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Comerica bank 24 hour phone number

comerica bank 24 hour phone number

contact Direct Express® Customer Service at the number on the back of The Comerica Bank issues the DirectExpress® Debit Mastercard®. Please Note: This phone number is only in operation during Comerica Park events. Emergency Situations/Evacuations. See Evacuation Procedure. Employment. 24 reviews of Comerica Bank "I moved here from Michigan. a small hidden service fee of ~$50 a year to have a nice bank with nice customer service.

: Comerica bank 24 hour phone number

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Important Facts About the Social Security Direct Express Debit Card

Paper checks and direct deposits aren't always the most convenient ways to receive your Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. A paper check requires a trip to the bank, and direct deposit requires you to have a bank account. But there's an alternate way to receive your monthly benefits: the Social Security debit card, which is a prepaid debit card that allows you to access and use your Social Security benefits. The card is serviced by Comerica Bank, which is based in Dallas, Texas.

You don’t need a bank account to get the card or to access your funds, which makes it a good choice if you’re not a bank customer. Having a Direct Express card also eliminates comerica bank 24 hour phone number check-cashing fees. You can use the card anywhere that accepts MasterCard debit cards.

Key Takeaways

  • The Social Security Direct Express card is a prepaid debit card that allows you to use your Social Security benefits.
  • Anyone who receives Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits is eligible to use the card.
  • Use the Social Security debit card anywhere that accepts MasterCard debit cards or to get cash from an ATM, Walmart Money Center, or Customer Service Desk.
  • There are some limitations on the card, including authorization
    holds for up to 72 hours on rental cars or hotel rooms.

Who Is Eligible for the Social Security Debit Card?

Anyone who receives Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits is eligible to comerica bank 24 hour phone number this card.

Because it’s a prepaid debit card, you can only use your Direct Express Social Security debit card if you have funds in your account. Once you’ve spent or withdrawn your entire account balance, you’ll have to wait for your next monthly disbursement to use your card again.

You cannot deposit personal funds onto the card. You must open a separate bank or prepaid card to deposit personal funds.

How Does It Work?

The federal benefits are paid directly to your card on your monthly payment date. You won’t have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail. If you have another bank account, you can transfer the funds to it, but you'll pay a $1.50 fee for each transfer to a Comerica bank 24 hour phone number. bank account. If you already have a bank account with a debit card, enrolling in direct deposit may a better option.

Your card comes with a personal identification number (PIN) that you use to authorize transactions or withdrawals. You can also have your transactions processed as "credit" rather than "debit," which means you sign for purchases instead, as you would with a credit card. The funds are still deducted from your balance, even when you choose the credit option.

Purchases, withdrawals, and transaction fees are deducted from your balance. Once you’ve spent all of the funds on the card, you’ll be unable to use it until you receive your next month’s benefits.

You can be assured that your money is safe: the funds in your account are FDIC-insured up to the legal limit.

Using Your Card

To get cash, you can use your card to withdraw funds from an ATM or get cash from a Walmart Money Center or Customer Service Desk. You get one free ATM cash withdrawal per deposit; after that, there’s a fee of 85 cents for each additional ATM withdrawal, and the ATM operator may charge an additional fee if you use an ATM outside the Direct Express network. If you choose to get cash over the counter at Walmart, the fee is 85 cents. No additional Walmart fees apply.

You can also use your Direct Express card to shop and pay bills online. Alternatively, you can visit the U.S. Post Office to purchase a money order to pay your bills. You’ll only pay a fee to the post office to cover the cost of the money order.

Checking your account balance is free, by calling the toll-free customer service number found on the back of the card, by visiting the website, or by checking the app. ATM balance inquiries are available for free, too—just make sure your selected ATM shows the MasterCard symbol.

If you opt for monthly paper statements to receive a physical record of your account details, you’ll be charged a fee of 75 cents each month.

Limitations of the Social Security Debit Card

While you can use the Direct Express Social Security debit card for the majority of your purchases, there are some limitations. You can use your card for online purchases as long as the retailer accepts MasterCard debit as a payment method. To use your card for gas purchases, you must pay the clerk inside the gas station; you cannot pay at the pump. If you use your Direct Express card to rent a car, the car rental agency will place an authorization hold on up to $500 of your funds. The authorization hold will be released when you return the rental car, but the money might not get back to your account for up to two weeks. In addition, the car rental agency may request additional documentation because you're not using a credit card.

Depending on the merchant, you may experience a "hold" or block on your account when renting a car or reserving a hotel room. Companies place these holds in order to decrease their risk. Speak to the rental agent or clerk when paying, to find out when the block will be removed (it could be up to 72 hours).

How Your Credit Score Is Affected

While it looks and swipes like a credit card, the Direct Express card is not a credit card. No credit check is necessary to receive the card or to have your benefits deposited to the card each month.

When you make purchases, you’re not borrowing money, and there’s no balance to repay each month. Your card usage isn't reported to any of the major credit bureaus, which means that it's not included in your credit report and won't impact your credit in any way. You can, however, use the card for paying other monthly bills that may affect your credit.

Preventing Losses and Fraudulent Activity

It's important to protect your Social Security debit card like you would any other credit or debit card or even your cash.

Keep your PIN safe, and don't share it with others. If your Direct Express card is lost or stolen, you should report your missing card immediately by calling the customer service number on the back of the card, so it is wise to copy that number and keep it separate. Direct Express will replace your card so you can continue to access your account. The first replacement card each calendar year is free; after that, there’s a $4 fee to replace a missing card. Your replacement card should arrive in the mail within seven to 10 days.

You can have a replacement card expedited by request. The fee for this service is $13.50.

Liability Protection

Fortunately, when it comes to a lost or stolen card, your Direct Express card is protected just like a traditional bank debit card. Since the card is a Master Card prepaid debit, you get MasterCard's Zero Liability Protection, which means you won't be held responsible for unauthorized transactions (although exceptions may apply).

Reporting a missing card within two days limits your liability for losses to $50. If you wait until second national bank fort recovery two days but report your missing card within 90 days (this limit is 60 days for traditional debit cards), you could be liable for up to $500 in losses. After that, you could be liable for all of the losses on your account. Therefore, it's in your best interest to report a missing card as quickly as possible.

Check your account balance often, to verify that the purchases are yours. If you spot fraudulent activity on your account, report it right away. You may need a replacement card if your how to send money from canada to usa rbc number has been compromised.

How to Sign up for a Social Security Debit Card

You can sign up for the card at your local Social Security office or by calling the Direct Express card enrollment center at (800) 333-1795. Representatives of payees can sign up the same way.

Once you sign up, your Social Security benefits will be paid directly to your Direct Express card account for you to access each month.


Unemployment Debit Card

Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) has changed prepaid debit card providers, from Bank of America to the Way2Go Card® starting July 1, 2021.

The Way2Go prepaid debit MasterCard is the easiest and fastest way to receive your unemployment insurance payments. Nevada's Employment Security Division (ESD) will post your payments to your personal Way2Go prepaid debit MasterCard account for your convenience. You are not allowed to spend more than the amount of funds posted to your account.

Benefits of the Way2Go Prepaid Debit MasterCard: 

• Pay for all types of purchases quickly and easily. 
• Access to your funds anywhere debit MasterCard cards are accepted. 
• Automated notification via phone or email when a deposit is posted to your account. 
• Transfer unemployment benefits from your prepaid debit MasterCard directly into your checking or savings account. 
• Contact the customer service toll-free number at (844) 542-1115, to ask questions and obtain your balance. 
• Online access to your account and personal transaction history. 
• The prepaid debit MasterCard expires after 5 years.

Way2Go Benefit Cards will be sent by mail

Way2Go Cards boa atm locator app mailed within 7-10 business days from the date your new claim is filed. Your card will arrive in a plain, white, window envelope. Do not throw away this envelope without removing its contents. If you lose your card or did not receive your card within 7 to 10 business days, contact customer service at (844) 542-1115.

Receipt of this card does not guarantee that you have met all eligibility requirements, or indicate that you have funds available.

Activating the Way2Go Card

Use the Way2Go Card® mobile app,, or call (844) 542-1115 to activate your Card and create your PIN.
Activate your debit card as soon as you receive it, even if your eligibility is still pending. Failure to activate your card may cause delays in future benefits. The debit card will come with instructions on how to set up direct deposit from the card to your bank account. Make sure to keep the card until the expiration date in case you need benefits in the future.

Receiving Benefits Payments

Your benefits will be deposited to the card when you file your UI claim and meet the eligibility requirements for unemployment. If your claim is approved, your benefits will be deposited within 48-72 hours of the first payable week approved by Nevada DETR. Please remember to continue to certify for benefits weekly; failure to do so will result in benefits not being added to your card.
Timeline for receiving funds for new filers:
• Successfully file UI claim (week 1)
• File your weekly claim (week 2)
• Benefits deposited to your debit card (week 2, if immediately eligible**)
• Continue filing weekly claims
• Each week your deposit will post to the card within 48-72 hours
**A hold on your claim due to eligibility issues will delay payment to your card

How do I transfer funds from my Way2Go Card to my Bank Account?

The debit card will come with instructions on how to set up direct deposit from the card to your bank account. You can also contact customer service at (844) 542-1115 or visit

What if I don’t receive my Way2Go debit card?

The first thing you should do is make sure your address is updated in your claimant portal. If you have a long address, be sure to put your apartment or unit number on the second address line. For help with this, you can also contact the call center by phone.

You may also call Way2Go to check the status of your card. You may contact their Customer Service at (844) 542-1115. Way2Go Card® call centers can only assist in matters relating to the debit card itself. Way2Go Card® cannot answer any unemployment questions relating to the release of your funds. Only contact Way2Go Card® to report a lost or stolen card or if you need assistance in resetting your debit card PIN. You can contact customer service at (844) 542-1115 or visit

What if I receive a debit card but I did not file a claim?

Click hereand select Report Fraud to DETR. Follow the instructions on how to properly report the potential fraud. If you do not have a claim on file, and you suspect fraud, you may destroy the debit card after reporting the potential fraud to DETR.


  • Spend or withdraw any remaining funds on your Bank of America card prior to December 31, 2021. To obtain the current balance on your Bank of America card, you can visit the Bank of America cardholder website at You can spend down the funds on that card as you normally would, or you can transfer the balance to a bank account through the Bank of America cardholder website. Funds cannot be transferred from your Bank of America card to your Way2Go Card®.
  • To retrieve funds remaining on your Bank of America card after December 31, 2021, call the number on the back of your card. Bank of America will assist you with obtaining your remaining balance with options including the ability to transfer funds to an existing checking or savings account through the “Transfer Funds” option on the Bank of America cardholder website, or through an Emergency Cash Transfer (Western Union). If you require the funds by check, it will take additional time to process. If you request a check, you will not have access to your money until the check is processed and you deposit or cash the check, so it is important to use or withdraw those funds before the December 31, 2021 deadline to avoid delays.
  • If your Bank of America card is lost or stolen, replacement cards will only be issued prior to September 1, 2021. If your card is reported lost or stolen after September 1, 2021 you will need to contact Bank of America at (888) 339-8569 to retrieve your funds.
  • Bank of America may close your existing account at any time on or after July 1, 2021, and your account remains subject to the terms of the Bank of America Cardholder Agreement.

Contact Comerica Bank Customer Service

Comerica Bank Phone Numbers and Emails

Toll-Free Number:

  • (800) 822-6546

    Hearing Impaired

Customer Service:

  • (800) 925-2160

    Central Time Zone

  • (800) 266-3742

    Eastern Time Zone

  • (800) 822-6546

    Hearing Impaired

  • (800) 522-2265

    Mountain/Pacific Time Zone

  • make money selling t shirts online (888) 444-9876

    Online banking customer service, including: Comerica Web Banking® Comerica Wealth Connect

  • (214) 969-6476
  • (877) 276-5554
  • (855) 451-9201
  • (866) 517-1800
  • (512) 475-1313
  • (734) 287-3051

Comerica Bank Email:

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Corporate Office Address:

Texas Department of Banking

2601 North Lamar Boulevard Suite 300


United States

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Comerica Bank Privacy Policy

These Online Privacy Practices only relate to the information Comerica Bank collect online. See below for Company's general privacy notice applicable to consumers as required by federal law. How handle information about The Client of Comerica Bank when The Client visit Comerica Bank's' website will depend on what The User do when visiting and other websites owned by Comerica Bank. If The User of Website visit Comerica Bank's' website to solely read information and do not use any of Company's online services (offered to non-customers and/or customers), then The Company collect and store only the name of the domain from which The Customer access the Internet, the date and time The User of company services access Comerica Bank's' website, Internet address of the website from which The Client linked directly to Comerica Bank's' website and The User's zip code. may record the "IP address" assigned to The Client by The User's internet service provider as part of this process. bank of america headquarters nyc

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Cons: Customer service, No one is helping me, Customer services, Settle for no clear answers, Everything about direcxt express

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Comerica Bank is a company that offers a wide selection of financial services. The company provides services concerning personal finance (banking, loans and credits, checking, saving money, investing and insurance), corporate finance (landing, leasing, banking, treasury management, retirement planning, global services), wealth management (private banking, wealth planning, trust services, investments and insurance) and small business (banking, loans and lines of credit, cash management). Comerica Bank is headquartered in Dallas. Comerica Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States. The company was established in 1849. Comerica Bank has retail banking operations in Florida, Arizona, California, Michigan and other states. The company also operates in Mexico and Canada.

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Employment at Home BancShares, Inc. is "at-will."  "At-will" means employees are free to resign at any time, with or without cause.  Likewise, "at-will" means Home BancShares, Inc. may terminate employment at any time, with or without cause or advance notice.  No supervisor or representative of HBI has any authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time, or to make any agreement contrary to HBI's employment-at-will policy.  This policy may not be changed without the express written approval of the Board of Directors or its designated representatives.

Click here to view Equal Employment Opportunity Posters provided by the OFCCP.

If you are an individual with disabilities who needs accommodation or you are having difficulty using our website to apply for employment, please contact Centennial Bank by phone at (501) 328-4732 or by email at [email protected]

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Information (A-Z) Guide


Besides the traditional ballpark specialties of hot dogs, peanuts and popcorn, Comerica Park offers a wide range of tasty food options. All concession stands accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card, as well as Canadian currency. Personal Checks and cash are not accepted.

Big League Grills: Sections 108, 130, 143, 213, 325, 327, 331, 339, 343

- Nachos, Peanuts, Popcorn, Cracker Jacks, Kids Meals, Adult Value Meals, Candy, Potato Chips, Ball Park Franks, Draft Beer, Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Coffee, Hot Chocolate

Little Caesars: Sections 115, 137, 217, 323, 334

- Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Draft Beer, Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Frozen Drinks

Miller Lite Market: Section 149

- Grab N Go packaged snacks, Bottled Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Canned Beer, Stuffed Sandwiches

Blue Moon Bistro: Section 151

- Grab N Go packaged snacks, Bottled Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Canned Beer, Chicken Sandwiches

The Miller Lite Pitcher’s Pub: Located near Gate B, the second level (Pepsi Porch).

- Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Beer, Full Bar

Coppercraft Distillery Bar: Located on the Pepsi Porch, in Right Field, above Gate B, stairs comerica bank 24 hour phone number behind Section 104

- Draft and Bottled Beer, Mixed Drinks and Assorted Craft Cocktails

Dippin’ Dots: Sections 129, 151, 213, 334

Michigan Craft: Located near Gate B, behind section 104.

- Michigan Craft Beers

Portable Stand Offerings:

Section 101: Canned Beer and Jumbo Pretzels

Section 104: Draft Beer, Canned Beer, All-Beef Hot Dogs, Sausages, Jumbo Pretzels, Bottled Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Peanuts

Section 111: Draft Beer, Canned Beer, Dippin’ Dots, Peanuts

Section 113: Canned Beer, All-Beef Hot Dogs, Bratwurst, Italian Sausage, Polish Sausage, Bottled Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Peanuts

Section 116: Nachos, Canned Beer, All-Beef Hot Dogs, Sausages, Bottled Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Peanuts

Section 125: All-Beef Hot Dogs, Bratwurst, Italian Sausage, Canned Beer, Bottled Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Peanuts

Section 131: All-Beef Hot Dogs, Sausages, Canned Beer, Bottled Soda, Bottled Water, Peanuts

Section 134: All-Beef Hot Dogs, Bratwurst, Italian Sausage, Polish Sausage, Bottled Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Peanuts

Section bank of america direct deposit limit Canned Beer, Peanuts, Pretzels

Section 147: Draft Beer, Canned Beer, All-Beef Hot Dogs, Sausages, Bottled Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Peanuts

Section 216: Canned Beer, Nachos, All-Beef Hot Dogs, Bratwurst, Bottled Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Peanuts

Section 328: Italian Sausage, Polish Sausage, Canned Beer, Bottled Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Peanuts

Contact Information

The Detroit Tigers

Comerica Park

2100 Woodward Ave.

Detroit, MI 48201-3474

Main Line: 313-471-7000

Season Tickets and Group Sales: 313-471-BALL

Individual-Game Tickets: or 866-66-TIGER

Private Events: 313-471-3333

Suite Information: 313-471-2260

The D Shop: 313-471-2673

Lost & Found: 313-471-2498


Coolers are not permitted.

Corporate Partnerships

Please see Sponsorship Opportunities

Credit Card Policy

MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted throughout Comerica Park.

comerica bank 24 hour phone number

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