minimum of $25. There is a $5 monthly service charge if your minimum balance falls what is the routing number for first interstate bank $100. Customers under the age of 25 are not charged this fee.

Statement Savings Account$25$50.03%

Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of deposit (CDs) are available from three to 60 months with a minimum deposit of $1,000. BMO Harris Bank offers higher rates at $100,000.

The bank occasionally offers special-term CDs with attractive interest rates to meet its funding needs. An Add-On CD is also available for customers that want to augment an existing certificate, without affecting its maturity date.

At maturity, CDs automatically renew at the current market rate. Customers are sent a notice of maturity by mail and have 10 days from the maturity date to withdraw funds without penalty.

Early withdrawal penalties vary based on the CD's term and can be waived if the owner passes away or is judicially declared legally incompetent.

TERMAPY with $1,000 minimum
<59 DaysAll interest earned
60-364 Days90 days interest
12-23 Months180 days interest
24-35 Months270 days interest
36-47 Months365 days interest
48+ Months545 days interest

BMO Harris Bank also offers special rates for certain terms with a minimum $5,000 deposit:

  • 13-month: 0.10%
  • 25-month: 0.25%
  • 35-month: 0.50%
  • 45-month: 0.70%
  • 59-month: 0.85%

Credit Cards

BMO Harris Bank has several credit card options, all of them part of the Mastercard network. These choices include cards that earn cash back, rewards credit cards, and balance transfer cards. Here are some of the cards it offers:

Rewards Credit Cards

  • BMO Harris Bank Platinum Rewards Mastercard
  • BMO Harris Bank Premium Rewards Mastercard

Cash Back Credit Cards

  • BMO Harris Bank Cash Back Mastercard

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

  • BMO Harris Bank Platinum Mastercard

Other Financial Products Offered by BMO Harris Bank

BMO Harris Bank offers additional financial products, including:

  • Car loans
  • Purchase mortgages
  • Refinance mortgages
  • Home equity loans
  • Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs)
  • Personal loans
  • Personal lines of credit
  • CD-secured loans
  • IRAs
  • Managed investment portfolios
  • Private banking
  • Financial advisors
  • Business loans

BMO Harris Bank Customer Service

To connect with BMO Harris Bank customer service, you have several options. You can visit any of the over 600 branches in Illinois, Indiana, Arizona, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, Florida, and Wisconsin. Customer service can be reached by phone at 1-888-340-2265. Automated phone banking is also available 24 hours a day.

You may also contact BMO Harris Bank through online banking and its mobile app. The high-ranking mobile app is available for both Apple (where it scores 4.7 out of 5, based on 30,400 ratings) and Android (4.6 out of 5, based on 6,742 ratings). Through the app, you can also pay bills, view transactions, deposit checks, and more.

How to Bank With BMO Harris Bank

To open an account with BMO Harris Bank, the best options are in-person or online. If you live in one of the eight states where BMO Harris has branches, you can open an account in-person. Opening an account online from anywhere is also available.


Given its full menu of financial products and accounts, BMO Harris Bank offers a truly one-stop-shopping experience. And it appeals to a variety of consumers, from those who can invest five or even six figures in a CD to those who have only $25 to open an account with. Its modest minimums, along with its fee waivers for those under 25, suggests it's sensitive to students and young savers, and wants to encourage them in building good financial habits.

On the other hand, while there are no and low-fee deposit options, if you want the best perks and highest interest rates, you'll need to deposit some serious money—and maintain account balances of $25,000 or more.

Also, while BMO Harris can handle almost every banking need under one roof, it doesn't offer that many roofs—if you live outside the eight states with branches. As a regional bank, it is most appealing for customers located in one of the states where it has a brick-and-mortar presence. Although accounts can be opened online and serviced through the mobile app, there are better digital banking alternatives that offer competitive rates without the high minimums BMO Harris requires.


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BMO Harris Bank Review: Full-Service, Solid Selection

Reviews / Banking

GOBankingRates Score

Our Take: BMO Harris Bank is a solid choice for customers who want a straightforward approach to banking and easy access to customer service.

  • Customer Service
  • Rates
  • Digital Experience
  • Fees

How did we calculate this?


  • Large ATM network
  • Competitive APYs
  • Low- or no-fee standard checking accounts
  • Reasonable minimum opening deposits


  • High overdraft fees
  • Low APY on Platinum Money Market account on balances below $5,000
  • Limited U.S. branches

About BMO Harris Bank

BMO Financial Corp. is the U.S. holding company of the Bank of Montreal, North America’s 8th-largest bank. BMO Harris Bank operates under BMO Financial Corp.

Headquartered in Chicago, BMO Harris has over 500 branches located within the following eight states: Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin. Customers can also bank online, by phone or via a network of over 40,000 ATMs. Banking products extend beyond the basics — checking, savings, money market and certificates of deposit — to include investment products like individual retirement account savings accounts and CDs. GOBankingRates has ranked it one of the Best Regional Banks of 2021.

BMO Harris Bank Products

You’ll find several checking accounts to choose from, including a basic account with no monthly service bmo harris bank online loan payment and a health savings account. BMO Harris is a little light on choices for savings and money market accounts, with just one product in each of those categories, but they’re both solid accounts with respectable APYs. CD options are more comprehensive and feature minimum deposits. Tax-advantaged individual retirement accounts round out the banking product line.

Checking AccountsPremium checking option with unlimited out-of-network ATM transactions and $25 monthly rebate on other bank’s surcharges
Savings AccountsBasic statement savings account with low, easy-to-waive $5 fee
Money Market AccountsNo monthly fees and no minimum balance requirement
CDsVariety of terms with as little as $1,000 to open
IRA AccountsTraditional, Roth or SEP IRA CDs and savings account
Credit CardsPromotional cash-back and points rewards
Mortgage Purchase and Refinance LoansOne-step construction loan with fixed or adjustable rate
Personal Loans and Lines of CreditLoans secured with BMO Harris CD or savings account to get discounted interest rate or build credit
Auto LoansCompetitive rates and terms of 12 to 72 months
Student Loans and Student Loan RefinancingNo application fee; co-signer release when eligible borrowers meet on-time payment requirements.
Premier ServicesSpecial benefits and professional banking and investing guidance

Manage your spending and saving in person or online with these BMO Harris banking products.

BMO Harris Bank Checking Account

BMO Harris Bank gives you three checking accounts to choose from. They range from a basic, no-frills account to accounts offering useful perks. A health savings account, which eligible customers can use to pay qualified health care costs, is also bmo harris bank online loan payment free transactions at over 40,000 U.S. ATMs for all checking accounts

  • No fees on Smart Advantage account with paperless statements
  • No fees on Smart Money account for account holders under age 25
  • $25 monthly rebate on non-BMO Harris ATMs with Premier account
  • No overdraft or non-sufficient funds fees with Smart Money account
  • Tiered interest rates on tax-deferred HSA contributions
  • Pros

    • Large network of free ATMs
    • Waivable monthly service fees for Smart Advantage and Smart Money accounts
    • Relationship discounts on mortgage loan products with Premier account
    • Good rates on HSAs


    • No interest on Smart Advantage and Smart Money accounts
    • $5,000 balance required for preferred interest rate on Premier account

    BMO Harris Bank Savings Account

    You’ll find just one regular savings account at BMO Harris. Here are the details.


    • Automated saving feature from BMO Harris checking account
    • $5 monthly service fee waived when you maintain $100 minimum balance
    • $25 minimum opening deposit


    • 0.01% interest rate
    • Easy to get monthly fee waived
    • Low minimum deposit to open


    • $50 fee for closing account within 90 days of opening
    • Statements sent quarterly rather than monthly

    BMO Harris Bank Money Market Account

    The Platinum Money Market account is BMO Harris’ only money market account, but it should serve the needs of most customers. Although there is a minimum deposit to open the account, there’s no minimum balance requirement. GOBankingRates has ranked it one of the Best Money Market Accounts of 2021.


    • Write up to six checks per month
    • No monthly service fee
    • Interest compounds daily


    • Easy to open an account
    • Check-writing privileges


    • No starter checks — you must call 888-340-2265 or visit a branch office to order
    • Lackluster APYs compared to other accounts
    • Steep $5,000 opening deposit requirement

    CD Rates Overview

    Two different CD products are available through BMO Harris Bank. The standard CD has a low opening deposit requirement and terms of three to 60 months. The Add-On CD has a one-year term, and you can add money to the account from a BMO Harris account even before the CD matures. Both CDs offer competitive rates.


    • $1,000 minimum opening deposit
    • Preferred rate with $5,000 minimum deposit and 13- 25- and 55-month terms
    • No-risk investment with a guaranteed return


    • Low minimum deposit
    • Add-On CD grows money faster


    • Limited terms available
    • Competitive rate requires $5,000 minimum deposit to open

    BMO Harris Bank IRA Account

    Unlike the IRAs you get through a brokerage and use to invest in securities, BMO Harris IRAs are no-risk deposit accounts insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. IRAs are available in the form of an IRA CD or Premium Savers savings account, and you can choose from traditional, Roth or SEP IRAs.


    • Competitive fixed and variable interest rates
    • $1,000 minimum opening deposit for IRA CDs
    • $100 minimum opening deposit for IRA Premium Saver
    • IRA Premium Saver qualifies for Auto Save transfers from BMO Harris personal checking accounts
    • IRA CD automatically renews; earned interest is automatically deposited
    • No monthly maintenance fees


    • Flexible retirement savings
    • Tax-advantaged contributions
    • Relatively low minimum opening deposits


    • Early withdrawal penalties apply
    • IRS limits on annual contributions

    Banking Experience

    BMO Harris Bank lets you bank the way you want to. Customers near a branch location can bank in person — but call before you go in case your branch has restricted lobby access due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those who prefer digital banking can bank online using the BMO Harris website or mobile app. You can also bank by phone or at any of 40,000+ ATMs.

    Customer Service

    BMO Harris Bank gives you plenty of ways to reach out to its customer service reps when you have a question or need assistance:

    • Online support tool: Get help with non-urgent support requests that don’t require an immediate call with a live rep.
    • 24/7 customer care: Call 888-340-2265.
    • Contact form: Get a response from a banker within two business bank of america and military Availability

      BMO Harris has over 500 branch locations across eight states. The bank’s website has a locator you can use to get branch hours and find your nearest branch or ATM.

      Mobile & Digital Experience

      Sign up for online banking to access a full suite of digital tools to help you manage your money. Pay bills, manage your BMO Harris accounts and your accounts at other banks and view statements. You can also send and receive money via Zelle and make transfers between BMO Harris accounts and external accounts — free of charge.

      The mobile app, available from Google Play and the Apple Store, adds additional functionality to online banking. You can deposit checks and manage alerts so that you always know what’s happening with your account. Touch and Face ID keep your accounts secure, and you can create a four-digit PIN for instant access to the information you use most. Android users give the app four stars, and iOS users give it 4.7.

      How To Open an Account

      You can open an account at a bank branch — remember to call ahead — or by calling 888-340-2265. Or, open an account online from any product page on the BMO Harris Bank website. Here’s how:

      1. Fill out the online form with your name, address and phone number, and personal information like your birthdate and Social Security number.
      2. Select your citizenship status and your employment status.
      3. Select account options, such as your choice of debit cards for a checking account.
      4. Review and agree to the terms and conditions.
      5. Fund your account using any of the payment methods listed on the funding page of the form.

      Key Information

      Customer Service Number: 877-247-2559

      Routing Number: 071025661

      Promotions: Newest BMO Harris Promos and Bonuses

      Hours: See BMO Harris’s Hours

      Login: BMO Harris Login Help

      BMO Harris Bank Fees

      All BMO Harris Bank accounts have fees. Here’s a rundown of some of the common ones:

      Monthly Service Fee$0-$25, depending on account; fees can be waived if eligibility requirements are met.
      Overdraft/Non-sufficient Funds Fee$36 per item, up to four overdraft and four NSF fees per day, plus $7 consecutive-day overdraft fee per business day after third day account is overdrawn, up to 10 days.
      Overdraft Funding FeeNo charge for automatic overdraft protection transfers into Premier account. Overdraft funding must be requested for other checking accounts.
      Wire Transfer Fee
      • $0 for incoming
      • $30 outgoing domestic
      • $50 outgoing international
      Non-BMO Harris ATM fee
      • $3 for Smart Advantage
      • $0 for Smart Money and Premier accounts
      Account Closing Bmo harris bank online loan payment if checking or savings account is closed www ftb com bank 90 days of opening

      BMO Harris vs. Competitors

      You may wonder how BMO Harris stacks up against its competitors. Here’s more.

      BMO Harris BankBroad selection of banking and customer service options
      U.S. BankMost advanced mobile app
      ChaseExtensive relationship banking services
      Fifth Third BankOverall section of banking, insurance and investment products

      BMO Harris Bank vs. U.S. Bank

      U.S. Bank has a wider range of services than BMO Harris, and some of its products are slightly more modern. The banks mobile app, which has a virtual assistant — the mobile banking version of Siri and Alexa — is a case in point. Unfortunately, the bells and whistles don’t extend to its customer service. Whereas BMO Harris puts its contact methods front and center, you’ll have to dig to get the same information from the U.S. Bank website.

      BMO Harris Bank vs. Chase Bank

      Chase checks just about every box when it comes to full-service banking. Its relationship banking program is especially impressive for the sheer volume of perks it offers well-heeled customers. BMO Harris Bank’s version, Premier Services, can’t compete point-for-point, but its more down-to-earth approach might be a better fit for customers who want robust but uncomplicated wealth-building solutions.

      BMO Harris vs. Fifth Third Bank

      In addition to extensive banking and investing solutions that compete with the largest banks’, Fifth Third Bank offers a comprehensive range of insurance products the other banks listed here don’t have. However, it bears repeating that more isn’t always better. BMO Harris Bank provides a more straightforward approach to helping customers manage their finances.

      Final Take

      BMO Harris Bank is a worthy contender for anyone who wants a full-service bank with a basic, but solid, selection of accounts. The IRA deposit accounts are especially well-suited for customers who want the tax advantages of an IRA without the risk of investing in securities. In the event you’re not in a state where the bank has branches, you can shop accounts online and submit an application in just a few minutes.

      Editor’s Favorite

      In an age when many banks force customers to jump through hoops to get assistance, BMO Harris Bank makes it easy to find the help you need. Plus, the bank offers various account options with low opening deposits and easy options to waive monthly fees.


      Here are answers to some of BMO Harris's more commonly asked questions.
      • Does BMO Harris have free checking?
        • Yes. The Smart Advantage account is fee-free when you request paperless statements.
      • What time does BMO Harris direct deposit hit?
        • The precise time depends on when BMO Harris receives the direct deposit. Funds are available the business day BMO Harris receives the deposit.
      • How long does it take for a check to clear BMO Harris?
        • Funds from checks deposited with a banker at a bank branch or via ATM are available the next business day. Although BMO Harris recommends keeping checks for 15 business days after a mobile deposit, the first $500 of checks deposited by the 7 p.m. CT cutoff are available for withdrawal the next business day. The remaining funds are available after two business days.
      • Is Saturday a business day for BMO Harris?
      • Does BMO Usps office open today offer free money for signing up for an account?
        • As of this writing, BMO Harris is offering a savings reward with its statement savings account. You earn $5 each month you save at least $200 in your new account, up to 12 months.
      • What does BMO Harris stand for?
        • The “BMO” in BMO Harris stands for Bank of Montreal.

      Rates are subject to change; unless otherwise noted, rates are updated periodically. All other information on accounts is accurate as of Dec. 6, 2020.

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