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Credit union one one time payment

credit union one one time payment

ONE Time Payment lets you pay with a credit/debit card or checking/savings account through Online Banking or Mobile Banking without logging in. Spend more time doing the things you want when you set up online bill pay with FCU Anywhere. View all of your bills and make one-time or recurring payments. You can also use your convenient and secure Marine Credit Union debit card to make one-time payments of up to $1,500 for a fee of $9.95 per transaction.

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Loan Payments

We have several convenient options for you to make your loan payment.

You’ll need your Greater Texas

Make Loan Payments

(One-Time Payments)

You can make one-time expedited loan payments over the phone with your debit card from another financial institution. These payments are processed instantly to your loan.

To make a payment over the phone with a debit card the following rules apply:

  • We need to speak with the cardholder directly.
  • We accept Mastercard and Visa debit cards.
  • We cannot accept prepaid cards without a name on them.
  • There is a $25.00 convenience fee applied to the transaction. The transaction total will post with this fee plus your loan payment amount.

We highly encourage our members to make use of one of the many other options available for making loan payments. Many payment options have no fees associated with them and can be setup in person or online. If you need help getting a different option setup pay american express bill online india stop by any branch location, give us a call at (800) 397-3790, or reach out credit union one one time payment anyone on our member service team.


Make a Payment

Use Express Pay to make a one-time loan payment or set-up a recurring payment 

Use Express Pay to quickly make a payment to your Chartway loan from another financial institution. Payments can be made using account information, debit card, MasterCard or Discover. To make a payment from your Chartway account, please login into Online Banking account. 

  1. Register your account with your Member Number
  2. Answer two Security Questions
  3. Agree to the Terms of Service. Select the Express Pay option to make a one-time payment.

Note: Enter your member number (without leading zeros and/or loan suffix) to complete your online payment. Your Member Number is available on your statement or in Online Banking. In online banking, click on your Chartway account type and your Member Number will be located in the gray area at the top.



All you need to pay by check is your checking account’s routing number and account number. Set up a one-time payment for up to $2,500 – all for free!

Debit Card

You can also use your convenient and secure Marine Credit Union debit card to make one-time payments of up to $1,500 for a fee of $9.95 per credit union one one time payment make a one-time payment, click the icons above to pay credit union one one time payment eCheck or pay by what is the routing number for first interstate bank card, call, or stop in to your nearest branch. To pay online you will need your member number, which you can find in Online Banking in the Services tab under Direct Deposit information, or by calling 800.923.7280.

There is no fee to pay by eCheck, but there is a $9.95 convenience fee to pay by debit card. We do not accept credit cards for this service. You can make payments up to $1,000. Your payments will credit union one one time payment to your account the same day.

The eCheck and Debit Card Payment Portals both use a different username and password than your online banking account, but you may be able to use the same username and password.

If you are using it for the first time, click “New user? – register” to create an account. You will be able to save your payment information and see any previous payments you have made.


Make an Online Payment or Deposit

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Paying your loans and transferring money online has never been easier.* Make or schedule a payment or deposit using your checking or savings account at another institution or with a non-First Financial credit union one one time payment or credit card.


  • Make payments or deposit transfers online
  • No sign-up required; do not need to be enrolled in Online Banking to perform one-time transfers or payments
  • Register in the payment portal to schedule recurring payments and/or deposit transfers online 
  • Transfer money from another institution into a First Financial savings or checking account
  • Use a non-First Financial debit or credit card to make payments*
  • Schedule a transfer or payment for the next business day or for a future date; or set up recurring payments or deposits transfers easily 
  • Transfer up to $2,500 per day*

What You Will Need:

Gather the following information for the member's loan or account you are looking to fund:

• Member Account (10 digit number)
• Loan or Share ID (2 digit number)
     • Savings - Share ID 01 credit union one one time payment 02
     • Checking - Share ID 10 or 12
• Account Type
     • 'Payment' for Loan
     • 'Deposit' for Share Account
• Zip Code of First Financial account being funded

Important Information & Helpful Tips:

  • Ineligible account credit union one one time payment Business, Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Mortgage payments cannot be made directly. You must deposit to savings or checking and then transfer within Online or Mobile Banking. 
  • When looking up the account to fund, only type the 2 digit Loan or Share ID, not the 'S' or the 'L.'
  • For recurring payments and deposit transfers, you will need to enter the 'S' or 'L' in addition to the Share or Loan ID 
  • On the eCheck Confirmation screen, type the name in ALL CAPS with no additional spaces.
  • While an automatic deposit or withdrawal in your FFFCU may occur immediately, Please be advised there is still a possibility of the transaction being returned from the other institution. Transactions can take up to 5 business days to either clear or be returned from the other institution.

Need help? Check out our frequently asked questions.

*Some restrictions apply, not all loan types are supported at this time.
*A 3% Service Fee will be applied if using a debit or credit card for payment. First Financial Visa® debit and credit cards may not be used.
*Regulatory transaction limitations may apply at non-First Financial institution.

"I have always been pleased with my experiences at FFFCU. "

Kimberly O. - Member

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Know On the Go with eAlerts

eAlerts are free email or text message alerts that notify you when certain activity occurs on your Digital Banking account.

eAlert options include:

  • Digital banking access
  • Automatic deposits & withdrawals
  • Changes to personal information
  • And more!

Learn More link to ealerts page


How to Pay Your Loan

If you prefer to make your payments by mail, please complete our Coupon Request Form.

NOTE: Please be sure to include your Member Number/Loan Number/Credit Card Number on all your checks. This information allows us to post your payment quickly and properly.

For home equity, manufactured home, auto, RV, and personal loan payments, use credit union one one time payment mailing address:

Advantis Credit Union
P.O. Box 14220
Portland, OR 97293-0220

For credit card payments and home equity line of credit with credit cards tied to them, use this address:

Advantis Credit Union Payments
PO Box 37035
Boone, IA 50037-0035

(Why Iowa? This is the address of our credit card processing vendor, so when you send it to the Iowa address above, you ensure your payment posts as quickly as possible).

For Credit union one one time payment Mortgage payments, use this address:

Advantis Credit Union
c/o Midwest Loan Services
PO Box 35159
Solon OH 44139

credit union one one time payment
credit union one one time payment


  1. Does capital one have a limit on transactions and withdrawals per month? I have an account set up and would love to split my bills like you do each week but wasn’t sure about the policy’s on the savings accounts

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