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Least populated state in america

least populated state in america

You probably won't be surprised to learn that these are the biggest cities by population in the U.S.. State. City. Population. New York. New York City. The Constitution provides for proportional representation in the U.S. The first was the relationship of the least populous states to the most populous. The U.S. saw population growth of 7.4% over the past decade, the lowest it's been since the 1930s. How does population by state look today?

: Least populated state in america

Least populated state in america
Least populated state in america
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Population: 19,572,319
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Editor’s Note: We updated this article for 2021. This is our time ranking the most populous states in America.

Most Populous States In America Map

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Do you live in a state that feels like it’s practically bursting at the seams with people? Everywhere you look there are crowds upon crowds and you are just one in millions commuting to work on a normal Monday morning?

Perhaps you have the opposite and you drive long commutes but rarely see anyone? Do you work in a remote location and have to work from home in order to avoid working at your local Piggly Wiggly or bank?

You might feel like you live in the middle of nowhere, but if you drive an hour or two, find yourself in one of America’s largest cities, teeming least populated state in america people.

But perhaps you feel the opposite. Sometimes states feel like there are too many people in least populated state in america. Take New York, for example.

When we think of New York, we tend to only think about New York City, which is one of the most populated cities in the world. Yet, the rest of the state isn’t the same. You can have country homes in New York– out of sight, out of mind, right?

So when we think about population density on a state level, does New York still reign supreme? What are the most populated states in America? Some may be obvious and some might just surprise you.

Luckily, we have taken the work out of finding the answer to these questions.

Here are the 10 most populous states in America for 2021.

We looked analyzed all of the states in the Least populated state in america. looking for the highest population density.

Our winner is one that people could guess easily. Not New York, but rather California. It’s no shocker that the largest state in the U.S. is also the most populous.

But then come the surprising states.

Georgia and North Carolina? They only have one or two massive cities and pictures of these states usually emphasize their beautiful countrysides, beaches, and mountains.

Interested to learn how these states got ranked? Read on to learn more about our methodology and why each of our top ten are where Americans love to live.

How We Determined The Largest States Least populated state in america Population For 2021

Well, in the grand scheme of the some 60 article types we’ve created for the site over the past four plus years, this has to be the easiest analysis we’ve done.

Using the most recent Census data from the American Community Survey 2013-2017, we got the population of every state in America.

We then ranked them based on population from highest, California (Obvious), to lowest, Wyoming (What the heck, there are how many people that live in Alaska?).

The state with the largest population, California, wins the prize of being the biggest state in America based on population for 2021.

Read on for some more reading about each of the top 10 states and full breakdown of every state at the bottom.

These Are The 10 Most Populous States In America For 2021

1. California
California Photos Average Rent</p><p>And here is where we finally get to New York. You would think that New York would be higher on the list because of New York City’s immense population size, but actually, it just creates a population illusion for the state. New York is a large state and is relatively free of large cities except for New York City. </p><p>So although the Big Apple is densely populated, the other cities are very small in comparison. </p><p><b>5. Pennsylvania</b><br><img src=commerce bank secured credit card (5,061 square kilometers)

  • Delaware is 96 miles (154 kilometers) in length. At its thinnest point, it is only 9 miles (14 kilometers) wide.
  • Delaware has 381 miles of coastline.
  • The highest point is Ebright Azimuth at 447 feet (136 meters).

3) Connecticut—4,845 square miles (12,548 square kilometers)

  1. Connecticut is only 85 miles long and 35 miles wide (137 x 57 kilometers).
  2. Connecticut has 618 miles (994.5 kilometers) of coastline.
  3. The highest point is the southern slope of Mt. Frissell at 2,380 feet (725 meters).

4) Hawaii—6,423 square miles (16,635 square kilometers)

  • Hawaii is a chain of 136 islands, eight of which are considered principal islands. These include Hawaii (4,028 square miles), Maui (727 square miles), Oahu (597 square miles), Kauai (562 square miles), Molokai (260 square miles), Lanai (140 square miles), Niihau (69 square miles), and Kahoolawe (45 square miles).
  • Hawaii has 1,052 miles of coastline.
  • The highest point is Mauna Kea at 13,796 feet (4,205 meters).

5) New Jersey—7,417 square miles (19,210 square kilometers)

  • New Jersey is only 165 miles long and 40 miles wide (266 x 80 kilometers).
  • New Jersey has 1,792 miles (2884 kilometers) of shoreline.
  • The highest point is High Point at 1,803 feet (549.5 meters).

The 5 Smallest States by Population

When we turn to look at the population, we get an entirely different perspective of the country. With the exception of Vermont, the states with the lowest population are among the largest by land area and they're all in the western half of the country.

A low population with a large amount of land means a very low population density (or people per square mile).

1) Wyoming—585,501 people

  • Ranks as the ninth largest in land area - 97,093 square miles (251,470 square kilometers)
  • Population density: 6.0 people per least populated state in america mile

2) Vermont—624,594

  • Ranks as the 43rd largest in land area - 9,217 square miles (23,872 square kilometers)
  • Population density: 67.8 people per square mile

3) North Dakota—755,393 

  • Ranks as the 17th largest in land area—69,000 square miles (178,709 square kilometers)
  • Population density: 11.0 people per square mile

4) Alaska—741,894 

  • Ranks as the largest state in land area—570,641 square miles (1,477,953 square kilometers)
  • Population density: 1.3 people per square mile

5) South Dakota—865,454

  • Ranks as the 16th largest in land area—75,811 square miles (196,349 square kilometers)
  • Population density: 11.3 people per square mile

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