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Bb cream or cc cream what is the difference

bb cream or cc cream what is the difference

What is the difference between BB cream, CC cream and foundation? BB and CC creams are one part makeup and one part moisturiser. They act a lot like. “BB creams provide a radiant, healthy finish, with added multi-beneficial skincare ingredients, whilst a CC cream is more of a complexion. Almost as popular as its BB compatriot, CC cream is "color correcting" cream. Similar to BB cream, CC cream is a less-is-more beauty product.
bb cream or cc cream what is the difference
bb cream or cc cream what is the difference

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BB Cream Vs. CC Cream: Our Favorite Brands For Each

There's no getting away from the fact that all of the best makeup looks start with a base that's flawless. As per Byrdie, achieving a base that's smooth, sleek, and that creates a perfect complexion can be slightly difficult to master, particularly as there is such a wide range of base products to choose from.

Two of the most popular base products are BB and CC creams; the main issue is knowing the difference between them and understanding which one is best for you, and of course understanding which brands offer the best BB free pet food pantry near me CC products. Then there's also the process of knowing how to choose the right shade and finish. It might seem like a near-impossible task, but it doesn't have to be.

BB cream is short for beauty balm or blemish balm — both names are correct — and it acts as a base product that has the ability to even out your complexion and mask blemishes. It's a lot lighter than a foundation, but heavier than a tinted moisturizer. CC cream, on the other hand, is a color corrector or color controller. The texture of a CC cream is lighter than the texture of a BB cream, however a CC cream still offers a foundation-like level of coverage. The aim of a good CC cream is to help to even out hyperpigmentation and redness.


Everyone dreams of having porcelain skin, but in reality, this is no easy task. Fortunately, there are several options that can help conceal imperfections and give you a bright, even complexion. Sometimes, even the sheerest foundation can feel too heavy or look bb cream or cc cream what is the difference, and while a tinted moisturizer is daily day moisturizer plus pigment to even skin tone, “it’s the lightest option for those who want a very sheer coverage and moisturizer in one,” says Lauren Serra, Lead Trainer and Senior Makeup Artist at Blushington in NYC.

The main purpose of tinted moisturizer is to hydrate your skin, while BB and CC creams actually target skin issues to perfect your skin while smoothing out imperfections with a bit more pull up bar for home use than your average tinted moisturizer. Here's everything you need to know about the differences between BB and CC creams, including how to apply them, benefits, and what each is used for.

What is BB cream?

The “BB” stands for beauty balm or blemish balm. Taking a cream form, BB cream “contains serum ingredients, pigments, moisturizer and usually sunscreen,” adding “anti-oxidants, vitamins, moisture, sun protection and coverage to [your] skin,” says Serra. It's "a multi-step skincare regimen in one application [that] provides more coverage than tinted moisturizer.”

Even though Bb cream or cc cream what is the difference cream is lighter than foundation, it offers long-lasting “buildable coverage with a dewy or natural finish." However, it doesn’t provide budget busters whos breaking the bank lesson 9 answer sheet or matte coverage. Serra says it’s great for basically everyone but especially for those who want a “no-makeup makeup look” or “don’t want to completely mask their freckles.”


Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream





Dream Fresh 8-In-1 Bb cream or cc cream what is the difference Cream




PhotoReady BB Cream SPF 30



Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Cream



What is CC cream?

CC cream is an improved version of BB cream, lighter but providing more coverage. Serra says it's like “BB cream with the added benefit of concealer or color correction built in,” hence the double C. It's "the holy grail of coverage, blurring lines, pores and wrinkles [with the] most natural looking finish — almost undetectable.” Like BB cream, CC cream is buildable, so it won’t completely mask freckles (unless you want it to).

CC cream "can also be used as makeup primer layered underneath BB cream or foundation,” says Serra. “It’s great for those with acne, enlarged pores, sunspots, rosacea, wrinkles, uneven texture and scarring. But I use it on virtually everyone because it feels so light, looks so natural and tackles so many steps in one application.” Serra’s “absolute favorite product on earth” is Erborian CC Crème, which comes in three different shades and Red Correct to specifically conceal redness. It’s also non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores. There are also a lot of great drugstore CC creams, such as Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream.


Smart Shade CC Cream



CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40





Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream



Super CC+ Cream SPF 30




BB and CC creams vs. foundation

Unlike skin-improving BB or CC creams, foundation is “strictly for skin coverage and evenness,” says Serra. With either an oil, water, or silicone base, foundation can come in a “liquid, cream, pancake, airbrush, loose powder [or] pressed powder form,” with a matte, dewy or natural finish.

That said, it has multitude of uses. “It is great for applying long wear makeup, stage and photo makeup, bold looks, and full coverage of problematic skin.” Those with dry skin should look for a liquid or cream foundation with hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid or ceramides. For those with oily skin, try a powder foundation, or look for the words, matte or oil-free.

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What’s the difference between BB cream and CC cream? Make-up artist Val Garland explains all


Written by Hanna Ibraheem

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Both are perfect for a minimal make-up look, but which one is best for you?

When it comes to make-up, all experts agree: the key to a flawless look lies with your base. As well as the importance of following a skincare routine that is suited to your skin type, you should also pick a base formula that works for you.

We’re all well-versed in the benefits of foundation and tinted moisturiser, but what about BB creams and CC creams? Particularly, what is the difference between BB cream and CC cream?

“The biggest difference between BB cream and CC cream is the coverage and functionality,” explains Val Garland, global make-up artist for L’Oreal Paris. “BB creams provide a radiant, healthy finish, with added multi-beneficial skincare ingredients, whilst a CC cream is more of a complexion enhancer.”

Here, we break down everything you need to know, along with the best products for a radiant complexion.

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What is a BB cream?

Also known as beauty balm or blemish balm, BB cream hailed from skincare epicenter Korea and is a lightweight alternative to foundation. “A BB cream is a tinted skincare moisturiser infused with skin-loving ingredients,” explains Garland. The tint in a BB cream usually provides light-to-medium coverage and ingredients typically revolve around antioxidants.

When should you use a BB cream?

Thanks to their multitasking abilities, BB creams are the perfect solution for sheer coverage that benefits skin, too. If you don’t want to wear heavy foundation but want more coverage than a tinted moisturiser, this is the product for you.

“BB creams are great if you want perfected and nourished skin in a hurry,” says Garland. “I love to use hybrid products that give high performance skincare and make-up in one, this is a must have in my beauty kit.”

Best BB creams, picked by the Stylist team

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What is a CC cream?

If you like similar coverage to a foundation but the lightweight texture of a BB cream, opt for a CC cream.

“CC cream stands for ‘colour correcting’ or ‘complexion correcting’,” explains Garland. “They provide more coverage and colour correct whilst concealing any imperfections.”

A CC cream’s purpose boone county jail roster arkansas give skin colour balance, this bb cream or cc cream what is the difference include reducing redness or evening out signs of discolouration or hyperpigmentation. As it provides more coverage, CC formulas are usually thicker than a BB cream (but still lighter than a traditional foundation). It can also be used as a first step to even out your complexion prior to foundation.

When should you use a CC bb cream or cc cream what is the difference should use a CC cream if you want more coverage than a BB cream and want to colour correct the complexion,” says Garland. “For example, a product that works bb cream or cc cream what is the difference your natural skin tone to help neutralise the appearance of redness.”

Best CC creams, picked by the Stylist team

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BB Cream vs. CC Cream: Which Is Better for Your Skin Type?

If you frequently shop for makeup, you’ve likely seen BB creams and CC creams at the store. They’re typically found next to traditional foundation, tinted moisturizers, and other facial makeup.

You might wonder about the difference between BB and CC creams. You might also be unsure how they compare to standard face makeup. These products, after all, have only become popular in recent years.

Generally, BB and CC creams are multipurpose products. Bb cream or cc cream what is the difference combine makeup and skin care in a single formula.

Depending on the ingredients, BB and CC creams be used as a:

  • primer
  • concealer
  • foundation
  • highlighter
  • moisturizer
  • mattifying product
  • skincare treatment
  • sunscreen

As bb cream or cc cream what is the difference products, BB and CC creams are excellent for simplifying your morning routine. They can help you save time, money, and space on your vanity.

Still, BB and CC creams have some differences. The best choice depends on several factors, like your skin type and desired look.

Before buying a BB or CC cream, check out the following guide. Here, we explain the differences between the two, plus the best choice for your skin type.

What is BB cream?

BB cream is a makeup product with bb cream or cc cream what is the difference benefits. The “BB” stands for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm.”

It offers sheer coverage, so it’s best for concealing minor blemishes. The light finish also makes it ideal for “no makeup” makeup looks.

BB cream has ingredients that are often used in skin care. This means you can lightly cover imperfections while caring for your skin.

BB cream varies widely by brand, but many have ingredients like:

Benefits of BB cream

Typically, the main benefit of BB cream is to hydrate dry skin. It tends to have an emollient texture.

It’s worth noting that the SPF in BB creams can bb cream or cc cream what is the difference greatly. The American Dermatology Association recommends using a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher each day. If a BB cream has a lower SPF, you’ll need to wear a sunscreen as well.

What is CC cream?

CC cream is similar to BB cream, but it has more coverage. The “CC” means “color control” or “complexion corrector.”

Specifically, CC cream is formulated to correct discoloration like:

Benefits of CC cream

In terms of skin benefits, CC cream shares many properties with BB cream. Examples of ingredients include:

Generally, CC cream focuses on anti-aging properties. Most CC creams are formulated with SPF, plus ingredients that blur wrinkles and age spots.

CC creams have a lighter consistency than BB creams. They often have a whipped, fluffy texture and matte finish.

BB vs. CC cream: Which is best for your skin type?

When choosing between a BB and CC cream, it’s important to consider your skin type.

Here’s what you should use if you have:

Oily skin

CC cream is best for oily skin. Thanks to its matte texture, it’s less likely to slip and slide on your skin. BB cream, on the other hand, might be too emollient for your needs.

When choosing a CC cream, look for oil-free formula with mattifying ingredients like:

  • silica
  • colloidal clay
  • charcoal

Acne-prone skin

Similarly, use CC cream if you have acne-prone skin. Its lightweight texture is less likely to cause breakouts.

You can also look for oil-free formulas with:

Dry skin

BB cream often contains hydrating properties, so it’s best for dry skin.

Moisturizing ingredients to look out for include:

How do BB and CC creams compare to foundation?

Foundation is a skin-colored makeup that’s used to even out your skin tone. It’s ideal for covering up discoloration like redness and hyperpigmentation.

You can find foundation in many forms, including:

  • liquid
  • cream
  • loose powder
  • pressed powder
  • mousse
  • solid stick

It also comes in different finishes (dewy to matte) and levels of coverage (light to full).

Compared to BB and CC creams, foundation is heavier and provides more coverage. Usually, it lacks skin-friendly ingredients, so it’s not a multipurpose product.

If you use foundation, you’ll still have to wear sunscreen, moisturizer, and primer underneath. You typically don’t need these products if you use a BB or CC cream.

How do BB and CC creams compare to tinted moisturizers?

Tinted moisturizer is a cream that contains skin-colored pigment. It’s meant to hydrate the skin while providing sheer coverage.

Think of tinted moisturizer as the simpler version of BB cream. Tinted moisturizer offers light coverage and hydration, while BB cream provides both plus added skin benefits.

Tinted moisturizer has less coverage than CC cream. Even then, it’s often heavier than CC cream, due to its emollient properties.


If you’re not a fan of traditional foundation, you may like BB or CC creams. Both products offer sheer coverage, so they look natural on the skin. Plus, BB and CC creams are multipurpose, so you can simplify your routine.

BB cream is a hydrating makeup that’s ideal for dry skin. It’s like a tinted moisturizer, but with added skin care properties like brighteners and mineral SPF.

Meanwhile, CC cream has more coverage than BB cream. It’s also lighter and more matte, so it’s best for oily and acne-prone skin. Most CC creams contain mineral SPF and anti-aging properties.


BB cream vs CC cream: what exactly is the difference between these products? At first glance, CC creams and BB creams might look like one and the same. They are both hybrid beauty buys that fuse skincare and make-up together to target skin concerns so that you can sport a natural looking radiant and even toned complexion. But, there are some distinct differences that set them apart and understanding these will help you decide which one is best for you.

BB cream v CC cream

What is BB cream?

‘Beauty’ or ‘blemish’ balms aka BB creams are often mistaken for tinted moisturisers, but when you delve a little deeper you’ll find they are distinctly different. Containing serum-worthy actives and antioxidants like ceramides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, they can have a lasting effect on the condition of your skin. Most contain an SPF, concealing pigments, and targeted ingredients to offer instant skin perfecting results. You can also expect to find hydrating, moisturising, and mattifying ingredients, sun protection, concealing pigments and so much more. 

“BB creams address a plethora of skin concerns from lines and wrinkles, and redness, to acne and dehydration. They offer matte or dewy finishes depending on your needs, and even out the skin in a sheer undetectable manner, leaving the skin looking naturally radiant,” shares make-up artist Elaine Lynskey. 

Generally, shades are designed to adapt to your skin tone, but with most brands only offering one or two light hues, those with warm and dark skin may not be able to find a BB cream that addresses their skin concerns and matches their skin tone too. 

What is CC cream?

CC creams, short for ‘complexion’ or ‘colour’ corrector, tend to be thick and creamy in nature, with a medium coverage - making them more akin to foundation. “Their ‘smart, self-transforming’ pigments are formulated to adapt to a range of skin tones, and are designed for those that need more coverage than a BB cream can provide,” shares Diego dalla Palma, international beauty ambassador, Gianluca Oddi. 

Just like with BB creams, shade options are limited but if you can find one that suits your skin tone you’ll notice how “they expertly marry the neutralising abilities of traditional purple, orange and green colour correctors, with concealer and foundation, to camouflage grey, dull skin, redness, pigmentation, acne, and sun damage,” adds Oddi.

What sets multi-purpose CC creams apart from foundations is the skincare benefits they possess. But depending on which one you buy, your skin may still need a moisturiser or lotion pre application. Generally, CC creams can contain anything from anti-ageing actives like collagen, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to visibly smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles – to targeted ingredients like fruit enzymes, vitamin E, and clay to hsbc mortgage login us redness, excess oil, and acne. And it doesn’t end there, as you’ll also find that most CC creams on the market also offer broad spectrum SPF protection too. 

BB cream vs CC cream: which one should you go for?

If the condition of your skin is a key concern and you’d rather not be on a 10 step skincare regime every morning, then a BB cream that treats your skin and offers a sheer veil of colour and a hefty dose of blurring pigments is your best bet. However, if skin tone irregularities are where you need help most and you’re happy to not skip out on your moisturiser, then a CC is for you. 



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